2020 Preseason PBA Power Rankings: No. 10 AJ Johnson

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Published by FloBowling – Dec 30, 2019
By Jef Goodger

No. 10 AJ Johnson

Career Titles: 0
Age: 27
2019 Earnings: $62,543 (rank: 15)
2019 Points: 15,833 (rank: 17)
2019 Peak Ranking: 9
2019 Low Ranking: Unranked

2019 PBA Season

Johnson’s $62,543 was almost double his previous best earnings for a season. In fact, the two-thirds of his earnings that came in the last six months of the season alone were higher than his entire previous best season. Johnson’s inauspicious first half of the year kept him ranked 15th and 17th in earnings and points, respectively, but his second half is what has him ranked 10th in our hearts going into 2020. Since July, he only finished outside the top 20 one time, racking up five top-10s in that same time period.

2020 PBA Bowling Outlook

Shamelessly, we foresaw Johnson’s superb summer, adding him to the power rankings in advance of the summer tour despite almost no statistical justification to do so. Johnson made us look fantastic by virtue of looking fantastic himself. Now, with the momentum of such a strong finish to the season and the confidence from a non-PBA win in Korea, Johnson looks to 2020 with an eye on earning his first PBA Tour title. A good start will get him into the PBA Playoffs, where he could be someone you’ll want to take in your bracket pools. Aj also switched companies this year from Ebonite to Motiv. 

Preseason PBA Power Rankings

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10. AJ Johnson
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14. Chris Barnes
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16. Jesper Svensson
17. Tommy Jones
18. Norm Duke
19. Francois Lavoie
20. Jason Sterner

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