Storm Dual Lock! (International) Review By Bowlers Rant Available On BowlersMart

Video Preview of the Dual Lock International Bowling Ball

What is happening bowlers Chris Beans here with Bowlers Rant and today we are going back to the international market to take a look at yet another gem from Storm bowling. Of course just a quick shout out some of my awesome partners over at twelve bagger, Bowlersmart, Coolwick and zookies Pro Shop my preferred Pro Shop of choice in the Tampa Bay area.

So what are we looking at today, the Storm Dual Lock bowling ball. Oh I really like the shelf appeal on this ball.


Through its storied career, the RAD-X Core has established its reputation within the Storm ranks. Deriving from the famed origins of Radial Accelerating Disk™ technology, this weight block gives the bowler a fast, tight spin radius with no shortage of movement down the lane. R4S has come from several generations of coverstock material.

So what do you think of the Dual Lock? Do you like the color? What layout would you go with? Drop me a comment let me know let’s continue the conversation. More updates are coming and until then thanks for watching.

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