Storm Trend Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review by Jason Belmonte

Jason Belmonte’s Video Ball Review of the New Storm Trend Bowling Ball

The 4th installment of the collaboration between Storm Bowling and myself. Available August 2020. Trend uses the famous Storm coverstock R2S pearl, as seen on the Hy-Road Pearl and the Piston Core weight block used in the controlled motion of the Pro Motion.

These ‘100 strikes with TREND’ show you what Trend looks like going down the lane. My favorite is strike #49 – the pins are absolutely demolished and the sound it made was incredible.
I also added in there a couple of cheeky strikes. A back-up shot and a 2 finger shot. Did you catch them?

the storm trend bowling ball is now available

Benjamin Franklin’s famously quoted in 1789 that “there are no sure things in life other than death and taxes,” but he forgot a third guarantee in life—that in our sport, more entry angle leads to a wider pocket! And if you have been using Storm for a number of years, then you know that feeling you get when you leak the ball a little more to the outside than others on your pair and still get it to come back to the pocket! You know that feeling, and it’s a good one! It’s how tournaments are won.

Learn more about the Storm Trend Bowling Ball >.

video - jason belmonte review of the new storm trend belmo bowling ball

Stu is joined by AJ Chapman and Jason Belmonte to discuss their thoughts on the latest collaboration between Belmo and Storm, Trend! Each player bowled 1 game with the Trend bowling ball and it is show here as the guys discuss their use of the ball and where they see it fitting.

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9 thoughts on “Storm Trend Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review by Jason Belmonte

  1. David Fells says:

    Excellent Bowling skills..” Trend” is.. perfection in motion.. patiently waiting for the release date..

  2. Martin Vasquez says:

    Were those 100 strikes in a row? I liked the back up strike…very nifty Jason! I would like to know price point on that gem. Thanks for the demo!

  3. Deric Hood says:

    We know you have one of the highest RPMs on tour, so I wonder how this ball reacts if you are between 300 – 350.

    • James small says:

      James small from cobb county special Olympics bowling my favorite bowler is joson belmonte I’m best bowler in the special Olympics bowling

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