Sneak Peak At The New Roto Grip Rubicon Bowling Ball With Chris Schlemer

Roto Grip Rubicon Video Bowling Ball Review

Schlem Talks About What Makes The Rubicon From Roto Grip Special 


The New Rubicon has some unique things about it that makes it different than other Roto balls in the line up. In a private video Schlem talks about them here. 

“E-Trax cover has no enhancements what so ever, there is no particles, no chemicals. It is just straight reactive and thats the E-Trax. 

The beautiful key to this Rubicon is and the Rondure™ part, and the reason I named it that is Rondure™ means a rounded shape. That is the concept of where this actually started. I can actually show you this core here. You can see the Rondure™ part of the core, it is big bulky and really just round. When Hank and the R&D team started adding these cuts to the core the idea was to create a core with a little more intermediate differential with the feel of a symmetrical core. As if the core has already a balance hole in it because most of you know as of August 1st there are no more balance holes allowed. So we had to kind of build that in there form R&D. You can see the RG is the exact same as an Idol, so if you take an Idol and add a weight hole it would be close to this core numbers.” 

To see more of what Schlem says abut the new Rubicon please check out the video above! 

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