Bowling lanes in Clarksville open and ready for safe family fun

  • By Lee Erwin August 2, 2020 6:00 am

Pinnacle Family Entertainment Center

The Pinnacle Family Entertainment Center at 430 Warfield Blvd. continues to offer its guests fun and excitement in a safe environment. Dr. Mac Edington, Chief Financial Officer/Vice President of Action Enterprise who owns and operates the Pinnacle, said because of COVID-19 they closed in April but were able to reopen around the middle of May.

Edington added that while they were closed the Pinnacle received a through deep cleaning and it was a slow process to open back up.


The Pinnacle offers a number of amenities like a grill, a pro shop, and the Pinnacle Down Under reception hall which General Manager Teri Heath said is available for rent for groups of 50 people or less for parties and other activities. As for bowling, Heath said they were very happy to announce that their leagues will start the week after Labor Day weekend.

Temperatures are taken and Masks are required while in the Pinnacle and plastic sheeting can be found in areas like the grill and the front desk along with hand sanitizing stations. The Arcade at the Pinnacle opened recently and it is sanitized every day and the Pinnacle Lounge is also open but of course with changes to allow guests to follow social distancing inside.

Heath explained the change bowlers have to go through when they choose a ball in a room which formally was used for meetings and other activities.  “We have set all the tables up like this table is ten pounds and that table is 12 pounds.  They pick up the ball they want with a glove and when they walk out there’s a trash can where they throw their glove away,” Heath said.

Once bowlers are done with their game everything they have used stays on the lanes until a Pinnacle employee comes and loads everything on a cart. The balls and shoes are taken, cleaned and sanitized and ready to be used again.

President of Action Enterprise, Joan DeWald added that the Pinnacle is glad to still be a part of the community and even after the expense of all of the COVID-19 precautions that have been and are being taken, the prices for their many services have not increased.

The Pinnacle Family Entertainment Center is open from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. each day except for Friday and Saturday when they are open until midnight.

Learn more at visit or call 931-647-BOWL (2695)

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