World Bowling signs partnership with virtual-reality firm YBVR

  •  Saturday, 1 August 2020

Virtual Reality Is About To Bring New Tech To The Lanes

World Bowling has announced a formal partnership with YBVR to bring virtual-reality technology to the sport over the next three years.

Silicon Valley-based YBVR, which has showcased its technology at live sports events including tennis’ Australian Open previously, will work with the world governing body to deliver immersive technology.

It will look to bring new interactive features to bowling fans, while both parties will also deliver new content, apps and software.

Fans watching a broadcast are set to be able to see action from multiple points of view, while athletes and coaches will also be able to benefit from a 360-degree replay of matches.

“We are very excited with this opportunity to take the world of blowing to the next level, and attract new audiences around the world,” Hector Prieto, YBVR’s chief executive, said.

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Bowling fans will soon be able to watch virtual-reality broadcasts of the sport ©Getty Images

World Bowling and YBVR have pledged to “develop a new future for VR coaching and education”, with gamification and the tracking of competition data also identified as an area for improvement.

Chris Neilson, innovation and business development director of World Bowling, said that “YBVR is an essential piece of the jigsaw in our ‘Bowling Evolved’ strategy, providing multiple ways for our athletes and fans to experience, consume and engage with our elite, para-bowling and academy content.

“Users will be able to consume content via a multi-cam mobile experience in 2D, 180 and 360 degree view with supportive features, real-time statistics and scoreboards for the complete experience.”

World Bowling recently signed another partnership with Stack Sports which will see the International Federation use the GameDay registration, events and website platform.

One of the selling points of the partnership was that it will make it easier to view and analyse tournament data.

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