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Christina Lamoureux – RadiGal breaks down the new Hammer Obsession bowling ball 

This video is one of eight short reviews using Brunswick brands demo balls. This is not a hook the whole lane or strike all the time video, but rather what an average bowler sees in ball motion on different parts of the lane when using the Hammer Obsession. Since these are demo balls, everything has a neutral drilling and is at box surface and/or has a touch of lane shine on it already.

The Obsession is Hammer’s heavy oil ball. It goes a little longer than the Redemption Solid, but has more overall hook. Compared to the Obsession Tour, the Obsession had a stronger response to friction. On a typical house shot, I was about 2 to 3 boards left of where I was with the Obsession Tour. I also felt more confident playing a tighter inside line with the regular Obsession as it made the corner in the oil and carried despite my average rev rate. Out of the eight demo balls I threw, this was one of my favorites because I usually need a ball that will do some of the work for me since I do not have a high rev rate, and this ball did that. If you are rev-challenged and dealing with medium to heavy oil, this ball would be an excellent addition to your arsenal because of its hook potential.

Hammer Obsession bowling ball

The Obsession and Obsession Tour have the same core shape; however, the Tour edition differential is .016 points lower, creating less flare, less hook, and a more controllable reaction compared to the regular Obsession.


The Obsession has a new strong formula called Envy Solid CFI, where we’ve gone back to infusing the shell with carbon fiber. Featuring DOT technology, which allows you to drill anywhere which makes this ball even tougher.

Hammer recommends Tough Scrub to keep your Obsession performing its best!


  • PART NUMBER 60-106480-93X
  • COLOR Black / Pink / Burgundy
  • CORE Obsession
  • CORE TYPE Asymmetric
  • COVER TYPE Solid Reactive
  • FINISH 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
  • WEIGHTS 16-12 Pounds
  • LANE CONDITION Heavy oil
  • REACTION Aggressive midlane and backend
  • WARRANTY Two years from purchase date

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