Ebonite Aero Dynamics Bowling Ball Video Review By RadiGal

Christina talks about the newest high performance Ebonite bowling ball

Christina Lamoureux – RadiGal breaks down the Ebonite Aero Dynamics bowling ball 

This video shot at Sunset Station – BowlersMart in Henderson, NV

This video is one of eight short reviews using Brunswick brands demo balls from BowlersMart in Henderson, NV. This is not a hook the whole lane or strike all the time video, but rather what an average bowler sees in ball motion on different parts of the lane when using the Ebonite Aero Dynamix. Since these are demo balls, everything has a neutral drilling and is at box surface and/or has a touch of lane shine on it already.

The Ebonite Aero Dynamix is designed to be the perfect complement to the original Aero. The Aero Dynamix is a great option to ball down to from the Aero as the lanes start to transition. While ideal for medium to heavy oil conditions, as an average rev player I think this would be best for me on medium oil. The ball provided a later midlane read and some angularity on the backend for me. Although I have not thrown the original Aero, you can expect an earlier and more continuous motion with it compared to the Aero Dynamix. I am always a fan of hybrid coverstocks because I think you get the best of both worlds with them. I also find them less jumpy than pearls, which often matches well with my lower ball speed without needing to make a surface adjustment. If you want a ball with some angularity that will get through the fronts easier than the Aero or another heavy oil solid, then the Aero Dynamix would make a great addition to your arsenal.

Ebonite Aero Dynamics bowling ball

Aero quickly became a ball that gained some attention for its performance. It’s great looking but not flashy and is a ball that just does the right thing and strikes a lot. The Aero Dynamix was created as the perfect complement to the Aero. The addition of pearl and compound to GSV-X and the Aero Core makes the Aero Dynamix great on medium to heavier conditions when you can still use some length and a sharper backend.

COLOR: Sky / White / Navy
CORE: Aero
COVER TYPE: Hybrid Reactive
FINISH: 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
WEIGHTS: 16-12 Pounds
LANE CONDITION: Medium to heavy oil
REACTION: Strong midlane and backend
WARRANTY: Two years from purchase date

Flare Potential: Medium / High
RG Max: 2.504
Differential (Diff): .050
Mass Bias 0.015

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