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Christina talks about the newest high performance radical bowling ball - maximum results on a higher volume of oil

Christina Lamoureux – RadiGal breaks down the new Radical Maximum Results bowling ball 

This video shot at Sunset Station – BowlersMart in Henderson, NV

This video is a review of the new Radical Maximum Results. This is not a hook the whole lane or strike all the time video, but rather what an average bowler sees in ball motion on different parts of the lane when using the Maximum Results.

This short video showcases the Maximum Results on a flooded house condition. I recently went to practice at a local alley and found the lanes to have the most oil I have ever seen in Vegas. It was the perfect time to test out my Maximum Results to see what it could do, and it did not disappoint. Due to my average revs, I was further right than I would normally play on a standard house shot with this ball. However, I still saw the backend motion I was looking for despite the oil on the lanes. If you are dealing with similar conditions, and are lower rev, you may want to add surface to yours or drill one with an earlier layout to help the ball read the lane sooner. Either way, if you are looking for a heavy oil ball, this is the one. There are links to my Maximum Results typical house shot review in the description section of this video

Radical Maximum Results bowling ball

The Maximum Results is one of the biggest hooking balls Radical has ever produced. Our goal was to create maximum hook but still have the Radical backend reaction, and the Maximum Results is right on that performance target. Oh, and by the way, it is black with the TS-1 additive and DynamiCore. Good looking and outstanding performance. The RG is 2.49, the total diff is a strong .050, and the intermediate diff is a very high .030, all this amount to lots of total hook and lots of continuation.

– Reaction: Strong Hook
– Coverstock: TS-1 Solid
– Core Type: Asymmetric (DynamiCore)
– Factory Finish: 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
– Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.49
– Differential (Diff): .050
– Intermediate Differential – .030
– Recommended Lane Condition:Heavy Oil

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