Luke Rosdahl Rated Rumble: Roto Grip Rubicon UC2 VS 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball

How does the roto grip rubicon uc2 compare to the new 900 global zen

My Rated series was designed to give you the ability to compare any ball vs any other ball, but I still receive a lot of questions about specific comparisons, so rather than making you dig around in the playlist, I’ve decided to combine several of the most popular or requested comparisons into single videos! If you have a comparison you want to see, put it in the comments and I’ll make it happen!

Roto Grip UC2 Bowling Ball Ratings For Hook, Length and Backend

The Rubicon UC2 features the etrax pearl cover and mild asymmetric Rondure core.  The eTrax formula has been used in several iterations in the HP3 and HP4 lines over the last few years, and this version of the formula is the pearl version of the Idol Synergy cover.  The Rondure core comes in at a 2.49 RG, .052 differential, and .011 split or intermediate differential in 15 pounds, the idea again being to mimic a stronger symmetric ball with a weight hole.  The original Rubicon was already pretty quick on friction despite being a solid, with the cleaner eTrax base formula on it, it definitely punched a lot, and the UC2 takes that up to 9000.  It’s very quick on friction and very easily controlled and manipulated with physical adjustments, I can play virtually anywhere I want to with this ball as you’ll see here in a few seconds.  It’s becoming a favorite of both Angel and mine because it’s very easy down the lane and turns quickly on friction, while being a lot more consistent than you might expect it to be.  It gets easy length for Angel and more punch than she gets out of literally anything else in her bag, and for me it’s something I can float out of and still get a sharp and visually comfortable move on the backend.  In addition, if I need to get deep, there are no angles it won’t recover from, at least if you’re on the right conditions for it.  The Rubicon UC2 is a ton of fun, it’s moved its way into both of our main league bags, and paired with the Rubicon, they’re a pretty devastating combo.  I give the Rubicon UC2 a 7 for hook, 7 for length, and a 9 for backend strength.  It’s closest to the Astro PhysiX in hook potential, the Idol Synergy in length, and the Nuclear Cell in backend strength.  Select the next comparison you’d like to see from the links on the screen, or scroll down to the description to find links to other choices.  

900 Global Zen Bowling Ball Ratings For Hook, Length and Backend

The Zen features the S77 Response pearl coverstock and strong symmetric Meditate Core.  The cover is quite strong, in Storm cover language I’d put it in R3X or Traction X7 territory, so stronger Marvel Pearl cover or Parallax Effect cover is how it reads to me, and the Meditate Core is the largest core Global has ever put in a ball.  Numbers are 2.49 RG, .051 differential in 15 pounds, pretty similar to the numbers from the Ikon core in the Idol series.  The Zen to me shapes a lot like the Trend, a very continuous arc, or like a pearl Phaze 2.  It’s quite strong for a shiny ball, a little deceptively strong, you’ll definitely want some volume out there for it.  It’ll play on most fresh house shots or as the first shiny ball down from a stronger sanded ball for either league or tournaments.  It’s one of those balls you’ve seen everywhere, they’re on league racks, we’ve seen them on TV, so well deserving of the hype and the praise.  It’s become one of those bag staples for a lot of people like a Hyroad, Phaze 2 or IQ Tour Solid, it’s very versatile and seems to cover a lot of spots in the bag.  It’s strong, it’s responsive, it plays well from multiple angles, it controls the lane well, and works for a lot of different bowler styles.  I gave the Zen an 8 for hook potential, a 6 for length, and a 7 for backend strength.  It’s closest to the Parallax Effect on hook potential, the Axiom Pearl on length, and the Trend on backend strength.  Select the next comparison you’d like to see from the links on the screen or scroll down to the description to find links to other choices.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you. 


roto grip rubicon uc2 bowling ball

Powered by the same mildly asymmetric Rondure Core as one of the hottest balls on the planet, the Rubicon UC2 (Ultimate Concept 2)
showcases our latest eTrax pearlized coverstock formulation which automatically thrusts this ball onto the “MUST HAVE” list for any bowler.
It’s ok, you can thank us later!

Engineered for those Medium to Medium-Heavy Oil conditions, we felt it was an absolute must to provide added core technology in this line in order to create advanced ball motion since balance holes are no longer legal in sanctioned competition.

Coverstock: eTrax-S20™
Weight Block: Rondure™ Core (Aymmetrical)
Factory Finish: 3000-grit Pad
Flare Potential: Medium-High
Radius of Gyration (RG) 15lbs – 2.49
Differential (Diff) 15lbs – 0.052
Intermediate Differential (Diff): 0.011

global 900 zen bowling ball

The S77 Response™ Pearl Coverstock was the obvious choice to follow up on the success of the S77 Response™ Solid coverstock. The Pearl version of this cover will provide the most skid/flip reaction we have ever put in the 800 Series. The Zen™ will be a great ball to open up your angles with on medium-heavy patterns.

The Meditate™ Core is the biggest core we have ever put into a bowling ball!! A bigger core means more hitting power combined with a more consistent reaction. Throughout testing the Meditate™ Core provided that wide “footprint on the lane that all bowlers love to see. The Zen™ pushes the limits of core dynamics.

Coverstock: S77R™ Pearl
Weight Block: Meditate™ Symmetric
Factory Finish: 1500 Polish
Flare Potential: 4-5″
Radius of Gyration (RG): 15lbs – 2.49
Differential (Diff): 15lbs – .051
Intermediate Differential (Diff): 15lbs – N/A

roto grip Bowling Balls

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