Luke Rosdahl Rated Rumble: Roto Grip UFO VS Roto Grip UFO Alert Bowling Ball

How does the roto grip ufo compare to the Roto Grip UFO Alert Bowling Ball

My Rated series was designed to give you the ability to compare any ball vs any other ball, but I still receive a lot of questions about specific comparisons, so rather than making you dig around in the playlist, I’ve decided to combine several of the most popular or requested comparisons into single videos! If you have a comparison you want to see, put it in the comments and I’ll make it happen!

Roto Grip UFO Bowling Ball Ratings For Hook, Length and Backend

The UFO features the MicroTrax S20 solid coverstock and the new ET core.  MicroTrax is the same formula as balls like the Halo and Idol, it’s Roto’s version of nano or NRG, and S20 is the strongest version to date.  The ET core has cutouts at the bottom to mimic weightholes, and the numbers come in at a 2.52 RG, .054 differential, and an .016 split or intermediate differential in 15 pounds.  MicroTrax S20 is very early, strong, and smooth, but the ET core creates a very dynamic motion on the lane akin to the Atomic core in the PhysiX line.  The combination creates both the strongest ball I’ve ever thrown, and the most amount of backend I’ve seen out of a ball that hooks this much next to the Sure Lock.  With 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I rate the UFO a 10 for hook, a 3 for length, and a 5 for backend.  It’s closest to the Proton PhysiX across the board, but especially in hook, while the Idol in length and Axiom in backend are also reasonable comparisons.  Select the next comparison you’d like to see from the links on the screen, or scroll down to the description to find links to other choices. 

Roto Grip UFO Alert Bowling Ball Ratings For Hook, Length and Backend

The UFO Alert features the asymmetric ET or Equalizer Technology core wrapped in the clean and responsive eTrax hybrid coverstock.  ET comes in at a 2.52 RG, .054 differential, and .016 split or intermediate differential in 15 pounds, and is quite dynamic.  With a little higher RG than is quote unquote typical for asyms, a big differential, and a medium intermediate differential, it wants to get down the lane a bit further than typical asyms and help deliver a big move on the backend.  The eTrax hybrid cover helps to further that intent by breezing through the fronts and responding quickly to friction.  The overall package is strong enough to handle medium to heavy volumes, it’s a little stronger than I expected on paper, but that puts it in prime territory to be a ball down from something like and RST X-1 or Incite, or be the first ball out of the bag for league, and is something you can chase the shot in with all night if you have a higher rev rate, or if you’re lower rev rate, it’s something that can help you keep your angles more closed and still look like you have more revs than you actually do.  I rate the UFO Alert an 8 on hook, a 6 on length, and an 8 on backend strength.  It’s closest to the Zen on hook, the Parallax on length, and the Idol Synergy on backend strength.  Select the next comparison you’d like to see from the links on the screen or scroll down to the description to find links to other choices.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you.

roto grip ufo bowling ball

E.T.™ Core = Equalizer Technology™ Core… This space aged creation was developed with built in cavities to emulate the use of an extra hole since as of August 2020 the USBC deems them illegal. The built in “Equalizer Cavities” will help increase midlane motion and continuation down lane.

The newest formulation of our forever famous MicroTrax Technology will create great traction in the heaviest of oils. The MicroTrax-S20™ Solid Reactive coverstock is mixed with a higher nano ratio which means more grab throughout the entire lane.

E.T. Core = Increased Core Motion… MicroTrax-S20 Solid Reactive Cover = Increased Traction in Oil… We wanted to get ahead of the USBC rule change and create a ball that will help those who are used to using a ball with an extra hole in it… We believe in higher scores, so it was only fair to create a bowling ball that is out of this world in terms of technology!

UFO™ Bowling Ball Technical / Specs
Coverstock Name – MicroTrax-S20™
Coverstock Style – Solid
Coverstock Type – Reactive
Weight Block – E.T.™ Core = Equalizer Technology™ (Asymmetrical)
Color – Deep Purple / Baby Blue / Neon Green
Finish – 2000-grit Pad
Finish Method – Can be Polished
Durometer – 73-75 on D-Scale
Flare Potential – High
Weights – 12lbs – 16lbs

roto grip UFO ALERT bowling ball

Our obsession with helping players of all ages and styles conquer various lane conditions while abiding to forthcoming governing rules, led to the development and creation of the asymmetrical E.T.™ Core (Equalizer Technology Core) which features built in cavities in order to increase weight displacement after drilling without a balance hole to increase overall ball motion.

The MicroTrax (Micro Nanoparticle Traction) Coverstock offers the optimum balance of midlane traction and responsiveness to friction thanks the blend of nanoparticles throughout the coverstock. This formulation maintains its surface profile texture longer to ensure you get maximum performance while displacing oil at an above average rate compared to other coverstock materials on the market today.

Assembled for every bowler in the universe, the UFO™ Alert is here to help you navigate those Medium to Medium/Heavy Oil Conditions with ease. No matter your style, no matter your rev rate, no matter your speed, the E.T.™ Core (Equalizer Technology Core) with its built in cavities, is sure to create great overall core motion every time due to the added mass displacement when drilled. And we can’t forget about the eTrax™ Hybrid Coverstock which is made of 2 parts pearl and1 part solid. This cover combination aids in creating plenty of responsiveness to friction down lane without being too angular. Thus, making this combination of core and cover one of the most ideal options ever created for most any house type oil condition on planet earth.

COVERSTOCK:e-Trax™ Hybrid Reactive
CORE: E.T.™ Core
COLOR: Purple Solid/Emerald/Teal
FINISH: 1500-grit Polished
CONDITION: Medium Oil – Medium/Heavy Oil
RG (15lb): 2.52
Diff (15lb): .054

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