Luke Rosdahl – Roto Grip Hustle Wine Bowling Ball Review

the new roto grip hustle wine bowling ball video review

The Roto Grip Hustle Wine Layout For Drilling

Hello and thanks for joining us for another ball review, this one is for the Roto Grip Hustle Wine.  This one will feature Angel, while the Hustle Camo review features me.  Her layout is 4 ⅝ x 3 ½ x 2 ½, now this is still the same finger placement we’ve used on her other stuff and the numbers used to be 5 x 3 ½ x 3 ½, however as you may have noticed over the last year or so, her axis point has changed, she’s got more tilt and spins it a little more, but it’s also improved her ball reaction and she doesn’t get tapped as much or leave as many splits.  What this means from a ball reaction standpoint is that this makes her reaction a little stronger and gives her a little more quickness down lane.  This reinforces the point about finger hole placement not being a layout, her fingers have gone in the same place on everything for years, but her axis point changed, so the layout numbers changed.  If you like the way the ball rolls and want to get one and drill it the same, you can’t drill your fingers in the same place, you have to use the numbers and see where that puts the fingers for you because your axis point is going to be different.  We use Turbo quad classic grips and Turbo urethane thumb solids, and Reacta Foam is what we use to clean the shiny stuff, keeps them clean without changing or affecting the surface.  You can buy all this stuff including the Hustle Wine at Bowler’s Mart, just follow the link in the description or at the end of the video, that lets them know I sent you and it helps keep the videos coming.  Ball details are the Hustle Core at a 2.53 RG and .030 differential in 15 pounds, medium RG and low differential, and the low to medium strength VTC Pearl cover.  The Wine popped Angel’s eyes open pretty quick, she’s a huge fan of the IQ Emerald, was really upset when it got discontinued, and after a couple shots, it just clicked.  While the RAP is a baby Idol Pearl, the Wine resembles the Emerald across the board but a little quicker.

How The Roto Grip Hustle Wine Stacks Up Against Other Bowling Balls In The Bag

We’re here once again at Royal Crest Lanes in Lawrence, KS on the house shot, big thanks to them for always taking care of us, even got a little cosmic action in here.  Hope you all enjoy the different viewpoint seeing her approach in the frame, we did the same with me in the Camo review.  Angel’s got such a classic, simple, balanced game that I really should have started doing this earlier, there’s a lot in her game to emulate if you throw it remotely close to the way she does.  The Wine is stronger than she was expecting, she’s really taken a liking to the Burner Pearl, and again that type of ball just fits her game.  Big IQ Tour fan, big Hustle fan, she just loves low to medium differential rolly medium oil balls, stronger or quicker stuff just doesn’t work out well for her.  With the Wine being in Burner slash Electrify and Hustle territory, she was expecting closer to those.  She didn’t have either the RAP or PBR so she doesn’t know how crazy those were, but the Wine is closer to an IQ Emerald than a Burner or an Electrify, though not as strong as the RAP.  Those are all in a similar zone, so I’m splitting hairs a bit here, but the better you get, the more the smaller details or differences matter.  She was able to chase the shot deeper than she expected, she couldn’t stay as far right as long as she’s used to, it’s got decent traction and above average pop, this one is actually sharper than the Emerald or the RAP, you’re not going to find a quicker move out of another ball with this low of a differential.  It’s bordering on too sharp for her, but that also meant getting deeper was easier.  Normally she has to ball up when she’s forced left because the stuff she likes to use just gets too slow or weak, but the stronger stuff is often too strong or too quick once the lanes have transitioned, and it puts her in between reactions.  She won’t be able to play as far right as she likes with the Wine, but it could be the ball she needs to bridge that gap, or still give her the type of roll she likes with just a little extra pop so she can stay in that type of look and get the reaction she needs once the lanes start to transition.

We’re both really interested to see how it’s going to compare to the Hyped Pearl and Hybrid once those release at the end of next month, but for right now we’ll compare it to the RST X2, it’s all we’ve got to work with.  Surprisingly enough, it’s closer than expected, there’s still a stronger symmetric ball that fits in between them, but this shows just how clean the X2 is up front.  They’re about the same length, but the asymmetric core and extra strength out of the cover gets it to pull up and be firmer down lane, so extra strength and boom out of the X2.  I’d put something like a Trend between them.  

How The Roto Grip Hustle Wine Compares To The 900 Global Burner Pearl Bowling Ball

Looking at the Burner Pearl also, they’re pretty similar but the Wine is just stronger.  She can move around with the Burner a bit, and it’s got decent shape but it gets a little long once she has to get inside.  Again, kind of nitpicking, but just like golf where you have a bunch of different clubs together to all achieve slightly different things from the club up and club down, there’s a big difference in score just getting an extra couple strikes a game vs flat corners, and if a little adjustment creates a difference on the scoreboard whether it’s with a ball or a physical change, it’s about getting the pins down.  I think bowlers get a little too prideful or stubborn about how that happens or how they think it’s supposed to happen, you stay behind the line and knock the pins down, and you don’t always have to have a wide variety of equipment to succeed, sometimes you need smaller variations within a certain window that works for you to make smaller or more precise adjustments.  

The Hustle Wine Bowling Ball By The Numbers 

The Hustle Wine gets a 5 for hook, 7 for length and a 7 for backend strength.  It’s the closest look we’ve had to an IQ Emerald since it got discontinued, just a little sharper, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’d be great to put together with the other Hustles, the 4 of those would give you a killer lineup for a great price that would cover a lot of conditions, we’ve seen the PBR and Wine being used by quite a few of the pros, and if they look good on league conditions and the pros can use them on tour conditions too, I don’t know why you wouldn’t look this direction, especially for the price.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you.  

roto grip hustle wine bowling ball

Built to provide performance for both the novice bowler and the advanced bowler, the Hustle Line of balls serves as the standard in which all other entry level balls are compared. So, whether you are looking to get your very first ball or looking to get a ball to fill out your arsenal for those lighter conditions, have no fear, the Hustle Line is here!

Engineered For – Light to Medium Oil Conditions

– Core: Hustle
– Coverstock: VTC Pearl Reactive
– Finish: 1500
– RG: 2.53 
– Diff: 0.030 

roto grip bowling Balls

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