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the new roto grip Hyped Hybrid bowling ball video review

New For 2021 – The Roto Grip Hyped Hybrid Bowling Ball

Hey everybody, welcome to another review, this one is for a long awaited release in Roto Grip’s HP2 line, the Hyped Hybrid.  If you’re as “hyped” as I am about the new releases, obviously couldn’t pass that pun up, follow the link in the description or at the end of the video for it or any of your other bowling needs at Bowler’s Mart, supporting them supports me, and don’t forget my code “Rosdahl10” the next time you go to order anything at Coolwick to get 10% off, they’re the ones that keep stuff like this coming, and speaking of Coolwick, if you like the jersey I’m wearing, it’s the Belmo Quick Ship. 

Hyped Hybrid Bowling Ball – First Thoughts 

The Hyped Hybrid has been a long time coming for unfortunate and unforeseen reasons, it and the pearl were supposed to be out a long time ago, but the market went crazy at the beginning of the year, a few balls got leaked earlier than they were supposed to which made them switch gears, but now we finally have a few spots to fill the HP2 line.  It features the VTC Hybrid cover and the Hyped core that comes in at a 2.52 RG and a .036 differential in 15 pounds.  It’s the lowest RG Roto has had in an HP2 line ball but the differential is also pretty low and in a really unconventional or different place.  It’s higher than the Hustles and something like an IQ, but not even as high as the Trend 2 which is straight up medium.  This creates a really rolly and controllable look on the lanes, plus it’s got a lot of pink in it and we all know what that means.  The Hyped Hybrid reminds me a lot of the MVP Pearl, it doesn’t roll QUITE as heavy, but it’s got a similar look to it, which gives it a unique shape on the lane.  The cover wants to be long and flippy and the core wants to be early and rolly, baby Phaze 3 is the easiest way to describe this one.  It’s not quite that sharp, but that’s my best stab at a comparison.  

Where The Roto Grip Hyped Hybrid Bowling Ball Fits 

It plays pretty well from most places, it’s too sharp for right up the rail for me, with as responsive as the cover is and as heavy as the ball rolls, if it gets the slightest sniff of friction early, it’s moving.  However, this could be an amazing transition ball because it splits the gap of being long and responsive with being rolly, so when you get deep it’s going to get through the fronts and then roll, it’s not going to skate and jerk or just be rolly and puke.  It’s another one of those staffer wet dreams to describe, it does all the clichés and buzzwords and hypey things that apparently sell bowling balls?  All I know is that this one is really comfortable to throw.  It rolls off the friction, gives me some blend and forgiveness in the middle, I don’t have to fight it to get it down the lane or grab it to get it to hook.  I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately, but we’ve been putting out a lot of really user friendly stuff recently, and honestly that’s what the HP2 line is supposed to be in the first place.  If you are the once or twice a week league bowler that buys one ball a year, this is the perfect fit, meaning it doesn’t cost that much, it’s pretty forgiving, it’s something you can just stay nice and easy with and let it work.  

I’m going to make a small leap and compare it to the UFO Alert.  I think that’s a couple balls up, but the Idol Synergy just got discontinued, and while the Hyped Hybrid isn’t a Synergy, it’s close enough to kind of bridge that gap until we get another big shiny symmetric in that line.  The UFO Alert has that same kind of ambiguous reaction.  It’s really rolly, and it acts like it wants to be sharp, but it just rolls and has a really round shape.  Don’t overthink the lingo either, most bowling terms aren’t bowling terms at all, just regular words used to describe ball reaction so think about what the word actually means.  For me it likes playing straighter angles, you can definitely bend it if you want, but it’s not something it wants to do naturally, and with still having the medium to medium strong etrax hybrid on it, it’s not that big of a gap from the Alert to the Hyped Hybrid, or the Pearl for that matter.  They’re a similar enough look on the lane that if you start the night out with something like an Alert or an RST X2, you’ll be able to drop down to one of these and not really miss something like an Idol Pearl or Idol Synergy because with the RG on the lower end of the spectrum, they Hyped’s are going to roll more like one of those stronger balls, just without being as aggressive.  

Roto Grip Hyped Hybrid Bowling Ball Final Thoughts

Again, not doing the rating system any more but this one slides right in between stuff like the Hustles and Electrify’s, and the Trend 2, Axiom Pearl, Zen, etcetera.  With the Hyroads in the Storm line still being the dominant medium strength balls, the Hypeds are in that same zone, just as shape compliments, the Hyroads naturally like to go longer and boom a little more and the Hypeds roll and rev up earlier, so if you like the general strength of the Hyroad or Hyroad Pearl but they’re a little too long and flippy for you, either the Hyped Pearl or Hybrid would be a great shape compliment to control the lane a little more.  Both the Hyped’s release with the Trend 2 and Electrify Solid on October 29th, and if you’re interested in ordering any of them, just click on the ball icon on the screen and it’ll take you to Bowler’s Mart to get set up.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you. 

roto grip hyped hybrid bowling ball

We collectively gathered our thoughts and perspectives on what we felt the HP2 line truly stands for and what it should be. We then went to work developing and constructing what is now known as the Hyped Core. Measuring in as the lowest RG core we have ever offered in the HP2 line, the Hyped Core provides more overall motion than the balls offered in the HP1 line, while providing a touch less motion than our HP3 line offerings. Thus, making this one of the best options we have ever constructed for the HP2 line of balls in history. So, if you weren’t already excited, it is now time to GET HYPED!

From the beginning, the end goal for the Hyped Core was to create a core design that would provide us more overall ball motion than the Hustle Core found in the HP1 Line, while also creating a viable step down option (less performance) than the motions found from our HP3 Line of balls. In the end, our R&D Team hit it out of the park with creating a core shape that provides medium flare and the ideal ball motion for the HP2 Line of balls moving forward.

Coverstock Name VTC
Coverstock Style Hybrid
Coverstock Type Reactive
Weight Block Hyped
Finish 1500 Polished
Finish Method Can be Polished OR Can be Sanded More
Durometer 73-75 on D-Scale
Weights 16lbs – 12lbs

RG: 2.52
DIFF: .036

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