This is URETHANE??? | Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 Bowling Ball Review – Right & Left Hand Testers

the new roto grip rubicon uc3 bowling ball review

The Newest Urethane Bowling Ball – The Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 Bowling Ball

Hello and welcome to our review for the Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 bowling ball, lot of buzz and curiosity about this one.  For this one we’ll be on the house shot at Royal Crest Lanes in Lawrence, KS with a review on a heavier sport pattern coming soon.  Speaking of Royal Crest, they’re a big part of bringing these videos to you along with Storm, Turbo, BowlersMart, Coolwick, and the Storm Roto Grip Bowling Balls for Sale group on Facebook, the Bowler’s Mart links are in the description to get the UC3 pre-ordered or to pick up anything else, and my code Rosdahl10 gets you 10% off your Coolwick order, while SRGBBFS is a one stop destination for all things SPI, specializing in used, rare, and overseas balls.  

Angel Throwing The New Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 Bowling Ball

We’ll start with Angel here wearing her land of the free Coolwick jersey, and wow right up front, this thing hooks a bunch.  The UC3 details are quite a surprise, everyone was expecting a reactive hybrid for the next Rubicon, and we got a sanded pearl urethane.  Same details on the Rondure core 2.49 RG, .052 differential and a .011 split or intermediate differential in 15 pounds, so basically Idol numbers with a mild asymmetry, and the Tour-ethane pearl urethane cover.  With as dumb strong as this cover is, it feels a lot more like true urethane than stuff like the Fever Pitch or Pitch Purple, and the shape is generated mostly by the core.  Traditional urethane doesn’t boom or cover boards partially because it’s so strong that it’s getting traction very early, plus they typically have low flaring cores, meaning the ball continues to roll over the same oil tracks all the way down the lane.  So early traction, then covered in oil the rest of the way down the lane, so urethane is early and smooth.  With the UC3, not only does it have a big core, it has a big slightly asymmetric core, so a lot of flare, extra torque, so it continues to dig and dig and dig all the way down the lane because it’s not rolling over the same oil on the cover, there’s fresh cover every rotation all the way down the lane.  It’s strong, but also remarkably consistent and powerful.  It’s not just kind of picking up and hooking early and then lazily falling into the pocket, it’s actually driving.  

Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 Compared To The Rubicon Bowling Ball

If we look at the original Rubicon, they’re not as far off as I was expecting, the Rubicon is quite a bit sharper of course, reactive vs urethane, and I’m not even going to show the UC2, there’s no point there, but the UC3 fits up there with them.  We’re both stunned, I think everyone is, this is legitimately a urethane look we haven’t had before, the Hot Cell from several years ago was more of a stronger Pitch Black, wasn’t really any shaping that one, the UC3 is almost like a smoother Omega Crux or Incite type of look.  

Storm Fast Pitch Compared To The Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 Bowling Ball

Throwing in a few shots of the Fast Pitch, Angel can get it to bend a little, but she’s throwing it pretty slow and catching a lot of friction, the UC3 is just on another planet.  The Fast Pitch has an .030 diff, so similar to an IQ Tour, it does get a bit of flare, or enough to help it out a little, but you can see the same kind of climbing continuing motion, just nowhere near as aggressive.  

Luke Tosses The Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 Bowling Ball

I was dreading this one a bit with as bad as I’ve been throwing it, but holy bork.  Angel filmed first, and if urethane looks that good on the right side, it’s just going to look better on the left.  No track to speak of on the left so we get more skid up front and quite a bit more shape downlane, that’s why you see lefties throwing short pins and urethane especially on tough stuff, we don’t get all that free blend on this side, so WE have to blend it.  The UC3 creates the true lefty experience for righties, and it’s extra special on the left.  Because everyone is going to want to know, the UC3 and Purple Hammer aren’t on the same wavelength, Purple Hammer has a very weak core, it’s not nearly as strong as the UC3, and I was told the UC3 was not built to compete with the Purple Hammer.  I didn’t quite buy it when I heard it, everyone wishes they had a Purple Hammer, but throwing it now, they’re pretty different.  The Purple is quite a bit closer to a traditional urethane idea, just with a freakish and impossible blend of traction, shape and continuation, the UC3 has all those things too, but it’s quite a bit earlier, stronger, more torque, etc, so if you’re a free agent or have a Purple Hammer and are worried about overlap, I think you can obviously can put that to bed and if you like the PH, you’ll definitely like the UC3.  

Rubicon from me here too, same thing, more length, quite a bit more shape, AND better execution despite being last year and pretty close to still getting back into the lefty thing, that’s a big confidence booster.  The UC3 should be taken seriously, this is pretty wild for us considering some of the urethane experiments we’ve seen in the past, some have really worked and some haven’t, but we’re all gonna puff our chests out about this one.  I don’t have much to work with there, but I’m gonna work it girl.  This one will be REALLY helpful for the straighter lower rev bowlers which is now starting to include me who find themselves trapped on tougher conditions, needing a urethane like look to blend the lane, but having to try to adjust with surface or layouts and never really find the right look.  I’ll show a comparison to the Pitch Black and Fast Pitch on the sport pattern videos.  

Not Just Another Urethane Bowling Ball

The Rubicon UC3 releases with the Idol Helios November 19th, and obviously shouldn’t be written off as just another urethane ball.  This one might seriously play for a lot of people in league with no concern of typical urethane transition or carrydown, and like I said, it might be a game changer for lower rev and straighter bowlers that need to use urethane on tougher conditions but can’t get it to roll or shape right for them.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you.  


roto grip Rubicon UC3 bowling ball

The Rubicon™ UC3 (Ultimate Concept 3) takes Tour Level performance to a whole new level. We first focused on core specifics and decided that the mildly asymmetric Rondure™ Core was the ideal core shape in order to generate adequate flare.

From there we engineered the Tour-ethane™ Pearl coverstock to maximize performance and control on those higher friction patterns and lane surfaces. This core and urethane cover combination changes the game!

Tour-ethane™ Coverstock
Sometimes in the search to find the answer to modern day situations, you are forced to take a step or two backwards and investigate pre-existing alternative options that in the end, just may hold the answer to what you are in search of. Such is the case in the development and creation of our new Tour-ethane coverstock material. This material was derived as the result of this new direction of thinking and formulating. Our R&D Team followed the chemistry path of pure urethane from yesteryear in order to find the answer to the modern-day struggle in terms of excessive friction. Whether it is due to friction in the oil pattern, friction in the lane surface, or a combination of both. To that we say – Fear Friction No More!

Engineered for Light Oil – Medium/Light Oil

Coverstock: Tour-ethane Pearl
Weight Block: Rondure Core (Asymmetrical)
Color: Platinum Pearl
Factory Finish: 1000-grit Abralon
Flare Potential: High
Condition: Light/Medium Oil
Radius of Gyration (RG) 15lbs – 2.49
Differential (Diff) 15lbs – 0.052
Intermediate Differential (Diff): 0.011

roto grip bowling Balls

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