Bowling Ball Comparison | Storm Hy-Road vs Storm Spectre vs 900 Global Wolverine

how does the original storm hyroad stack up against the storm spectre and 900 global wolverine bowling balls

Storm’s New Spectre and 900 Global’s Wolverine to the OG Triple OG, the Storm Hyroad. 

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The Spectre and the Wolverine are both pearls while the Hyroad is a hybrid, but the Spectre and Wolverine both have slightly stronger cores.  They all come at the same surface, factory polished, the Spectre has a stronger cover formula while the Wolverine and Hyroad share a very similar cover formula, but they’re all 3 in the same general zone and have familiar looks on the lane.  We’re going to look at the Hyroad first since it’s kind of the watermark for what everything else is measured against.  This is Angel’s very first Hyroad believe it or not, we’ve always had other stuff to throw and when it comes to stuff like the Hyroad and IQ Tour, it’s like well those have been around forever, everyone knows about them, let’s focus on the new stuff.  However, they’ve been around this long for a reason, it’s easy to see why, and the Hyroad very quickly made its way into her bag along with the IQ Tour that hasn’t left very often in the last year or so since we drilled that.  She’s also sorted a lot of her mechanical issues out, so I think you can see she’s throwing it quite a bit better than in the last couple.  The Hyroad is somewhat of an anomaly, it gets pretty easy length but is really stable, it’s not one to just go long, wiggle and quit, it pulls up from some nearly impossible places, the RG at 2.57 is high enough to get super easy length, and the .046 differential isn’t high but it’s on the very high side of medium, so there’s plenty of flare.  As you’ve seen, it’s got plenty of quickness, it wants to go if she gets slow or grabby with it, but it’s also a really easy adjustment to get it back on track without even having to move, so it’s a very user friendly ball. 

The R2S hybrid cover is very balanced strength, it’s not quite as clean as R2S Pearl, and of course not quite as early and smooth as R2S solid,

but seems to have some kind of super hero powerup that keeps it just as controllable as the solid and just as sharp as the pearl.  The total package adds up to something that’ll never get discontinued because it’s lightning in a bottle and as good or better than the Zen has been.  This WAS the original Zen back in 2008, and it’s still borderline cheating.  

Closer Look at the 900 Global Wolverine VS The Storm Hyroad Bowling Ball

Next we’ll look at the recently released Wolverine.  The S70 Pearl cover is virtually R2S Pearl, so the Wolverine is really really close to the Hyroad in terms of on lane reaction.  It has a 2.54 RG, and a .053 differential, so while the cover makes it a little cleaner, the core is stronger than the one in the Hyroad, so they nearly offset.  Ultimately I think the Wolverine is a smidge earlier and definitely rounder and smoother than the Hyroad, but the overall roll and look on the lane is really similar.  Sometimes the Hyroad is just too quick for her, so being able to move sideways into a Wolverine or Spectre and adjust the shape without adjusting the hook potential can really help out.  This is something else I’ve talked about, is figuring out what you like or what typically looks best for you and creating diversity within that zone or window.  Angel loves R2S and similar covers, it just seems to be the right reaction for her no matter what she’s on, so she leans a lot on IQs, Hustles, and Hyroads, stuff in that general range.  Sometimes the IQs and Hustles are too early and smooth, so she goes this direction, and now has a few different looks in the higher RG and higher differential area.  If the Wolverine is too smooth she can take a look at the Hyroad, but if it’s still too sharp, she can take a look at the Spectre.

The Wolverine and Spectre are extremely similar, however the Spectre is even a bit slower or smoother,

and it’s hard to tell on the hook potential because technically the Spectre has a stronger cover.  The core is virtually the same, also at a 2.54 RG and a .050 differential, just a couple points lower, so virtually negligible, and stronger covers are also usually smoother than weaker ones because they get traction earlier and spread the hook out over a longer distance.  The weaker covers tend to hydroplane and then react more strongly when they hit dry, stronger covers get more traction through the oil and begin hooking earlier, so that makes them smoother when they hit the dry.  As always, hard to tell on a house shot, but the R3S Pearl cover felt a lot stronger on balls like the Snap Lock and Intense, and neither of us expected the weaker core to create this much of a difference.  Going from something like the Astro PhysiX to something like a Hyroad Pearl is still a decent jump but they still feel like the same cover, but the Spectre doesn’t have much if anything in common with the Snap Lock or Intense, it feels more like R2X from the Marvel Pearl.  A few people mentioned the similarity to the MP on the Spectre review, and we tend to agree.  

The Hyroad is still the goat, it’s the sharpest of the 3, the Spectre is the smoothest. 

I think the Hyroad also hooks the most out of the 3, or the combination of hook and shape results in the most total aggression despite the Spectre probably being the strongest on paper.  I’d say the Wolverine is the weakest, but very marginally, probably unnoticeable on a house shot, you’d have to get on more volume to see the difference and with as smooth as the Spectre is, that might offset what small amount of additional hook it has.  I don’t think all 3 of these can fit in the same bag unless you like stuff like the Hyroad and Hyroad Pearl and want a few different looks within the same zone.  If you favor similar shapes and instead vary your hook potentials, they definitely can’t all fit together and you’d likely have to pick just one of the 3.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you.  

storm spectre bowling ball

Color: Crimson/Iron
Coverstock: R3S Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Vector Core
Factory Finish: 1500-Grit Polished
Flare Potential: Med-High
Radius of Gyration (RG): 15lbs – 2.54
Differential (Diff): 15lbs – 0.050
Intermediate Diff: NA
Fragrance: Candy Cane Cookie

storm Hyroad bowling ball

Coverstock: R2S Hybrid Cover
Core: Modified Inverted Fe2 Technology
Finish: 1500-grit Polish
Differential: .058 (Medium-High) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare
RG Avg: 2.52 (Medium-Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point
Flare Potential: 5″-6″ (Medium-High)
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy to Medium Heavy Oil
Fragrance: Boysenberry

roto grip wolverine bowling ball

Color: Navy/Aqua
Coverstock: S70 Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Lacerate 2.0 Symmetric
Factory Finish: 4000 Abralon
Flare Potential: 4″-5″
Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs – 2.53; 15lbs – 2.54; 14lbs – 2.54
Differential (Diff): 16lbs – 0.051; 15lbs – 0.053; 14lbs – 0.052
Intermediate Differential (Diff): n/a

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