Storm Electrify Solid Bowling Ball Report Card by Luke Rosdahl

storm electrify solid bowling ball report card

Storm Electrify Solid Bowling Ball Report Card 

Hello and welcome to another video, this one is a report card for the Electrify Solid.  Storm Products, Turbo Grips, Bowler’s Mart, Coolwick, SRGBBFS on Facebook, and Royal Crest Lanes in Lawrence, KS sponsor the videos, follow the links in the description and end of the video to Bowler’s Mart for your bowling needs, that lets them know I sent you, my code Rosdahl10 gets you 10% off your purchases at Coolwick, and the SRGBBFS group on Facebook is your one stop destination for all things SPI, specializing in used, rare, and international equipment.  

The Electrify Solid Compared To The Storm IQ Tour 

The Electrify Solid uses the same Reactor cover formula as the hybrid and the pearl, and the same Circuit core coming in at a 2.51 RG and an .030 differential in 15 pounds. 

These are very similar numbers to the IQ Tour Solid at 2.49 and .029, in addition to being R2S solid rather than Reactor, which is basically R1S, first generation of the R series covers. 

Thus, it makes sense that the E Solid does feel and look related to the IQ, and the difference is marginal from an optics standpoint but pretty important.  The E Solid feels a lot chuggier, it rolls heavier and what I mean by that is that it feels like it’s really digging in, wanting to slow down and be really smooth and gradual.  The IQ Solid is cleaner, or it feels easier up front and then really round down lane.  I think the E Solid controls the lane even better than the IQ Tour, but the Tour has a nice blend of length and finish, the E Solid can be a little too slow down lane.  I know the Tour is controllable and smooth, but the E Solid is even a bit more stable.  They’re great compliments in the same zone, they do similar things but give you different looks.  The E Solid isn’t quite as strong as the IQ, but close.  It feels earlier and a bit slower, and can be a really big help controlling cliffs, wet/dry lines, tougher patterns and if urethane is a bit too slow, and the IQ Tour is too strong, this is the ball.  The more I threw it, the more I got used to thinking of it as a baby Axiom, extremely controllable, but with dig and chug without being pukey or lazy, it’s strong but keeps coming.  

I don’t use it very often, my IQ Tour, Hustle Camo or Axiom get most of the action when a similar look is needed, but I still am holding onto it because it’s so good at what it does that I’m not ready to let it go.  I really should take it out more often because of how much I use stuff like this and need looks like this.  It just sometimes gets lost in the shuffle with some other stuff, and because of the amount of stuff I drill, some really great stuff just doesn’t quite make the cut.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you.  

Storm Electrify Solid bowling ball

Coverstock: Reactor Solid
Core: Circuit
Finish: 1500 Grit Polished
Differential: .030
RG Avg: 2.51
Flare Potential: 2″-4
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy to Medium Heavy Oil
Fragrance: Frosted Cake

Out of stock

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