Video: How Does a Bowling Pinsetter Machine Work? Featuring Brunswick GS-X

This bowling pinsetter machine is called a Brunswick GSX Pinsetter.It’s commonly used in the United States and in other areas of the world when playing Ten-pin Bowling.The Ball Cushion Assembly absorbs the impact of the bowling ball.The knocked over pins are called “Deadwood”.The Bowling ball makes it’s way to the Ball Accelerator to bring ball back to where the bowlers are.The pins get knocked into the Ball Pit, moved on the Transport Band, then up on the Pin Elevator, and then falls on the Distributor.

This is the part that distributes the pins to one of 10 Pin Stations, and then down below to the Setting Table.The Sweep Wagon moves the knocked over pins off the lane.The Drive Frame consists of 3 motors to keep the machine moving.

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