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900 Global Reality Check Bowling Ball

The ALL NEW S84 Beta Hybrid Cover was designed to complement the S84 Response Cover. This revolutionary material reduces the microscopic pore sizes while maintaining the “teeth” that its predecessor became famous for. S84 Beta offers a similar overall hook potential versus S84 Response, but a vastly different backend shape. Paired with the Disturbance Asymmetric Core, the Reality Check will offer the most angular reaction ever for the 900 Series!!

The Disturbance Asymmetric Core utilizes a modified scutoid geometric shape. This eccentric shape has a base of 6 sides and an apex of 5 sides. The elimination of the 6th side as you move vertically up the weight block creates the perfect amount of asymmetry. This shape also provides the RG/Diff values that all bowlers demand by utilizing a smaller amount of space within the outer core. When you put all of this together…we have created a truly unique and never before seen reaction to the 900 Series.

The S84 Beta Cover, with its special chemical composition that creates up to 20% larger pore sizes, has been altered to a 1500-grit polished finish. The Reality, even though it was a cleaner dull ball, is still very strong in the front part of the lane. The Altered Reality will clear the heads much easier and save more energy for the back part of the lane. Even though the cover is a pearl and polished, the larger pore size allows for more traction in the oil than traditional pearl covers.
















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okay one game with a new reality check it’s got the uh the 4k fast finish out the box i haven’t changed at all so let’s see what we got i’ve been bowling with it for a little bit it stands up pretty hard i feel like it might be a little cleaner than the infinite i’ve got drilled um but it tends to uh stand up and be a little sharper i think down the back part of the lane um i’ve got the same layout i’ve got that five by four by two layout well that was a filthy grab but yeah so i’ve been uh been working on making some changes and it’s a little uh it’s a little difficult to keep track of all of them and try and do a ball review at the same time so i’ve have a few bad shots ah please forgive me on that one so yeah the reality check’s got a new uh a new cover it’s got a hybrid s84 but it’s the s84 beta i don’t really know what that means but that’s what we’re at it’s got the same weight block from the altered and the original reality i think it’s pretty aggressive down the lane um that’s the one thing i’m really noticing from it um it does it does seem to be pretty forgiving with my ball speed like if i throw it a little fast it still wants to hook which is obviously a good start there we go that’s good man it hooks a lot it even seems to come off it pretty sharp when i stay at the back of it um i feel like when i get around it with this core it really makes it shove through the front and be like super angular off it and that’s kind of what i’m trying to get away with from so this ball’s good for me because i can stay at the back of it and it’s really continuous maybe a bit more continuous than the infinites tripping forwards like arturo on the pb8 league where would i see this fitting well i’ve been throwing the altered and i’ll throw a few shots with that at the end the altered is way further down the lane than this one um way weaker overall as well there we go
we still almost got back through that one way to the right how awesome was the pba league show um norton duke couldn’t really uh couldn’t really find his uh rhythm on the show but how do those old guys do that like every time johnny did it like while ray did it he did it every time they have that one last shot everybody watches them they strike every time it’s unbelievable anyway back to the reality check but i keep calling the reality strike for no reason maybe it’s just because it strikes i don’t know much more around it much more around it all right so we had a strike spare triple spare strike will give me the spare for that one let’s start messing around with a few of the other balls um original reali same layout um i’ve got a shiny surface on this one um see that one digs in and then kind of hook stops it’s kind of what you’d expect from that um the solid cover versus the hybrid cover see what the altar does off that thank you see what we can get out of an altar same spot see that’s that’s why i see a lot of my altered it goes longer but it’s like its hook window is really short so like hook stops it like hooks violently and then goes forward i don’t really see that so much out of this uh
reality check that’s the one i’m pressing with baker to try and get rid of super forward with my with my head such a bad shot let’s ignore that one pretend that one isn’t there shows the ball won’t come back automatically though all right let’s actually put a decent shot here to give you a comparison there we go so for me
this fits between the uh between the altered and the original reality i almost think that this might be the most continuous of the three let me throw this infinite
it might have a touch more surface on it but it’s in the right ballpark i think that’s probably the closest to the reality check i would say that the altered there’s a touch earlier it definitely doesn’t stand up quite as hard it’s strange to say the reality check might be quicker off the spot but it might actually continue a bit more as well um from what i’ve seen so far as i got further left reality check definitely helped me out the most so yeah uh i’ll throw the altered off that a little slower get around a little more and see what she does i still don’t think that comes around the corner as hard i feel like that altered this stops more but anyway i think that’s uh that’s a review for me for the uh for the altered the
reality check the reality and then even a bit of a infinite physics thrown in

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