900 Global Zen U Multi Pattern Review With Stu | Not your regular Urethane Ball

900 Global Zen U Bowling Ball

It’s time to take our urethane to the next level! The Zen/U features the Meditate LD Core. This lower density core allows for maximum control while still providing that large footprint and shape on the lanes that the Meditate Core became famous for. The all new s35 Urethane+ Cover provides a quicker response time compared to traditional urethane. This core and cover combination will excel on short patterns and over/under or “cliffed” house conditions alike!

this brand new phase five has my stock
kind of starting drilling up here a tall
five to five about a five and a quarter
inch pin for me uh obviously it’s about
two inches from my uh Val uh like I said
this one smells like blueberry crumble
uh the one thing that is very different
about this is it has the brand new
reactive gloss finish on it so it is
polished again and uh let’s see how it
looks on the lane I’m going to do my
traditional one game
uninterrupted I’m going to talk my way
through it you can watch it go down the
lane I’ll explain what I’m seeing and
maybe help you see what some of the same
things and at the end I’m going to throw
it up against some of the best balls on
the marketplace so you can decide where
this fits in not only for me but for you
in your overall Oceano
whoa that’s in
new house shot here at Lewisville for
those of you that watch the night Road
video this is uh there’s probably 30
percent more volume on the Lane right
now than there was
and the puddle has definitely gotten
deeper so
uh well the night Road hooked I was
probably five or six left with the night
Road on that house shot on this here uh
it would go pretty straight actually
so like you said traditional low RG big
flaring core uh a Hallmark of not only
the phase two which one of the best
balls of all time but uh a lot of the
greatest balls ever made tend to be
those same type of numbers low RG cores
that are symmetrical they roll good on a
lot of different things
and that’s something that’s definitely
different on some of the other house
shot stuff that I’ve bowled here when
you used to get it there it uh it would
either hook a lot or hook not at all so
we stayed away from that now the
puddle’s pretty deep so you actually
want to get around it
one of the biggest differences about
this than any of the other phases
is that it has the new reactor gloss on
his 15 are polished same thing we’ve
seen a lot
storm line but we haven’t seen this
reactive gloss yet and this is what
replaces the old polish that uh
that came under Fire that one I got a
little too far right a little quick
and with the fast eight
on the Hop
which is not really my best effort so
trying to hit about 13.
that was a win
you see that puddle’s really deep now
this is a
this is a little bit unusual for uh
for what we see here it’s a 20 year old
hpl surface
actually almost 30 year old now
uh so it tends to hook a little bit in
the front
especially these wood approaches so it’s
cut back into it
once you get past it tends to be pretty
that’s even further in
just an execution Wizardry right now
hey you want to see what a ball does
when you miss this I’m going to show you
all of it right now
Miss way right and we left
all right I’m gonna move five left and
throw it slower
so you can get an idea of what this does
obviously that doesn’t work
that’s it welcome to Louisville
well the good news is this ball still
retains energy has that long
continuation window that we’ve seen a
in the phase line in general
and really in a lot of balls coming out
of the storm plant for quite a bit
even though it’s slowed down and rolling
and obviously I don’t play as much angle
as some of the younger guys do
but it continues that shape and it’s
still going that way even through the
that’s a shape I really love to see
now I’m sliding 30.
looking about 17. so
a little bit still made it through the
puddle so that’s good news
more like 12 13.
there you go that was almost on purpose
she might be able to tell I’m breathing
hard now because the whole game of
bowling does that to me
but uh
you notice in the reviews not everyone’s
in Peak physical condition
like the beef and bargie channel so
they can’t all bowl like this I’m gonna
move another three right
and get firmer
so you can get an idea what this does
okay it’s just a little bit a little bit
too strong in the front
need a little more time in the back
there you go 236 with a phase five
well the most obvious ball to throw up
against a phase five is a phase four
when the marketplace very long also 1500
polish just a different polish obviously
it has a lot of yellow in it which in
theory historically would tell us would
make it hook a little bit sooner but
let’s see what it looks like
that was in the puddle a little bit and
that’s where the face five got a little
bit longer that one rolled through it
now let’s try and throw it a little bit
right see what it looks like when you
get it to the bump
came off of it got going forward pretty
quick so I would say definitely the
phase four rolls a little sooner than
the phase five uh these balls I think
it’s it’s going to be an easy you’re
going to hear a lot that it’s basically
a phase five uh that the phase five is a
phase four replacement it’s exactly the
same ball I’d say even from those two
shots by itself you could tell that’s
not really the case
I’m gonna go ahead and move five left
and then see what it looks like
when you move in
got a handful of that
now I think it probably rolls in the oil
a little bit more
but it’s going to be a little bit
smoother off the dry so overall a little
less continuous and uh in the big scheme
of things I think the phase five is
going to go a couple of feet longer and
probably end up about the same amount of
overall hook but you’re going to have
more angle through the pins with the
phase five now another ball to test up
against the phase five is the Zen and
this has very similar core numbers uh
within a point basically either way with
both RG and with differential so a
Polish 1500 this is uh this is one that
came 4K fast that I put polish on we’re
going to stay in the same place that we
did with the phase five and see what it
looks like
maybe just a touch sharper off the dry
this ball has been one of the best balls
well it’s been one of the best selling
balls in the history of 900 Global for
sure that in the reality uh a shiny bow
that hooks as much as a rare thing
so we’re gonna move our eyes just a
little bit left and see what happens
a little longer a little less responsive
or a little more responsive but in this
time in this case it responded to that
uh my early thing after just two shots
would say the Zen is a touch more
uh and gets just a little bit longer
than the phase five
now we’re going to take that same move
where we move five boards left
and we’re going to go around a little
and see what this ball looks like on
again a little bit longer so in this
case I’d say the phase four is a little
bit earlier is then the phase five and
I’d say the Zen is probably a little bit
than the phase five and so far that’s
where I see these balls kind of fitting
together right now
another good ball to test up against
this end Soul we’ve seen a lot of this
lately in some cases we’re seeing people
compare it to a phase two and that’s
kind of where I’ve used it as myself
this one’s become Lane polished so it’s
uh basically that fifteen hundred two
and uh and it’s Lane shine now so I was
starting that same spot with the other
what you’re seeing in general is I think
that one starts up a little bit sooner
uh than probably the phase five uh the
phase four and the Zen in general which
you kind of expect it doesn’t come
polished so it’s probably not a super
big surprise
similar core numbers again
in the 248050 range I’m going to move a
couple boards left now and let’s see
what it does on this
and that’s in the puddle
that’s where the stronger a Little Bit
Stronger cover stock a little bit duller
color for stock comes into play so a
little bit better on the wet dry
we’ll move in five more on this last
and get an idea what it looks like from
in there
again this is a couple more left
of where we were with the phase five
so overall I would say the Zen Soul
probably hooks two to three boards more
than the phase five it’s going to be two
to three feet sooner and a little
smoother so if you’re in some place
where they’re a little drier uh got some
hook in the front the phase five will be
much better I think the Zen sole will
probably come into play if you have more
oil in the front more volume overall
that duller cover will help you get
through that
five from Storm
248-051 1500 polish with reactor gloss
and smells like blueberry crumbles
watch this in more videos and see how
this ball compares to everything else in
the lineup on the beef and Barney
Channel we’ll see you next time

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