300 isn’t just a number. It is our destination. Shouting at a ball will make it strike more. Nothing is as satisfying as hurling dangerously heavy spheres at stationary objects — and watching X’s fill the frames.

DV8 Bowling categories

The DV8 Notorious handles heavy oil extremely well for me. The ball gets into the hook phase smoothly, and it will settle very good into the roll phase to help pin carry. Smooth is the best word to describe my Notorious. I feel good about the ball getting to my desired break point and always finishing smoothly into the pocket. Of course, this ball has Dynamicore. You will see a difference in pin carry with Dynamicore. The pins stay low, but travel across the deck with unusual power. I like to say that the ball increases the size of your strike zone by 2 boards. If you want a smooth ball, to battle heavy oil, the DV8 Notorious is IT!

Dustin B