Balanced Workout for Bowling

[custom_frame_left][/custom_frame_left]What are two types of exercise that you see in the gym? Most likely, there will be lifters and there will be runners. How do you know which type to work and how much to do of each? It’s common for weightlifters to steer clear of cardio as well as runners to stay away from heavy lifting. But why all or none?

Unless you’re training for a specific event (marathon versus power-lifting show), it’s actually really beneficial to incorporate both resistance training as well as cardio work into your exercise regimen. Practicing endurance exercise to accompany your resistance training can help you sustain more energy for longer periods, thus allowing you to lift longer. The longer you can sustain energy, the more sets you might be able to get in, thus, building that muscle that you desire.

On the other hand, adding some resistance training to your endurance practices will surely help you develop your muscles for power. How can this be useful for endurance? Consider your strides while running. If you have more power and are able to get more distance per stride, you can run further without exhausting yourself earlier.

The only drawback to practicing both would be trying to complete both types of exercise in one day. There is some evidence that practicing both in one day might not be as effective as training different types on different days. This is why some trainers may allocate one to two days per week of endurance training with another two to three days of resistance training.

These are all brief examples, but they are valid. In order to build a well-rounded, healthy exercise regimen, consider incorporating different types of exercise! HIIT Training, as mentioned last week, is an awesome way to build cardiorespiratory fitness when your time is limited. The possibilities are endless!

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