This Season’s New Bowling Ball Releases

Some New Popular Bowling Ball Releases

By Michael Cousins

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the new ball releases from all of the brands. Customers are starting to look for their new ball as the fall leagues draw ever closer.

So, today, I thought it’d be fun to look at some of the best new releases that were at Bowl Expo. We’re going to go over one release from each major company. Storm/Roto will be combined, as will EBI brands and Brunswick Bowling brands.

EBI: Hammer Scandal/s

To me, this was one of the absolute best balls of the showcase. Tremendous midlane motion. Very smooth, continuous ball. It is essentially everything you want in a benchmark ball. Additionally, it’s at a great price point, as the Scandal line’s price has now been reduced.

Brunswick Bowling: Brunswick Cutting Edge Solid

I know it’s not a high end ball, but wow did it perform well. I have always loved lower end solids (Vibes, Blue Ringer, Hustle Ink, etc) and this is no different. Very clean, as you’d expect a lower end ball to be, but plenty of motion, as well. I thought this was the best bargain/value prop at Expo.

Storm/Roto: Halo

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to throw this one, as the demand was high and I couldn’t get one in my span. But, watching Simo and Mikey Tang throw it, I was impressed. It was a strong — and I mean very strong — ball, and I think it will compliment the Hyper Cell Fused (maybe the best ball I’ve drilled this year) very well. Additionally, the colors are unique and it certainly pops/stands out sitting on a ball rack. This should come as no surprise, given that Roto Grip has been killing the color game in recent years.

These were just some of my favorites, though. There were many, many great options at Bowl Expo, and going over all of them would take too much time and too many words, but these three balls are a great starting point to look at. I promise you, though, you won’t be disappointed with these.

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