Fall Bowling Leagues Are Almost Here

League Bowling Checklist

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It is that time of year again. Fall leagues are just around the corner, and bowlers all over the country are getting ready to start their 36 week journey through league. But, before you get started, here are some things we’d recommend you do.

Practice — If you took the summer off, practice. Don’t wait until the night Fall league starts to throw your first ball in 12 weeks. You will not be happy, you won’t be sharp, and you more than likely won’t bowl great, which is never fun.

Ball prep — In addition to getting your physical game ready, you need to get your bowling balls ready, as well. Take them into your local PSO and make sure to get them cleaned, get the surfaces evaluated, and — if need be — get them Detoxed. If you want to perform your best, you’ll need your bowling balls to be at their best.

Fit check — Far too often I hear a bowler say “I have been using this fit for twenty years, I don’t know why it doesn’t feel good anymore.” Well. actually, that is exactly why it doesn’t fit anymore. Our hands are ever changing, just like the rest of us. As we age, and lose (or gain weight), our hands are changing. Get it looked at. It is possible you won’t need any changes, but it is better to play it safe and have it looked at, rather than using an improper fit. A bad fit can do more than just injure your hand; you can cause serious damage to your body, as well.

Tune up — If you work regularly with a coach, which I advise you do, regardless of your skill level, see them for a tune up. Make sure your time off didn’t cause any bad habits to creep up. You’d be surprised what an elongated break from bowling can do to your physical game. I short bit of time with your coach can go a very long way to improving your scores and seeing that you don’t have any rust remaining on your first night of league.

Speak to your PSO — Talk to your Pro Shop Operator about the latest balls, what balls may benefit you, and what balls you may or may not need. If you have a PSO that you trust, they’ll be able to honestly and accurately advise you on what to do.

So that is just a quick 5-step check list you can do to get ready for the Fall league. It isn’t doctrine, but it is a good place to start. If you do these five steps — or any of them, really — I assure you you’ll be in a better position come Fall leagues. And, as always, good luck and good bowling this Fall!

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