My Favorite Bowling Balls All Time From Each Brand

My Favorite Bowling Ball From Each Brand

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By Michael Cousins

I wanted to go back and take a look at my favorite bowling balls of all-time from all of the current major brands.

This topic has been circulating around Facebook recently, and I thought it would be neat to go back and think about them. This list is obviously totally subjective and personal, and obviously your list will greatly differ from mine, but that is what is so cool about doing this.

Without further ado, let us begin!


The Hyroad is an obvious choice, but I’m going to switch it up and go with it’s predecessor: the T-Road Pearl. Still to this day one of the most angular balls I have ever personally thrown. I had tons of success with this ball in competition, and it will always be one of my favorites.

Roto Grip

By far and away the Roto Grip Nomad Dagger. This ball was unlike anything else I have ever thrown. Arguably the best ball I have ever thrown, and probably the single most underrated ball of all-time.


The OG Ebonite Gamebreaker. It is one of the most hyped balls in recent memory, and it’s warranted. The ball was special, and I had several of them.


Hammer Blue/Onyx Vibe: This one was too close to call, so I went with both. Honestly, they were pretty similar and equally awesome. Probably the single most usable “entry level” ball I have ever thrown.


The Animal was the first Track ball I ever owned, and it was the first real high end ball I ever threw. I remember as a kid I loved everything about it. The colors were unique. The lime green logos stood out. And it hooked unlike anything else I had personally thrown. Oh the nostalgia!

Columbia 300

The Columbia Momentum/Momentum Swing. Like I did with the Vibes, I just can’t choose one. These two were awesome and complimented each other very well.


Brunswick Vapor Zone. All day. Every day. Twice on Sunday. It had the looks, the reaction, and the versatility.


DV8 Reckless. And while the Too Reckless was a close second, I got a lot more use out of the Reckless than I did the Too Reckless.


This company is pretty new comparably, and this ball is very new compared to the other balls on this list, but the Radical Katana Slash is awesome. Like, incredible. They hit a home run with this ball.


Venom Shock. Purple ball. Whatever you want to call it. This ball strikes a lot. And I still have one in my bag.

900 Global

The Drift was the best burn ball I have thrown in awhile. So I have to put this on the list. For whatever reason, I haven’t seen a lot of people throwing it, but, boy, are they missing out.

So what are your favorite balls from every brand? What major ball did I miss? Did you have any success with the aforementioned? Let us know in the comments section below!

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