#FBF My Favorite Bowling Center Growing Up

My Favorite Bowling Center Growing Up

Throughout my lifetime, I have bowled in some wonderful centers — and some not so wonderful. But we always had that one center that impacted us the most.

Whether it was due to success we had in the center, our favorite childhood memories, or something else, we all have one center that stood out above the rest.

For me, growing up, that was Shore Lanes in Merritt Island.

We would typically have three or four tournaments a year there as a kid, and, growing up, that was my best friend’s home center, so I spent a lot of time practicing there, as well.

The center had a wonderful proprietor, Sandy, and a very educated and caring staff that took care of all of their bowlers.

The tournaments there were some of my favorites. They were always challenging, but — for whatever reason — I always matched up well there and I had my fair share of success in that building.

Every year, the Loschetter tournament hosted their Tournament of Champions there, and while it was a tournament, it was more of a reunion than anything else.

Many of my favorite childhood bowling related memories took place in that building, and I will never forget it. No matter what centers I’ve bowled in — or will bowl in in the future — Shore Lanes will always be at the top of my list.

What center impacted you the most growing up? What center do you hold nearest and dearest to you? Let us know below!

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