New Storm Hy-Road Max & Incite Bowling Balls Announced

New storm bowling balls for 2021 - storm incite & hy-road max bowling balls

Chris Beans of Bowlers Rant breaks down the new Incite and Hy-Road Max bowling balls, recently announced from Storm Bowling. Full specs and commentary!

New for 2021, Storm Bowling is proud to introduce the new Hy-Road Max and Incite bowling balls! From what we can see, Storm Bowling fans are excited for this release:

Time to add to the collection! I own all the Hyroad’s released in the states as well as the Hyroad T! Hyroad Nano is one of my favorite balls of all time! Can’t wait for the NeX version!


1 - storm hy-road max bowling ball

The Inverted Fe2 weight block has historically had a higher RG orientation. The higher the RG, the more resistant the ball will be to changing direction as it travels down the lane. This promotes a later transition with a cleaner shape through the front part of the lane. Add NeX into the mix,and you will see more change of direction down lane with a motion that unmistakably belongs to a Hy-Road.

NeX first made its debut on the Axiom™, the newest touchstone from which all other balls are compared. The finishing touches clock in at 3000-grit Abralon, which has become the benchmark standard of surface profiles. Easily adjusted up or down, it provides quick access to
a multitude of topographies with little effort. Inherently, NeX provides a unique chemical texture once cured. As the surface of the Hy-Road Max rolls down the lane, it starts to form weak molecular bonds with the lane material that pulls on the ball and ultimately slows it down. This is precisely what’s needed in order for a ball to hook.

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storm hy-road max bowling ball reaction video

2 - storm incite bowling ball

At the heart of all mathematics are numbers. Rest assured, there are lot of numbers built into every core. In physics, tensors are important because they provide a concise mathematical framework for formulating and solving physics problems in areas such as mechanical design. The Tensor Core forms a multi-dimensional array with a uniform type that creates opposing torque forces on an asymmetric map.

The product resembles a stronger, more powerful symmetric core model that blends the line between top-drawer asymmetric and the more traditional symmetric approach thanks to a modest touch of asymmetry between the Y and Z axes.This is a unique concept in the Storm line will fit the needs of many. No balance hole? No problem. Pro shop operators can drill the Tensor Core like they used to with intent to put a flare-increasing hole in a specific spot. The slim intermediate differential accomplishes the same feat without any extra effort.R4S has the highest reactivity of any Reactor™ series cover and bridges the gap between mid-range Thunder™ Line and high-end Premier™ Line balls.

Being a hybrid formulation, users can expect a wide array of benefits to be found on a multitude of conditions..

storm incite bowling ball reaction video

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One thought on “New Storm Hy-Road Max & Incite Bowling Balls Announced

  1. Virginia says:

    Women need help in selecting a bowling ball. I hope you would recommend
    a Storm ball for me. I bowl in Mix league average 160, speed aprox 8 to 10 mpg.
    age 90 yrs old, I throw a 14 lb ball.

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