How Handicap Makes League Bowling Fun, Fair & Equal For All Bowlers

Why You Do Not Have To Be A Great Bowler To Compete And Have Fun with league bowling

Bowling is a game that has been around for centuries, and in the modern era of automatic scorers recording open bowling scores, league scores, and tournament or special event scoring, it is surprising how many bowlers don’t understand how to use handicap scores. In this blog post we’ll take a look at what handicaps are all about.

How Do They Help New League Bowlers Compete With Experienced League Bowlers? 

The first time you go to a bowling league, it might be hard. It doesn’t matter if you have never bowled before or not, because the team will assign your average based on how well you bowl. This can give everyone an equal chance of winning!

When newer bowlers compete against those with higher skillsets, there is handicap applied towards their score in order to create an equal playing field. This means that low skilled players could have difficulty competing without this handicap system that makes it more fun and equal for everyone. The handicap makes it almost a level playing field so whoever bowls higher above average wins.

How To Figure Out Handicap In Bowling

When you ask the league or tournament officials what basis score and percentage factor they use, remember that high scores are used to make it more difficult for any individual. The range of scores is typically 200-220 but can be adjusted on a case by case basis. Your handicap is calcualted by the basis score (example 220) then subtract your average (for this we will use 160) and multiply the difference by the handicap % (we will say 90% because we find that to be the most popular) So (220-160=60) then multiply 60 X 90% (60 X .9) which would make your handicap total 54 pins a game.

One of the fun parts about bowling in a handicap league is that you get to interact with more people and make new friends. It’s also nice because it makes things competitive, but not as cutthroat since everyone has their own strengths (instead of just comparing scores). I like how tournaments are set up too- they usually reward those who have done well throughout the season by giving them prizes or money for winning. Tournaments give you a chance to be more competitive if that’s what your personality is, but it also gives you the opportunity to bowl with other people who are just as good or better than you.

The object of any league should be to enjoy yourself, hang out with your teammates, and meet some other bowlers on your team or from another team during competitions.

It should go without saying that any league bowling competition has an element of competitiveness in them which makes for some great rivalries

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