Storm Bowling Announces New Dark Code Bowling Ball

New Bowling Ball Releases for Storm Bowling

Get ready to learn about Storm Bowling’s newest high performance bowling ball, the Dark Code!

Storm Dark Code Bowling Ball

Storm Bowling will be announcing the new Dark Code bowling ball via their YouTube channel on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 4:15PM EST.

We will provide additional details are the specs, availability and price of the new Dark Code bowling ball as we learn more.

Stay tuned!

Watch the Storm Dark Code Premier at 4:15PM!

Storm Bowling Balls

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2 thoughts on “Storm Bowling Announces New Dark Code Bowling Ball


    I haven’t bowled with an asymmetrical ball in over 3 years, (1.5 of that because of covid). I decided I wanted something to store up more energy and help take out the corner pins and this ball does the trick for me! Ordered on a Monday, got it by Friday, had it punched on Sunday, league bowl on Monday, 666 series first out of the bag, (42ft THP).
    I did change the surface to 4000, that works for me and low ball speed (low 14mph), stroker and I focus on accuracy more than speed. Used it for the 3 game series, I did move all the way left and it was still controllable for me.
    Heading to El Paso this weekend for a tournament and this will be first out of the bag again on the fresh.


    My order was completed satisfactory. It was delivered in 3 different shipments but the customer service was outstanding! I called because 1 item was not shipped in the package and customer service rep apologized and sent that replacement order promptly, (received 2 days later).
    My next order will definitely be placed with BowlersMart!

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