Roto Grip Hyped Pearl vs Roto Grip Hustle Wine vs 900 Global Burner Pearl Bowling Balls – Luke Rosdahl

comparing these 3 entry level balls from roto grip and 900 global

Comparing The 3 Offerings From 900 Global & Roto Grip For Light Oil

Hello and welcome to another video, this one will be comparing the Hustle Wine, the Burner Pearl, and the Hyped Pearl.  They’re all fairly new releases, all on the lower end of the lines, and there’s definitely some overlap, but there’s some clear differences too, so we’re going to compare them all in this video.  All 3 balls come polished, all 3 are pearls, and the cores all have similar specs, so we’re going to break it down.  You know the drill, follow the link in the description or at the end of the video to buy these or anything else you may need at Bowler’s Mart, supporting them supports me, and don’t forget my code Rosdahl10 the next time you order anything from Coolwick to get 10% off, all my sponsors are the reason I’m still able to do this.  

The 900 Global Burner Pearl Bowling Ball

So the Hustle Wine and Burner Pearl came out a couple months ago and the Hyped Pearl is almost here at the time of making this, the Hustle Wine and Burner Pearl are both in the lowest lines for Roto Grip and Global 900 respectively and the Hyped Pearl is in Roto’s HP2 line, we’ll start with the Burner Pearl.  It has the same RG as the Hustle Wine at 2.53 which is a tick higher than the Hyped, and the differential at .037 is actually the highest of the 3, all these numbers are in 15 pounds.  The S62 coverstock is in the same territory as VTC that’s on the Hustle and Hyped strength-wise, VTC feels just a hair stronger.  The Burner Pearl is a rolly but clean and round look on the lanes with plenty of pop down lane.  I keep repeating myself, but the so called low end balls are really light to medium performance balls that will do work on regular league conditions.  Joe Novara shot a 900 with the Hustle Ink and Matt O’Grady won a Tournament of Champions with it while the Hustle PBR has been seen all over both pro tours since it came out, and with them going to low to medium RG cores and medium differentials, that makes them a lot more balanced and controllable and ultimately react more like stronger balls built for lighter conditions.  There’s nothing especially intricate or nuanced about lighter oil stuff, they’re just simple, readable, and consistent.  The Burner Pearl has a pretty stable roll to it, and it has some punch down lane but it’s not terribly sensitive, none of these are, but lighter oil balls used to be fairly sensitive and the core has a lot to do with evening that all out because the covers being used are largely the same.  

Roto Grip Hustle Wine Bowling Ball

Next we’ll look at the Hustle Wine, same RG, just an .030 diff instead of an .037, so theoretically less flare and a smoother reaction.  It’s hard to judge between the two though, they’re both in a really similar place.  Rolly up front and firm but round and continuous down lane.  Both are very IQ Tour type reactions, weaker, but very similar reaction shapes overall.  The Wine is like a baby Emerald, though it’s probably closer than that.  The Emerald is earlier of course and a bit stronger, but I think also a little slower, so it’s going to be hard to see or tell on a house shot.  If you’re missing the Emerald and need a replacement, either this or the Hyped Pearl will do, they’re both very similar, the Burner Pearl for that matter too, but it’s got a little different shape to it.  The Wine is definitely a house shot killer, we’ll have to see what it looks like on tougher stuff, but it’s hard to beat this kind of reaction.  Again, not a lot to say, pretty simple and clean, and definitely effective.  

Roto Grip Hyped Pearl Bowling Ball

Finally for the Hyped Pearl, it’s the strongest of the 3.  2.52 RG, so just a tick lower than the other two, but only an .036 differential.  With VTC Pearl on it as well, on paper it didn’t seem like there was going to be enough separation between it and the Hustles.  The Hustle RAP and PBR are definitely both stronger than either Hyped, but the Wine and Camo are weaker.  This makes for kind of a weird relationship between the HP1 and HP2 lines, but there’s plenty of reaction coverage with the 6 balls in those two lines from light conditions all the way up to medium heavy.  The Hyped Pearl is basically the IQ Emerald for all intents and purposes, and it does feel stronger than the Hustle Wine and Burner Pearl.  It doesn’t really show in the numbers, but the Hyped core creates a heavier roll, so it’s not necessarily revving more, it’s just wanting to slow down faster, and the faster the ball slows down, the more time it gives the ball to wind up and hook.  

My Findings on Comparing These Three Bowling Balls

The Hyped Pearl is the strongest overall, and it’s hard to judge which is the sharpest, we give the edge to the Wine, but it’s so minimal that Angel can barely feel it, let alone see it in a video. The Wine and Burner Pearl are virtually identical as far as strength, but we give the length edge to the Burner Pearl, it seems to get down the lane easiest.  Realistically, they’re all pretty similar, and next to impossible to differentiate on video, but I think if you were to throw them all, the Hyped Pearl definitely wants to hook more than the other two, the Burner Pearl wants to go the longest, and the Wine splits the gap.  Again, if you’re newer to bowling or don’t have that high of an average, pick your favorite color, there’s not enough difference for you to be able to take advantage of yet, upwards of 180 you’ll be able to tell there’s a difference and at the 220 mark is where you’d probably start getting picky.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you.  

roto grip hustle wine bowling ball

Built to provide performance for both the novice bowler and the advanced bowler, the Hustle Line of balls serves as the standard in which all other entry level balls are compared. So, whether you are looking to get your very first ball or looking to get a ball to fill out your arsenal for those lighter conditions, have no fear, the Hustle Line is here!

Engineered For – Light to Medium Oil Conditions

– Core: Hustle
– Coverstock: VTC Pearl Reactive
– Finish: 1500
– RG: 2.53 
– Diff: 0.030 



roto grip hyped pearl bowling ball

We collectively gathered our thoughts and perspectives on what we felt the HP2 line truly stands for and what it should be. We then went to work developing and constructing what is now known as the Hyped Core. Measuring in as the lowest RG core we have ever offered in the HP2 line, the Hyped Core provides more overall motion than the balls offered in the HP1 line, while providing a touch less motion than our HP3 line offerings. Thus, making this one of the best options we have ever constructed for the HP2 line of balls in history. So, if you weren’t already excited, it is now time to GET HYPED!

From the beginning, the end goal for the Hyped Core was to create a core design that would provide us more overall ball motion than the Hustle Core found in the HP1 Line, while also creating a viable step down option (less performance) than the motions found from our HP3 Line of balls. In the end, our R&D Team hit it out of the park with creating a core shape that provides medium flare and the ideal ball motion for the HP2 Line of balls moving forward.

Coverstock Name VTC
Coverstock Style Pearl
Coverstock Type Reactive
Weight Block Hyped
Color Black/Carolina/Charcoal
Finish 1500 Polished
Finish Method Can be Polished OR Can be Sanded More
Durometer 73-75 on D-Scale
Weights 16lbs – 12lbs

RG: 2.52
DIFF: .036


900 Global burner pearl bowling ball

Legendary 900 Global value performance continues!!  Introducing the ALL NEW Burner Pearl

The 600 Series has been revamped to give you even more performance than previous releases! The Burner Solid and Burner Pearl both feature the highly versatile S62 Cover and the ALL NEW Centroid Symmetric Core. With this combination, we have created a

The Centroid symmetric core addresses a need that many value performance balls struggle with…a lower density. By shifting the weight more towards the center of the ball we have eliminated the over/under that many balls in this category struggle with. The Burners have been purposely engineered to give you a reliable reaction when the lanes have broken down.

Color: Amethyst / Red

Coverstock: S62 Pearl
Weight Block: Centroid Symmetric
Factory Finish: 1500 Grit Polished
Flare Potential: 3-4″
Radius of Gyration (RG): 15lbs – 2.53
Differential (Diff): 15lbs – 0.037



roto grip bowling Balls

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