The Replacements For Roto Grip Hustle Ink – Roto Grip Hustle Camo or Storm Electrify Solid Bowling Ball?

Which bowling ball is a closer replacement for the hustle ink?

Would The Storm Electrify Solid or the Roto Grip Hustle Camo Be The Best Replacement For The Ink?

Hello and welcome to the first video of a new series where I’ll be trying to help you find a suitable replacement for a now discontinued ball that you used to love, and for the first one we’re going to be talking Hustle Ink.  Once again, a few shameless plugs to get started, follow the link in the description or at the end of the video for any of your bowling needs at BowlersMart, supporting them supports me, and don’t forget my code “Rosdahl10” the next time you go to order anything at Coolwick to get 10% off, they’re the ones that keep stuff like this coming.  

Roto Grip Hustle Ink Was A Staple In Most Bowlers Bowling Bags 

Roto Grip’s Hustle Ink was undoubtedly the light to medium condition equivalent of a Phaze 2, IQ Tour Solid, or Hyroad, it was an absolute GOAT of a ball when you needed a true performance reaction look for lighter to medium oil volumes or transition.  Despite being in Roto’s “entry level” HP1 line, which now, due in large part TO the Hustle Ink, is considered to be the premiere choice for both the best bang for your buck and actual effectiveness, it has a 900 and a Tournament of Champions win to its resume, I mean Joe Novara and Matt O’Grady are pretty good too, but Hustle Ink, so . . the Ink is like a longer and boomier IQ Tour Solid.  2.53 RG and an 030 diff in 15 pounds, IQ Tour is 2.49 RG and .029 diff, so it’s got a slightly stronger and really just earlier core plus a stronger coverstock.  Sometimes the IQTS can be TOO early and the running joke is that it’s really good at getting 9, but I’ve always said 9 is better than S6-3.  The Hustle Ink is almost an improvement, same general idea but a bit weaker with a bit more shape.  Again, good or improvement is relative, sometimes the Ink will be too weak and wiggly when the IQ Tour is just right, but I think if you take the shine off the Ink, it almost fits that role a little better OR is actually more versatile.  Not knocking the IQ Tour at all, it’s obviously been around this long for a reason, and the reason for this video is that the Hustle Ink isn’t, so what do we fill that void with.  

Storm Electrify Solid Bowling Ball 

My two best options are the Hustle Camo and Electrify Solid, we’ll look at the Storm Electrify Solid first.  The E Solid is the closest to the San Antonio Ink, for a quick recap, Hustle Inks were initially made in Utah at the Storm plant for a couple years, before then being made at the then 900 Global plant in San Antonio for a couple years, then they were made for another 6 months to a year or whatever again at the Storm plant again before they were discontinued.  The brighter blue Inks are the Utah Inks, which is what I was throwing at the beginning, and the more IQ Tour colored Inks are the San Antonio Inks.  The Utah Inks were longer and sharper and the San Antonio Inks were earlier and smoother, but about the same strength.  I don’t really think it was a this year Hyroad vs this other year Hyroad type of difference either, which doesn’t really exist in the first place, but the Ink difference was pretty noticeable.  I think you can see so far at least that the E Solid IS smoother than the Utah Ink, but talking from experience, the San Antonio Ink is pretty close, not quite THIS smooth, but closer to the E Solid than the Utah Ink is.  The E Solid is a lot more like a weaker version of an Axiom or an Idol or one of those big strong rolly balls, it’s got that kind of heavy chuggy roll to it, but with the weaker shiny cover it does actually make it down the lane and pop a little.  

Roto Grip Hustle Camo Bowling Ball

The Roto Grip Hustle Camo is my pick to replace either version of the Ink really, it’s closer to the Utah Ink and like I said in my video, I think it’s even an improvement.  It’s not as sensitive from straight and it gets back better from deep, and I’ve found myself throwing it a lot more than I expected.  I typically don’t get to throw a lot of weaker stuff, it’s usually too long and boomy, but the Camo controls the lane really well, it revs enough without being fast or early, and I wouldn’t exactly say it’s quick, it’s just firm and consistent down lane.  For me it’s the perfect blend of shape without having to fight it for length, I can make it do what I want.  I can rev it up and get it to pop more if I want without having to worry about it making it down the lane, the Electrify Solid I do have to be easy with it because it doesn’t really rev up fast, it just rolls pretty heavy.  The Camo has a much more Ink-like shape and motion, it WANTS to get down the lane easier, and of course because it’s also a Hustle, they have the same core, both polished solids, it makes sense they’d be similar at least and everyone was kind of expecting this to be the Ink replacement in the first place.  Also, I think people also generally favored the Utah Ink anyway, or considered it to be the “true” Ink if there is such a thing, and I’m happy to report that again, I think the Camo is an upgrade or improvement to the Utah Ink.  The cover feels a touch stronger and so it blends wet/dry better and gets back from deep better.  

The Roto Grip Hustle Camo Is My Choice For Replacing The Hustle Ink

Obviously the Camo is the winner here, but if you had a San Antonio Ink and liked it, you might look at the Electrify Solid, I still think it rolls heavier than any Ink period but it’s got a more similar friction response than the Camo does.  If you’re not terribly concerned about exactly how close it is and just want something in that general zone, either one will do, and throw the Burner Solid into the mix at that point as well.  If you’re trying to nail it down, I’d go E Solid to replace the San Antonio Ink and the Camo to replace the Utah Ink.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you.  

roto grip hustle camo bowling ball

Built to provide performance for both the novice bowler and the advanced bowler, the Hustle Line of balls serves as the standard in which all other entry level balls are compared. So, whether you are looking to get your very first ball or looking to get a ball to fill out your arsenal for those lighter conditions, have no fear, the Hustle Line is here!

Engineered For – Light to Medium Oil Conditions

– Core: Hustle
– Coverstock: VTC Solid Reactive
– Finish: 1500
– RG: 2.53 
– Diff: 0.030 



Storm Electrify Solid bowling ball

At Storm, our mission is simple: keep pushing the boundaries of research and development in order to provide you with a diverse selection of bowling balls to combat lane conditions of all lengths, shapes, and volumes. With that, we proudly bring you the Electrify Solid

Coverstock: Reactor Solid
Core: Circuit
Finish: 1500 Grit Polished
Differential: .030
RG Avg: 2.51
Flare Potential: 2″-4
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy to Medium Heavy Oil
Fragrance: Frosted Cake


roto grip bowling Balls

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