Storm Hy-Road Gold Bowling Ball Review – Everything Is Better In GOLD

Todays video is more of a celebration than an actual ball review! I just reached my first million views here on YouTube and I am so incredibly proud of that! For that I want to say THANK YOU all!!

storm gold hyroad bowling ball

In order to make this Hy-Road something new and special, we knew that we had to be very selective when deciding on a coverstock. After many long hours of testing, R2X Pearl emerged as the obvious choice. You may remember R2X Pearl from past favorites like the Marvel™ Pearl and Optimus™, but this will be its debut performance in a Hy-Road offering. Stronger than the R2S™ variations found in the Hy-Road and Hy-Road Pearl, R2X Pearl offers more stability in the oil without sacrificing the strong backend motion needed to create entry angle and maintain a high carry percentage.

The dynamic reaction of the Hy-Road Gold Pearl will also be helped along by the inclusion of tried and true Inverted Fe2 Core Technology. The pin-punishing power of Inverted Fe2 is legendary in the bowling world. That is because it allows for more coverstock material to be utilized, leading to a heightened coefficient of restitution, enhanced dynamics, and amplified energy transfer where you need it most…at the pins. Inverted Fe2 Technology has powered all the Hy-Roads that you’ve loved up to this point, and we know that it won’t disappoint you in the Hy-Road Gold Pearl. Being the best means standing up to the tests of time. The Hy-Road name has done so brilliantly since 2008. Now, the Hy-Road Gold Pearl is ready to add to that legacy by offering you a seriously strong ball reaction that will help you outshine the competition for years to come.

Coverstock Name: R2X™ Pearl Reactive
Coverstock Style: Pearl
Coverstock Type: Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Modified Inverted Fe2 Technology
Finish: 1500-grit polished
Flare Potential: High
Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.52
Differential (Diff): .058
Fragrance: Cherry Delight
Mass Bias: .NA

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