Columbia 300 Speed Bowling Ball Review By The Hype

Video Preview of the columbia 300 speed Bowling Ball

My initial thoughts of the Columbia 300 Speed bowling ball is oh my is this ball is versatile!

I can see all bowlers loving this ball motion. Considering this ball has is at the top of the Columbia line it hooks just as much as something like the Track Paragon. Straight out of box this ball is really dull, 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad! Initially this ball looked very slow at the backend of the lane which allowed me to play the lanes straighter until keeping my feet around 15-20 with my feet putting the ball on the lane around 10-8. This area worked well with some fresh oil, as the lanes transitioned I moved left and it continued to hook more and more downlane.

Getting some oil on the cover really helps it retain more energy for backend!

The more games I have gotten on it the more The Speed as impressed me with how it responds to hand position changes and all the parts of the lanes it allows me to play! When I compare it to the 3D-Offset, the Speed is more ball overall! The Speed comes out of box with more surface than the Offset, 1500 Grit vs 2000 Grit. Surface definitely has something todo with the ball reaction difference but the pearl coverstock on the Offset and the Hyrbrid coverstock on the Speed really do play biggest difference in my opinion.

The speed digs into the middle part of the lane where the Offset floats a touch more to give a more round and smooth shape.

The Speed I would use when there is more oil on the lane and once I see transition I can go to the Offset. Currently my bag looks like a Speed up top, 3D-Offset, Black Widow Ghost, Heat, GB4 Pearl! The Speed has jumped in bag where I had my Paragon. The Speed has been more useable for me as of late especially because of the condition’s I face on a weekly basis. I will pull the Paragon out when I need another look, seeing as my Paragon is pin down. All in all the Speed is great ball and I Understand why Dom Barret had so much success using this piece during the Tournament of Champions telecast! Until next time

Columbia 300 Speed Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 brings you the new Speed. We started with the successful Power Torq and set out to create a solid asymmetric motion, perfect for a first ball out of the bag or when symmetric balls like the Power Torq are too clean. The strength of the Speed comes from the all-new cover and core combination. The new Formula 1 cover uses chemistry similar to the popular ERT formulation, but our chemists used a new additive that promotes stronger adhesion throughout the entire lane. We combined the Formula 1 cover with the new super aggressive Shifter core to ensure significantly more overall hook than the Power Torq.

The cover is our ERT base and is poured in a solid, and does contain a light load of traction-enhancing sparkle. The Power Torq is a solid, sanded ball but is not your heavy oil ball. It is designed to work on various conditions and will likely prove to be your most versatile ball. We are excited to introduce the Power Torq into the Columbia 300 product line. It’s an exceptional product that is just what the brand needs right now.

Coverstock Type: Hybrid Reactive
Core Type: Asymmetrical
Recommended Lane Conditions: Heavy Oil
Reaction Type: Strong Overall Hook
Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.597 (15lb)
Differential (DIFF): .041 (15lb)
Mass Bias Differential (MB): 0.014 (15lb)
Flare Potential: High
Core: Shifter
Coverstock: Formula 1
Factory Finish: 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
Color: Crimson/Black/Cherry
Release Date: 03-25-2022
Performance: High Performance


2 thoughts on “Columbia 300 Speed Bowling Ball Review By The Hype

  1. bill cartwright says:

    Worked well on earl anthony pattern but hooked to much on don carter pattern. On practice after pba experience league found it wo rked better standing on 34 and rolling over 3rd arrow.

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