Radical Conspiracy Scheme Bowling Ball Review By The Hype

Video Preview of the radical conspiracy scheme Bowling Ball

Wow that’s Radical! The brand that is bringing you some of the most unique core shapes brings back a legend.

The Conspiracy is here same core with an updated coverstock and this ball is different from the original solid cover. This one comes out of box at 500 siaair micro pad and crown factory compound. This finish makes this ball a lot closer to balls like the Conspiracy Theory and conspiracy hybrid.

The Scheme gets down the lane pretty well, and makes a smooth motion to the pocket.

My initial thoughts on this ball is wow its smooth! I was thinking it would be more down lane but after my first several shots I realized I had to move right with my feet an keep my angles closed. I was not the biggest fan of this ball with the box surface because it rolled so heavy that it picked up early and used so much energy that when it got the pocket it didn’t hit that well. Once I adjusted my hand position and speed I saw a better result on the lane. This ball still needs some oil to perform the best, which is to be expected in this price point.

I did decide to hit the ball with 2000 grit pad to knock compound off and this made this ball magical!

The added surface gave the ball more continuation and consistent ball motion off the spot. I see this ball being most useful for higher speed/lower rev players who like to keep the ball in front of them. This holds especially true with the out of box surface in my opinion! Add surface and this ball becomes more ball and allows you to open the lane but retains its smooth motion. Balls like the Incognito solid created a more angular shape down lane, which makes sense why this ball was brought to the line to give a more unique shape. High rev guys may need to adjust the surface depending on the your house characteristics, if you see more oil the lanes and you like to play further right this will match up perfectly. If you like to loop the lane, adding surface will be key.

Out of box the Scheme for me fits right below balls like the Brunswick Quantum EVO Solid, Track Paragon.

The Scheme fits closely to the Hammer Obsessions Tour, really smooth and controllable. Of course the Scheme is more ball if you matched the surfaces, but they are comparable in ball motion. If a bowler is looking for a more controllable piece that can handle some oil, this is it. You want more motion, add a bit of surface. This ball fits a gap in the Radical line and I believe bowlers will love the smooth shape and use it on tougher lane conditions and fresh house shots. The Hype is real.

Radical Conspiracy Scheme Bowling Ball



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