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Storm Phaze 5 Bowling Ball

Can you feel it? That’s power. Pure, unchecked tournament-winning power. Combining proven technologies, the Phaze V is an alchemy of components that will provide nothing but soaring scores. Every ball has the general desire to imagine itself as the start of something entirely new, unbeholden to what has come before. When the salt settles, we’re left with neither triumph nor tragedy. Instead, it’s one more chapter in the continuing saga, punctuated by a moment of genuine awe. One of those moments is right now.

This low RG gem has a strong heart. Being one of the most aggressive symmetrical balls ever devised, your shots become more comfortable so you can bowl with effortless focus on your shot quality. The Velocity Core is designed to help you play at pace with more revs, power and control, for true consistency. There is a reason this construction has turned into the go-to chassis for professionals around the world.

The Phaze 5 is the reissue of the Phaze 4 in a different color and with the new Reacta Gloss finish. It comes with the tried and tested R2S Pearl shell, which you’ve also seen on the Hy-Road Pearl & Trend. With this surface, it glides longer than the Phaze III and gives off a stronger backend response.

What’s noticeable is that his mid lane movement isn’t all that much smaller. So you get a ball here that is really versatile. It will mainly be used on house patterns and played sports patterns. With the new color pattern you can also see its rotational movement very well.
















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good morning and welcome back to the beef and barnsy show coming to you live
from two different offices in Texas uh as usual I’m joined by the gregarious
personality and uh Roto Grip Superstar beef stew how are
you pretty good yeah had a nice night last night uh
Tina’s continuing uh she’s a 10 but book calm from the Twitter
um it’s the new trend on Twitter so um
she was mortified that I didn’t understand it considering quote you spend your whole life on Twitter but you
know we just we we just revolve in different circles um
morning Kristoff I don’t recognize you new uh a new Watcher from Germany
so um yeah so I was thinking about this last night while I had I had 597 for two
um I had the front 23. hey if you’ll stop you know flexing yourself I’ll Flex for you here
you know well no I was I was I was gonna I was gonna turn this into a segment oh
okay so um I feel like uh so so anyway I had the
front 23 and the problem was I was using the supernova and I had no real idea
what the other ball was going to do but I kind of was feeling pretty sure that I uh Couldn’t Shoot another
uh what would have been 13 strikes with the Supernova and I didn’t really care
about back to back 300 so I just cared about back to back to back 300s
um I I really want to shoot 900. so um I had to it was getting to the point
where I had to make it a bit of a change and I didn’t have the balls I was born with to just change ball so I uh I tried
to open my angle up a little bit more because it was it was gonna flat 10 pretty easily and uh I uh I left the
four six so so I will just uh uh so freaky so
really quick here 597 for two yeah and I think this is important
question to have would you switch balls on the front 23
if you’d never shot back to back 300s then clearly not yeah but I’ve done that
a few times and the key to me was shooting back to
back to back 300s and I didn’t believe that I had the ability to shoot another 13 strikes with
the Supernova yeah I mean to be honest when I started the night I didn’t know I could get to a six-pack with the
Supernova so yeah for a ball that you uh that you’ve
you’ve been fairly straightforward with being it’s okay like I said
actually you’ve been very fair you said it’s good
I already have two or three balls that I love I don’t need one that’s I like
yeah I shined it and that um allowed it to stay in play a little bit easier so
uh let me just so here’s the uh first uh 300.
like you can see I’m not exactly Wheeling it that might have been the what the least
convincing strike of the first game oh this isn’t Bells either this is uh this is Highland CK Moore 300 on TV Highland
yeah that’s where we used to both tour stuff at I believe uh-huh yeah and then uh quite embarrassingly I have
to uh because you know Paul Anderson
I I I went Brooklyn on the front 21. did you
I did yeah I don’t really know how it happened either because I didn’t feel like it was
that bad it just went Brooklyn uh I’m with you love I haven’t shot back to
back 300s either so I couldn’t tell you what I would do um
so let’s see if this is the right yeah here’s the next day
I really don’t feel like I do this but I tried to open my angle up a little
bit and she overbounced oh
yeah got a little puppy out there yeah I mean on these one game reviews one
yeah I mean it just happens these are pretty blind so uh
that’s someone who knows me too well um yeah I was to be honest I had a bad I
had a bad day where I I didn’t I didn’t go with my instincts
I refused to pick the 49ers last night even though the 49ers always beat the Rams in the regular season
that cost me the pickup League last night hmm and then uh
and that didn’t change ball on the front 23. now I started the next game double and
then I ring 10 and the ring 10 actually made me smirk a little bit because I would have been like on fire if it had
struck out for 8.97. knowing that I needed to change pool I ended up shooting 832 I flat 10 in the
10th at going into the 10th Frame of the last game I had three misses and two of
them were seven wow this weekend
uh no I I’m taking uh I’m taking Linda uh on a cruise for her birthday and still
uh next week uh you’ll either be flying solo for our guest host or uh
oh no we’re taking a week off okay um so anyway that gets me to my segment
right yes so um am I America’s best league bowler
that’s the question so that’s the first question and then the second the second question is
um if we’re doing like Space Jam Style who’s bowling with me in the five-man
team to save America laughs [Laughter]
yeah I mean the top five League Bowlers of all time like your all-timer today I
just whichever if okay the all-time list because I’m
I’m older and uh I mean Jeff Carr has got to be here Jeff Carter
Mike Scroggins is it Mike or is it Mark I don’t remember it’s Mike okay yeah
Shannon plewowski would be in with uh if you get the next team and Liz
they both had and Liz Koken he talked about coconut Johnson no Liz Johnson actually but
Liz Cool Kids maybe the best female league bowler she she certainly has the highest scores I don’t know what her
week to week is but uh yeah AJ rice Jeff Carter AJ to me AJ Wright
I I don’t know his League performances the point is is like is I’ve been with him twice now and he hasn’t broken 600
so it is it is a small sample size but it
was not I think I think this is a strong shout out Adam barter oh good call
uh if you’re gonna go back far enough I imagine Rudy would have been pretty good on the league stuff so
uh I mean obviously I I feel I feel like we’re disrespecting here but I think
obviously we’re missing out on one obvious candidate what about mush
well it is a cartoon I guess so I mean he should be the leader of the
pack for 900 sets let’s go yeah the problem is he never I’m not sure he ever
shot 800 when everybody was there when the towel wasn’t across the book yeah
oh somebody look the good and the great are watching today
she’s a 10 but can’t spare a 10 pin foreign
well probably still a 10 just not bowling the Lucy with them so oh Matt
McNeil of course he’s uh he’s slightly came in with the hahaha remember me uh
emoji [Music]
okay Matt’s like man they’ve gone through five people and they haven’t mentioned me in my 1100 before every
other week
um how’s the Beast breakfast I don’t know I skipped breakfast for this show you know yeah I’m just
yeah yeah I think that’s it
yeah 23. my will to be buried with that ball not putting it
yeah yeah he was on par with you you’re coming here
uh yep well here’s the deal I think I already ruined it because I turned up late one
week because my flight was delayed and they let me catch up and I only shot 650 so I think that’s almost shut me out
because for perspective if I’d have shot 870 last night
I still wouldn’t have got all the pins back that I lost the previous week shooting 650 for that 261 average
so get Burkett to guest house he’s I’m sure he’s never watched this ever
uh but I agree he’s he’s a he’s a funny dude so uh might be a little expensive might be a little of our league
there you go this is Wichita bore of the Year back in these short oil days where
I pray there did he take it from you for me shoot I couldn’t beat him
this is 23 feet vacuum stripped every day he was a full roller through a blood ball about 21 miles an hour
he was he was the as the antithesis of the current prayer who can make the ball the whole Lane
every time he can make a knot hook
no that was the problem that’s why I had 597 I didn’t change both there we go hey
Kenny pharaoh um I feel like I feel like uh Pharaoh’s
uh is now focusing more on um tournament play rather than the old uh
three leagues a week of two leagues a day yeah you probably don’t know Tam he was
um but yeah he was a local Legend leaky guy too
uh a vote for Andy nyer the uh the Elder yeah well the youngest Anthony but you
know yeah well
uh we need another Linda ball review she like the the orange 10 the orange 10
cover stock they they haven’t released a new one okay we’ll have to wait for the next introduction
uh want to have Lynn on the show as a guest
today I’ll tell you what I’ll go I’ll stick my head on you and we’ll see yeah I believe the address hashtag oh
wow we have had birken on before yes
uh sorry reading through the comments trying to get caught up a little bit
um now I was only bowling like third Arrow
yeah that they they yeah and you haven’t bowled in like play now Anthony Library
starts over the left cuts of what he balls at play now almost yeah and that’s by choice by the way
like yeah I could Bowl second Arrow at Play-Doh no no worries you do have to
throw some heat oh yeah bring the heat so just just to tell you how uh
versatile the the uh the range is right now I use the uh I use the Supernova this
week last week I shot 788 and I used the dark moss and the week before that I
shot 805 and I used the uh the reality strike so there we go wow
this is actually funny this guy Bowls the league with us on a Monday and I was telling him about Tuesday nights
on a Tuesday night I’m currently 2 and 18 after four four weeks
two points I’ve bowled 260 four times I’ve only won two points
yeah I know David David’s a buddy of uh of wesses been on the vice golf trip
I don’t know how he swung that to be honest I mean he’s a nice guy but he wasn’t
that nice a guy good morning barbs
[Laughter] he works at Dell I believe so
yeah there we go I don’t know maybe Wes was that nice a guy I don’t know had enough pull that he could actually
well maybe maybe they brought him as one of the few people on there who’d actually bought any Vice products he
might have yeah yeah this is true I think Brian that’s a
good call um so uh let’s uh let’s have a little
bit of a uh so we’re not completely clickbaity Let’s uh
let’s build an Arsenal today yeah emergency use today’s balls new releases
yeah just one or combine at least a very recent one so
so yeah so what what’s uh what what where should we start I guess we should
probably um pull up the storm website
here’s a quick question first live chat and ever are any of the new balls similar to the storm promotion
now yeah that was a spec cover that uh was
based off of anticipation of a USBC rule changing on absorption rules and it
didn’t happen and therefore everything hooks a fair amount more than that
wow nice effort Kevin good seeing you that’s what happens when you bowl 191 in
the middle [Laughter]
right so uh let me clear some of the [ __ ] off
yeah the Fate is finally coming out I believe I think it uh but not for a while so we don’t need to
yeah yeah I guess they finally hit the the promo button on it so IQ
so we got the Rover page so of the new balls
we’ve got X3 Cosmos hype solid
not hustle USA Global side we’ve got reality check
dark Moss that’s it I’m a new one on the new yeah and then
storm we’ve got a few Supernova we’ve got in uh infinite
physics we’ve got not the Fate oh there she is how gorgeous is that
thing oh man hmm we’ve got the phase five
we got the night Road and I think that’s about it
no idea what this does so which one’s that one I can’t even
Electrify go yeah I gotta think it’s generally at that price point it’s it’s
more of a uh a recycle so I’m pretty sure that if
you’re looking for your promotion replacement this might be the option it’s got an IQ tool white block and it’s
got spec cover so that’s a spec cover
it is it’s a super limited edition though right well it kind of makes sense if you’re
going retro because that’s a ball that it’s probably closer they didn’t go totally retro they didn’t
put the HSP logo on it yeah they might do on the you know on the CG
the red one was the daddy though the yellow one was the other one was good the red one was
yeah I’m actually surprised they didn’t re-release the red one for the simple reason that um that’s Christmas favorite
yeah um but I think that the yellow one is a
little more iconic like you can see it from the moon this is why I love you guys you’re all you are all over this
so yeah yep you are 100 correct
but I I want to get hold of one just to put on the Shelf once I found out I had spec cover on it it wasn’t it wasn’t
necessarily for me but I do want one because it’s fantastic to look at Chris go check out beef and
burns YouTube page uh we both have reviews up on there check those out
and Chris did it you you did the comparisons I just did
what basically one game yeah yeah I threw up I threw it up against uh
uh Zen a Zen Soul anaphase four to get an idea of what uh where it would fit
not that I want you to but if you fast forward to the end you’ll find that bit um
wow that was a long time ago
yeah so anyway I uh if if I do get hold of a 16 pound sunstorm and I drill it
I’m gonna have to get to Phoenix because I have an original sunstorm in my storage units in Phoenix so that
would be the ultimate ball review look this yellow sunstorm goes dead
straight this one hooks a couple more foreign [Laughter]
this is kind of like where where how we even put it together if we were picking
six but we’ll also um we will also kind of chat about uh where
they fit um to give everybody the um you know the skinny maybe we don’t
maybe we’ll make it five just because we’re gonna have a spare ball so five it’s a five fit so for me
despite the couple of 300s last night I’m still gonna probably want to have the infinite physics in that Gap at the
top um I think it’s just a bit more of an all-rounder
um I know that you’ve been using the Supernova a little bit more you you see it a little bit longer than I do
um yeah and in five ball it’s still going to be the the earliest of the
of the new balls I could see do it you know in a league type situation
uh maybe wouldn’t have the gem or the proton where both of us have that as the earliest ball yeah
that’s where I would fit it in yeah I mean I I would probably
um let me do oh no that won’t work um
I I would now actually I think I would double down have the reality check
um underneath the infinite um I actually think that uh
different enough even though they’re similar overall hook
um that if I wanted something that’s a little longer and stronger off the spot I like the reality check if I’m playing
that uh Center where I kind of need to shape it a little bit but I want something that’s not going to overreact
off the dry um then I’m into the um the infinite physics uh
oh I also feel like the infinite physics is probably going to take a surface change a little bit better if I wanted
one of those two balls to put more service on I think the infinite physics would be better than the reality check
just I’m not really basing that off anything other than just I haven’t done
it I’m just looking at the way the balls react and I feel like the reality check leans towards being better the shinier
the surface gets yeah I think it can be a little bit earlier and smoother whereas uh my personal experience with
the infinite physics is you can use that one shiny or dull uh uh and yeah and it
still continues a long time it has that same kind of same kind of thing like the reality does
where you have a big long window and that’s what ends up being that that key for a lot of different types of players
to use on a lot of different types of conditions so uh Supernova infinite physics
reality check um for your
so no I’m not going to have the Supernova I’m gonna have I even have infinite physics and reality check and
then um let me make sure I’m not missing any
then I’ve I’ve actually liked the cosmos so I’m gonna have the cosmos and then
um underneath that I’m gonna have the uh the the uh night Road and then probably
the hype solid that’s the weaker one I’d probably shine it as well I hope solid so that’s kind of where I would go I out
of these five balls um with the with the dull finish on it for
me personally I don’t have a lot of use for the hype salad um
because I get it through the front part of the lane a little easier anyway
um when I need to go down from something like say a phase two I’m mainly going down because I can’t
get it to come around the corner enough down Lane um so changing to another dull ball just
with left core doesn’t really help me and
um in that regard two questions there one our Buddy Allen Riley for tour or for a
league and Jeremy basically asked the same question
um I to me to me those two are interchangeable like I don’t
like I guess if I was doing it for League I’d
probably take the Wolverine over the over the um
uh the night Road just simply because I think the the Wolverines a little earlier and a little stronger whereas
the night road is a little bit skid snap I guess for league but I mean
I’ve I’ve still bought some okay scores with that night road but it but the basically the night Road would be a game
three only ball in League for me um whereas The Wolverine I could use it
all three games so did my video not come out good
now I’ll explain it basically what happens is the um we just gotta I’ve I’ve got to
work on it um if you um if you use the wide screen the the super
wide lens that’s not for 4K so when you go out the quality goes down a little
bit and then when you zoom in a little bit so I mean I I think you’re being a little over the
top the lighting in there is not great um but yeah that that that was the only
thing it’s a 12 Pro I I get it you know it’s not last week’s phone but it it it
like it’s just because the way the the camera process is when you go into the wide as you come back Linda goes out and
as you go into the wide you can actually see it flick and it changes and then when you zoom back in a little bit the
shot’s a little tighter and it goes because it switches between the lenses it gets it gets sharper as you get yeah
if you’re a little more if you’re a little more zoomed in it’s using a different lens than when you go to the wide angle lens so it well it’s it it’s
whatever we’ll do it anyway um
but yes generally speaking good arsenals are good on either one yeah
like because you’re covering hook ranges and so whether those are
yeah well it’s they’re hard or easy the same balls should really be a play so which ones do you
like um like I said you know how I like to set up balls from heavier to medium down
to dry and so uh if we’re gonna do five and that I can see having you know a
supernova is in that same range as a reality uh a little longer than a gem uh
a little cleaner than the proton those kind of balls but uh with a little bit of surface you could also make it be
plenty early enough to uh to cover those ranges so I would start with Supernova
as it’s probably my one heavy ball yeah uh moving down from there the infinite
physics is is kind of everyone’s Universal uh friend
uh currently uh and like you I actually I think I
agree with uh the reality strike uh as we’re just renaming it now on the show uh maybe
that’ll be the next one yeah uh followed by dark the dark Moss uh
down and then a uh night Road up that would be okay so so you see you’re
you’re going pretty um uh pretty heavy with the asymmetrical balls I’ve transitioned you
uh yeah more so but a lot of it is you know these are the newer balls too
um yeah range so uh My overall lineup for a while has been kind of the gem
reality as a one-two punch uh like so you could if you’re an intermix them it would be like Gem and then uh uh
Supernova perhaps I don’t know that it’s better than reality but it’s it’s in that conversation at least for me which
is a nice surprise uh I would then go to a symmetrical ball
like a phase five probably in that middle space uh infinite physics
around it uh I do like the night road down on the
bottom end and uh uh whether it’s a hustle you say a
wolverine like you said some of the one of those balls just above it there’s we have a few to choose from right now
uh that all are are kind of uh kind of useful so uh
seems like I’m missing one off the top of my head right now but uh
oh Jesus
um um
now to be fair George I mean for most regionals in PBA 50 stops and League I
don’t see much different of ratios on the left um yeah I mean no I’m just kidding uh to me
I don’t really I I mean this is gonna sound terrible
but it to me it’s just more about where I put my hand for those
like for those I I don’t really check I don’t really have sport layouts and
house layouts um I I don’t really use very extreme
layouts so the ones that like are at the bottom of my um bag you know I you know I might have
one two inch pinball I ain’t gonna use that in League although I actually did use a a one inch pin lock for a little
while in league and it was the money for the first 15 frames and I did actually change on the front
18 out of it yeah those are uh we call it 10 percenters kind of so
they’re they’re outside of your base five or six uh of your tour Arsenal but uh uh they
certainly can be very useful on certain things certain short patterns and things like that’s where your thing kind of comes into play too so to be honest all
of the balls that I actually have at the minute are almost all drilled the same because most of the Bulls I’ve drilled recently that are fairly new are all the
video Bulls and I try to kind of drill those the same so I can get at least a base idea
for creating the content um of what the ball does so you know
because you don’t want a situation where you know you drill the ball and it’s like okay this is like a super specified
layout and then you do that for your video and you’re like well you know if we did like
a four inch pin as our video ball layout everything would be early and smooth
night road yeah we feel like this one’s pretty early and it’s it’s kind of it kind of gets forward well no [ __ ] yeah
the only place that skids a little bit more is in the first 15 feet so that makes it go more violently forward
um but Billy has a good point here and this is something we talk about when we’re doing a whole type of Arsenal Lane
play conversation is that pin down is good for wet dry and and it can be good for when the
lanes are hard because it controls flare it controls shape especially the
sharpness of the shape I I also think that that’s a little bit uh misleading
because it obviously depends on your axis like true me drilling pit down is
n’t very useful very often like the only time I ever really use pin down is on it it’s always on an asymmetrical ball
and it would be like trying to shim it in on a long pattern
that’s that’s that’s basically the main spot and the one thing that’s so high
this change and because there’s so many two-handers out there now for those of you in the chat if you track very close
to the fingers pinned down for you is probably just above the fingers
and then you’re moving to really short pin buffers there’s a question earlier about one inch pin buffers and you guys use them yeah
you know I think I think we all use them to some extent uh that way but for a
two-hander especially pinned down is above the fingers and then pin up is way above the figures yeah it’s in the moon
it’s like four inches up so uh even on the other side of the Val the
variable axis line which is kind of it looks very strange to to those of us
with a thumb in it but uh uh very legal for for them
I think this is a good question and this is really where Chris’s system comes in
really useful he says how do you figure out what you need to buy in Your Arsenal without buying a bunch of balls he how
do you determine what will fit your style best in each spot
and that’s where I think we try the one good thing about both of us doing Bar reviews is a lot of times we don’t we
don’t love the same balls uh we tend to hate the same balls but we
don’t but we but we don’t you know there’s the ones that are good maybe a little better for me if you like to roll
it and a little better for him if you like to if you’re able to create more Shakedown Lane and uh uh and so those
kind of can go interchangeably but how I do it is is uh I like to have two balls for you know
maybe just one ball for a heavy amount of oil in the front of the lane now if you’re uh a speed dominant player
that becomes two balls there and only one ball for dryer type Lanes
uh and it’s not just revering because Ryan needs very few balls down the low end
because he can throw it really hard and his ball doesn’t hook early and then
they almost make the lanes more wet dry yeah they make they’ll make the lane worse than not better so uh you know for
him even in college he’s he’s had a Zen as his as his his cleanest weakest ball
which is absurd to me yeah for me but it’s right for him because of his skill
set hi Robert I hope everything’s going well um hopefully you get some good news on
opening the bowling center back up as soon as possible I know that they were still uh waiting for power and water at
the bowling center um that Community was hit pretty hard uh to say the least
um it’s Fort Myers there yeah yeah so we’re thinking of you hope and hoping
for the best um I know that his uh his house uh he
was quite fortunate he told me so um I was actually kind of chatting with him about it saying how to me it’s just
so like mind-blowing like coming from
oh there you go we have power and they’ll maybe be open next week okay all right good oh this week sorry yeah um to
me what happened in Florida growing up in England is just like it’s just like
what it’s just like that’s just not even possible to happen like and like then
it’s just it yeah it just is wild to me and then of course I lived in Arizona
which is like England in the there’s no real like super extreme weather it’s
just on the complete opposite end of the spectrum temperature wise yeah like Arizona always like has uh posts about
like you know they’ll show a plan pot falling over and they’ll say storm 2020
we will rebuild and it’s like a plant pot’s falling over because that’s I mean that I guess they had like a bad haboob
come through but it it’s just I just don’t understand like you know because you get Tornado Alley you know kind of
this direction as well thankfully I’m not really in it but yeah it’s just to me it’s just like I
don’t don’t even understand and you know Robert was saying he’s lived with it his whole life and it’s
just kind of one of those things I’m just like I’d be like nah nah let’s get our stuff
let’s get the [ __ ] out of here it is what you’re used to but Florida is is kind of you know they get tornadoes
they get hurricanes uh yeah and then and then you get a place like
Chicago where the the less fortunate of is die in the summer because they can’t afford to turn the AC on and then die in
the winter because they can’t afford to turn the air the heating on I mean what kind of [ __ ] up place is that
weather-wise that it can be so hot that you can’t breathe in the summer and so cold that
you can’t like move in the winter like just wild to me because England’s fairly
mild the whole time anyway a couple of questions here Adam
um so proton physics at the top I agree with uh
High Road Max um uh zen master
so the soul and Helios are probably a little close together
uh the Zen master could be your second ball the infinite physics you don’t need an infinite physics a soul and a Zen
and a Helios uh two of those is probably an infinite physics is by far a uh beef
and barnsy favorite uh and then you have a night road on the
bottom end of Fate looks like it should be a little stronger than that but we have not seen it in person yet so we
cannot personally uh yeah it’s gonna be interesting to see why the Fate
and the whether the Fate fits in between like the phase five and the Wolverine
it would be interesting to see that because obviously the Fate has the stronger cover
um yeah by just the information it seems like that’s where it should fit but but like I say it’d be interesting to see
because I feel like the Fate could end up actually being stronger than the phase five but we’ll see
wow uh Illinois has something this and we see this a lot uh sometimes taking
the same ball one pin up and one pin down to Nationals uh he’s had a few uh up and down scores
at Nationals uh Fagan you did this once at the Weber cup too it didn’t work out all that
great um he bought like six Bulls and four of
them with the same Bowl almost yeah he basically did that with two different balls out of the four he basically had
two balls and when those and those two had the same cover yeah so when that cover didn’t look good he was basically
down to not much to choose from uh and that’s a problem in a small Arsenal
I’ve done it a lot when I was you know one company only
you know we’re talking about the three different companies here uh certainly that opens up your ability I think when
you do that up and down you have to make sure the surfaces are also pretty significantly different
uh pinned down and more surface pen up with more polish will separate those out and make them
make them quite a bit different and so I’m not I’m certainly not opposed to that I’ve done it a lot myself but
having the same surface was only up and down makes them way too close in my opinion unless you’re carrying 8 10 12
balls I think the recent storm released it about as good as they’ve been ever yeah
I think that uh I think that the r d Department got pissed off by the USBC and are like okay
gloves are off now we’re firing them out uh new reactor
gloss out there uh phase five I’ve tried it both ways now with the factory finish
and then I put uh oh you know like 3000 just to to take a touch of that polish
off um yeah it appears this is going to be a pretty good ball because I thought it
rolled pretty good both ways so um hey Dalton what’s up I think he’s
telling you that it wasn’t Trey when you said hey Trey oh it’s our boy Dalton
uh Vince is uh he’s a Chicago guy
yeah that that’s the most messed up thing ever to me um
so Jeremy was just talking about the uc3 um I’ve only seen the uc3 look good on
house when it’s been shiny uh that’s true yeah I mean we’ll watch Trey Sledge beat him up pretty good at
uh Longview on something that’s more of a pattern but same thing it was still shiny
um I liked it with surface on it but that to be fair to coin a phrase I’ve heard before I
didn’t really throw out a whole lot so no I guess maybe it wasn’t the magic Imaging answer uh Stu and I should have
Zen use here pretty soon so uh uh we can do some uh some video on that
um yeah we could maybe do a three-way match with Ryan and watch him absolutely annihilate us because it’s a urethane
ball um would say building an Arsenal is quite hard nowadays since he since a few
even say you should get different balls from different manufacturers unless you get a staff contract um
I yeah I can see what you’re saying I think that there is an argument to do
that but it’s not like like to me it’s like you might get able
like you’re gonna to me you’re gonna pick whichever manufacturer you want and like if you decide that you like storms
then storm has very few gaps like overall so
if you want to get another ball to because you get a slightly different shape out of it you know maybe you want to try a Venom shark or something then
yeah to me it makes sense you know maybe you pick up a purple ammo yeah it makes sense but I think you’ve a couple of
things you’ve got to be a little bit careful and I feel like you have to do your research a little bit if you want to like have kind of like a set Arsenal
that you don’t end up getting a couple of balls um that end up overlapping a lot
so you end up with like just random you you pick a random evernight ball you pick a random motor
board you pick a storm Ball but you end up picking like kind of similar numbers and you have three balls that are like
kind of similar like so that’s where you’re going to be a little bit careful I feel like
in general um storm have definitely the more
aggressive motion down the lane um I feel like motives seem to be able
to create the balls that are like um that they do well on tour when you
want like where the lanes when there isn’t as much oil on the line I think and you you can get a ball that’s slower
responding to the dry um whether that be in the front part of the lane or down the lane I feel like
that’s where motive bowls quite well like so
uh maybe I mean who knows but something
we’ve just said we’ve certainly heard but I think uh I think that Gap is closing on a pretty regular basis but I
think Stu’s absolutely right I mean in general 15 years ago when I came out on tour storm always had the hockey stick yeah I
mean they were really good at creating shape but they couldn’t make low RG balls at the time and they didn’t have a
lot of covers that were that were super aggressive in oil and so
man you know at least even on tour you knew the back three four five games the guys were
coming but the first three uh the Brunswick and and earlier rolling
balls had an advantage over them for a while and then and then they figured it out
and uh from that point on especially like say it started before then with balls like
the agent Matt that were still had a lot of shape that were low RG but once the Marvel uh the Marvel last came out and
that was uh prodigy uh it was pretty much
game on at that point worst where a storm can cover on the fresh and then
you still had all those advantages late in the block yeah no
um so real quick to recap um I did a spell and then I did
um infinite physics reality check I did idle Cosmos night Road and hype solid uh
Chris went with uh supernova uh infinite physics reality check dark
moss and then what was your last one right road so that was kind of the direction we went
um so
um hey Teresa I have Supernova Nova and Zen my first question would be do you have
ever have issues with the Zen where you feel like you needed something below that um
if you don’t if you do then I would look at a night road because I feel like that Ball’s pretty responsive if you don’t
then I would look at a dart code because I feel like that would be a good ball in
between Nova and Zen like I feel like it’d probably be a little bit cleaner
than the Zen but with it being asymmetrical of flour more so you’d probably see a more Dynamic move down
the line I think I think our favorite fits in there too that infinite physics fits in that slime yeah I just feel like maybe the infinite physics might end up
being a little close to the Nova that was yeah yeah I know if it’s pretty smooth though compared to the physics no
no I I get it I was just I was trying to get like something that was really like a skid snap
um let’s get snack Bowl uh not in League generally but yes you
can practice there you just take a ball that’s too strong and I think you have to practice it because most places you have to either cut off a step or two
or or really short and several steps so that your last two are relatively
close and talking about approaches shout out to Sean Lavery for coming out with
the victory in Oklahoma he uh ran the ladder
um taking out Eric Jones [ __ ] Hanrahan and Dylan Macon in the final so uh he uh
he he exceeded my expectations of the right-handed players
um because it was a righty final uh him against Dylan so congrats to Sean
um one of the more consistent players in the region for sure yeah actually he said it was his first win in five years and I didn’t realize it because he wins
a lot of stuff of the other big tournaments there’s there just was a reason so he had
10 between 10 and 15 second place finishes in there but he hadn’t won a regional in in five years so uh shout
out to him it was a pretty cool pretty cool performance would you rather Bowl on bear or the
badger me personally the badger because my rev rate’s lower I feel like we just get crushed down there
yeah and Badge of the same reason because I think it it uh
speed control is a big part of being good on Badger and it’s not as much about just rubbery well you’ll also I
can keep it online and the guys with the High Rev rates can’t and they can’t open it up so it makes it much harder for
them in general what was that one
yeah we can uh that’s a good idea we could probably put a video together I have plenty of uh of shots that are
spaced out over a period of two years of kind of where it started and and uh what it looks like
now so
I’ll be perfectly honest Seymour I have no idea what that means like I don’t really follow the 2ls system because I
have no reason to um but I’m glad that it saved you uh Zen you feels like the next League
ball will see in League it ever when we see it hooks a lot so
uh to fill out a six ball awesome would you suggest to add proton Phoenix dark code
phase two hieropostale infinite physics or fill another Gap yeah infinite
physics is the perfect Gap there for me you’ve got a pretty big gap between the proton and the dark code yeah
Nails it uh the audio of the bowl I would consider um
is a Zen to fit between your phase two and your high road pull
yeah the OG Idol was pretty was pretty sweet that did a lot of damage for a lot
of people I know simo’s still got quite a few left him and pray through have been hoarding
yeah and that’s kind of when we’re setting up ball arsenals good balls just roll good you they don’t have to have you know
four sport four League just the good ones are all good and then you can uh
it’s an OG I’ll I’d probably go with the phase too because I felt like most the time those two bulls were fairly
interchangeable it’s just one of them were better than the other at certain centers um yeah phase two just slightly slightly
less or longer I guess yeah until you shined it that was the thing that was
amazing about the idol if you had it dull it could be one of the strongest balls you’ve ever owned and if you had
it shine it became quick it was amazing how different you could make the reaction
uh oh yeah okay I hadn’t really picked up
on that but okay yeah and by were you mean are
yeah [Laughter] um
Crux Prime infinite physics you see three
Harold Max God you’ve got a collection of terrible balls there hahaha
wow I mean it’s almost like you’re trying
I mean by terrible I just mean like really nichy like the Crux Prime
was like is either good or not really in play uc3 Same they’re honey badger sometimes a
little before I was able to throw a storm that’s the red white and blue one yeah it’s back cover
um super super good on like short patterns kind of shine it and you can really
throw it at the dry and not over exact over hook I wouldn’t necessarily want it as my strongest for uh uc3 another one
that’s kind of like it’s either yay or nay um
to me the way I would describe Your Arsenal is you have an arsenal of balls where you need to carry 12.
it’s a lot of balls that are good in really small spots another one you really want six balls
that all cover 20 to 25 each yeah so there’s a little bit of overlap in
between them but yeah you have you have a lot of 10 and 10 and 10 and yeah like High Road Max is
another one um really early I mean really strange combination super strong cover with a
high RG weight block um I don’t remember which is the HSB to be
perfectly honest um so yeah I would look to um
to to to try and add some all-rounders in like the ones that we’d really like
like I say you’ve got the infinite physics and you’ve got the Zen I feel like they’re two balls that work a lot
of the time yeah I don’t mind the high road Nano as almost as polished as a ball underneath the sand I don’t feel
like you have a skid snot bowl at all so a high road uh
Pearl or a uh night room night Road would look pretty useful as as a ball
and I feel like you I feel like you really need to replace the Crux Prime with something
like a reality a proton physics a gem or
supernova or pretty much any of the high-end Bulls right now
um the hustle HSB is a silver and black kind of uh oh hybrid
yeah that wasn’t one of my favorites either to be honest 2500 plus so that’s that’s sort of a skit football in that
uh if I hadn’t seen Ben comment before I would think that he was trying to punk
me here and the Wild Streak is uh yeah I mean
just really nichy balls like in my mind yeah like
um watch watch some of our reviews we’ll get we’ll try and steer you towards the uh the more
uh popular ones and a bit a little better for for a while you’ve got like a um
a a driver and a chipper and you haven’t got any seven irons
Zen infinite physics is a nice space to build off of though yeah yeah no I agree so
uh but yeah a spabble I mean like God damn I can’t
think of anything I’d hate more than bowling or one to 142 foot pattern to leak yeah one to 138 feet
we tried that a couple of times that really sucks but uh but yeah this is hard
um this is where if you’re a higher rev rate player that’s where guys tend to throw urethane although it’s not great
on this uh but nothing’s great on this so
whatever you feel like you can keep the advice I gave everybody for one to
one pattern is you’re not gonna get missed left and right so you’ve got to determine where you can find your Miss
and if you really like if you feel like more comfortable with having the mess to the right then you’re probably gonna
have to find a stronger ball and if you like having the Mist to the left then you can probably like shut it
down a little bit keep your angles straight and use it slightly weakable so
yeah it’s going to be difficult though and also bowling that in League people are
going to be all over the place yeah yeah there’s Maccabee uh when I do
presentations I kind of cut it off at 250 and below I consider low
up to two five five is medium and then
two five six and above is high it’s a very general General thing he also throws 15 pound Bulls now
so he can have those numbers oh yeah low low is like 248 medium is like 250
to 252 and the high is like two five four and above well to be honest when I
was with a a different manufacturer uh out further east it uh
once it got above about two five two they all rolled bad anyway so it didn’t really you know they were still there
but you didn’t really try and use them
I’m Kristen bowlet that’s the other part of it that’s really ironic yeah
he didn’t vote on and Bowl it it was weird Packy showed up Boulder Regional and made you know and
finished third I believe he was this two seed actually I think Dylan might have been the fourth seed
Ah that’s where I had it backwards okay huh
yes oh yeah 100 percent core by itself would do it but the cover is also stronger
uh as a medium control ball kind of right in the middle of the Arsenal it
could uh it’s below a Zen for me like for me it’s kind of a similar-ish shape
to the Zen it’s just less so that’s kind of working
and to be fair probably where I see it working for me is with a little bit of the polish off of it and so it’ll be a
Touch Above the Zen hey Johnny that is screaming out for an
infinite physics good line though yeah
uh a double spotting I’m looking at the I’m looking at the my eyes always end up
back at the arrows but I’m looking down if they have rangefinders you’re trying to get it probably to the range finder
on the right uh maybe a touch around it but you’re trying to get to it and then
you’re not trying to land it there no no no I’m just trying to get it to land I don’t want to you know if it lands in
the moat you don’t get very many so so just just out of curiosity when you’re
lofting are you like do you focus on a spot kind of where you want it to land
like how far down the lane you want it to land no it’s one of the things that I’m way better at lofting on the left gutter cap
than I am in the middle of the lane because I have a tough time picking a distance that’s what I’m saying I really
remember you when when you left but when I’m left I’m just trying to get it safely on to land so I’m trying to land
it about three boards inside and wherever that has to be you know on the lane
uh yeah and I never really thought about it for
a long time it was just feel and so I felt like I was pretty good at lofting it when I was there just because it
I’m drawing a line through the Target and wherever it landed on you know 37 that’s kind of where I was just trying
to get it in the air too uh uh and I was doing that without really going hey I’m going to land on 37
but uh for the little lane I I try and get her over the dots now when I Loft it from the middle of the lane
my man
um I mean to me I I feel like the night Road would just fit underneath the phase five
like when the phase five was a little lazy down the lengths it was burning up the night Road would fit pretty good after that yeah and for me I would have
uh probably one ball in between those two
gem uc2 synergy Cosmos Hydra Pearl and iq2 I think
there’s too big a gap between the gem and the uc2 but I I like the back part of the Arsenal I I would imagine that
the cosmos is like to me that Arsenal would go gem Cosmos uc2 Synergy High Road Pearl IQ
tour but yeah uh I imagine that Ryan is gonna Bowl the US Open because I think it’s being part
of Team USA he qualifies for it how far down the strength list do you
consider the uc2 um right around the dart code so your medium angular in my list cleaner than
the dark code for me so it’s underneath the zen zen Soul phase two
phase five grouping it’s it’s it’s kind of in the same spot as the X2 I guess for you
yeah like the X2 better yeah I think that’s that’s exactly where I put it
uh phase two IQ testoster USA High Road pull mix any one of those got some red
right there chief for a softer speed yeah I mean I imagine he yeah maybe he’s
200. um yeah I mean I I I would lead towards
something a little stronger maybe an infinite physics and then like to me there’s a pretty big gap between a phase
two and IQ tour so maybe it’s Zen um
IQ tropical and a purple
okay they curve a little bit just on the tournament in game six High Road hype
pill was giving me over under reaction but idle Synergy was too much any recommendation to fit that Gap
um maybe just a little more surface on your height Pearl
burner I think the hype pill is stronger than the burner to be honest
right this robot it might it might blend out the over under Just a Touch yeah I
mean like I said I I I mean without watching it’s hard really to
understand yeah um both those covers are both pretty responsive yeah and so the one
thing that might work is a Little Bit Stronger cover even if it was even like say a hype solid but it wasn’t
it wasn’t as dull uh would blend out in there and that’s where that dry control type ball you
have two balls that are pretty much on the Triangular end of things
and uh so
um it depends I mean to me probably in
between the Proto and the phase two needs to be a ball and depending on how dry the lanes get I
think maybe from the Zen you might want somewhere below the Zen but pretty big gap after the Zen I assume you’re
probably a little bit speed dominant and so phase intense and fight
phasing times and fight yeah they’re they’re yeah that was a little bit of a rough start
uh there is less when it’s a solid color
uh but uh going back if you go back to
there’s been a couple examples the IQ tour versus the uh the gold uh and then in the badger line the white
one versus the gold one uh the white was even a little bit more but one in their
one color I don’t think you see as much because you don’t have to change ratios to get the colors to mix
and that’s when you notice colored bright and bright colored balls
that are mixed with dark colors and you see the change in in reaction that’s when that changes the most is when
you’re mixing with uh light and dark uh as one color there they will hook sooner
or or in that case most somebody just took a little bit more when they’re lighter colored
200 right side perimeter right side primarily
um High 15 speed 453 of the four houses hook a bunch this year hype solid Nitro
dartmos Nova Ultra reality phase four reality both in car until a house
there’s no hugging a budge thoughts uh yeah I mean I feel like you got some pretty good options I mean if if the
hook in a bunch I’d I think you could do a lot worse than maybe a hustle wine
yeah that’s one of my favorite long there’s a compliminary to uh any
stormball at Wayne Webbs is the answer absolutely owns Wayne Webb it’s
fantastic um
there you go Pio look after you uh reality Nova Rubicon Zen rstx uc3
hustle PBR Whitehall Badger mix what gaps to filler replace uh I mean I’m guessing that your uh rubicon’s probably
getting a little bit on so you know our favorite could probably fit in there
um overall though I think you’ve got a pretty good mix there yeah infinite physics for a Rubicon is
about it so um depends I I like the phase four a lot
so yeah I think they have I I think there’s a lot of similarities there uh
you know if unless you’re blowing a ton of USBC Nationals or Collegiate type events
um I think P4 probably has a little more shelf life um
you know but as as it comes on I wouldn’t be afraid to go to the phase five to replace it when it when that
time comes uh no idea what it’s gonna do
didn’t see the announcement with velmo um I saw something about the whole
um storm and balmo together is fate or whatever the marketing was all good
stuff um whatever what what what whatever we’re gonna do
um I still remember him winning the High Roller um with a Colombia ball
um do you feel like SPI will eventually replace every ball that was made illegal
this year um yes pretty much half close
uh High Roads yeah definitely High Roads for that
we’re a bit behind you let’s quickly rapid fire through these and get out of here all right for now I originally
purchased Arsenal have to watch a new video reality Helios you see through my Wild Card High Road High Road search
totally happy with them thanks glad glad we were helpful um
what kind of balls should a low rev bowl look for on heavy long oil
um big course yeah depending if you have lower speed I I
like the dark code in that regard if you’ve got like if you’ve got if you’re speed dominant
oh no sorry low rev low speed yeah so I think that
um the balls have got a little cleaner cover but have the really big cause of the way to go so infinite physics uh
dark code uc2 um reality check maybe uh those balls
the problem is if you’ve got low rev and low speed you’ll find that
the really strong cover balls are going to burn up a lot right and then that’s the last thing you need on a long lock
long bone here yes yes no idea about the Fate but yes
from the darkmos um yeah the last four games pack you made a run with reactive
yep that sounds like a good option Jam X3 souls and accident Pearl what’s next
uh probably something below the Axiom pull maybe a hype pull
yeah I mean you have lots of room in there hype Pearl hustles uh burners I mean to be honest you could even go a
dark muscle yeah that but I would think that something below the Axiom Pearl is
the gap you need to fit yeah you think that you’ve knocked out the top half pretty good
uh reality yeah I have the reality Nova phase two UFO
look nice nice effort that’s a good lineup
thoughts on either phase five or Zen as a ball down from OG Nova doubting in player thanks guys
um yeah probably the Zen for me um I think it’s a little stronger I
think like no you’re much more yeah nobody’s Place five might be a bit
of a big gap yeah you like that one
for a three ball also watch the guy after an infinite physics Zen
yeah a symmetrical ball there yeah all right Road hustle those kind of balls
um for me the reality check is um
is more continuous I felt like the altered reality was really it stood up and went forward which was quite useful
as a ball I I think the I think the reality check’s a little cleaner but I think it’s I think it’s
more I think it’s more continuous uh starting six uh reality phase two Zen
iq2 hyper plastic when going to bigger events and in X3 polish and a high road
pool yeah good it’s good lineup yep
I tried to mix up for league and mix uh Jam X1 X2 uc3 uh pitch black Helios Zen
one Cena for dark Moss or a phase five makes sense uh yes
I would think I think maybe the dot Moss if you’ve got the Zen and the Helios I
think the dark Moss might make the most sense yeah phase five would be a little closer those two so
the older generation but newer than iq2 are solid you have a ton of balls
already Adam uh solid I have an electrified pole for dry Lanes
but it tends to deflect through the pins any recommendations for replacement I personally prefer either the burner
Pearl or the height pull over the electrified Pearl um I don’t know why because they’re
probably really similar cover wise but that’s just a little more core feel they’re probably probably the main
reason infinite Helios dartmas High Road nice
a Union Jack shirt there we go were you talking about the T-shirt
maybe they took it down okay it was like a limited edition one I think
what would you recommend for 40 foot house sharp back end old school ball
returns where you can’t move left hustle wine very sharp and a lot of over under
um maybe if the horse of wine is kind of close hustle USA kind of same same cause
solid cover um that might help out yeah you blend it out a little bit more
with that uh burner solid you can step up a little bit to like iq2 or a smaller
core but a little more cover I’m sure you’ve got it pat
I mean I think there’s a gargantuan gap between the rally and the idle Cosmos but you also use a tropical surge so I’m
not sure we we’re on the same page uh I used to enjoy going with my fight
had a ton of good games today I mean I had back to back 300s with a fight that ball was that ball was the uh definition
of Nichi though like a solid salt I think it was r2s and the RG was like 2.6
uh just causing more hook and I mean a little more earlier hook
I mean that’s that’s what I mean by it so um yeah could say that for sure phase
five seems almost like the uh phase four inspector hybrid yeah I could see that yeah little darker colors so
yeah maybe I I yeah I didn’t have much success with that one uh the stone
Fighters come in November 18th how many fake bowling balls will rash be
drilling probably none go Parts go Browns
okay all right we’re we’re here
uh building a full ball Arsenal have a phase two and a hustle wine what would you recommend going to complete the
Arsenal uh uh I like the dartmaster
to bridge that Gap or a night Road either
yes okay yeah I mean it’ll give you more length
and tighten up the flares so X2
oh sorry what’s the most used sorry I I read that as most underrated the most used Bowl uh stolen grip ball on tour
right now um reality Zen
uh phase two for a while but not six two for a long time high roads for a long
time um UFO alert was a ball that was used a lot
um yeah the board has been updated
it said she’s a 10 but she can’t throw a spare now it says she can’t throw a
messenger um I love the cosmos with
um with uh polish on it I actually like it way better than dull
what’s my favorite ball this year infinite physics
with the reality and infinite fit in the same place on house no not really not really and if they do
then put a little polish on the infinite that’ll separate them
um infinite Zen and Hike solid what would it add to that um I would probably add a night Road or
a dark Moss uh oh Parallax phase two night Road IQ
tall solid I guess that means purple I’m a Brunswick twist I seem to find more transitioning
what’s your favorite ball get left burn ball night Road at the minute
here on my road next X2 I’m a fan of that one too on that
tomorrow I was missing earlier when we were talking about kind of current lineups
uh high road is beat up but I love it what would be a good replacement um if you haven’t bowled in 10 years
then I would think um phase five wouldn’t be uh miles away
from kind of that overall hook that the high road was uh but if you want like another high RG ball you could just get
another High Road you know uh in a six ball Arsenal do you guys
have balls with the same call
not often but there’s some in the middle you’ll have some similar numbers
like if you’re for a long time I didn’t like asymmetrical balls very much at all and so I had a lot of low RG
symmetricals that were maybe not the same but so similar that
but you are taking a chance for sure I don’t really look at balls like that
so I don’t worry about it like like to me I don’t really give a [ __ ]
what the core is in the phase two and the phase four or five those balls aren’t even remotely close to each other
for me so the fact that they have the same core it doesn’t really influence me and like
should I take it or should I not like back in the day when I was throwing Brunswick
we used to carry infinite info infinite ultimate Inferno Inferno absolute
Inferno not even worry about it it was the best thing ever like all of those
balls uh banged uh so yeah I think one time I even I even took the
uh the blue one whatever that one was I forget now but anyway whatever uh yeah I think the C4 was a little bit
underrated overshadowed but uh it wasn’t as good as the sand uh no no real way
around that uh wow look at this [ __ ]
oh 16 pounds oh God infinite zen zen Soul she doesn’t
have a Helios because we haven’t drilled it dark code uc2 hustle wine Wolverine
dartmoss I’m a Williams so I always need more balls what am I missing
practice that’s a sore subject in a minute she doesn’t necessarily have a spot to go
practice at the minute she’s been boleroed
uh all right well thanks guys sorry if we
didn’t get to your question I think we got virtually every question so um
yeah yeah I’m just going out uh we like doing these it seems like you guys like
uh writing in with the Arsenal so we kind of want to maybe do it you know
once a month once every six weeks sort of thing just to yeah we’re talking about bulls
that’s right especially smelly ones so there we go uh
hey uh join us again on Thursday as we’ll come up with something new and interesting I’m sure and in between
there if you get a choice please support the sponsors that support us storm Roto Grip better Global Cool Whip cooler
smart Fire Lake Bowling Center lightning strikes and platinum Ford until next time stay safe stay healthy God bless
see you later

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