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This is a sport condition test for the Roto Grip RST X-3 bowling ball!

Roto Grip RST X-3 Bowling Ball

Dating back to the mid-1950’s, there is a reason Roto Grip is often referred to as the “Original High-Performance Bowling Ball Specialists.” Our latest asymmetrical creation continues that tradition with the development of the RST Core which produces consistent core torque and energy transfer down lane where it is needed most.

RST – Roto Star Tour Core…
Professional bowlers like to see continuous motion down lane with minimal deflection as the ball enters the pocket due to their rev rates usually being on the higher side. This logic was the basis of development by the R&D team as they looked to create a core that would maintain dynamics after drilling in order to maintain a higher level of core torque down lane. The larger mass at the base of the core does indeed create that. Especially since when drilled, the thumbhole will always end up near the bottom of the void area not to affect the bottom mass of the core all that much. Thus, making this core a “Tour Level” type core design.

This version of MicroTrax™ Hybrid features nanoparticles throughout to provide the traction you need in oil, while its two parts pearl provide you the reaction you have come to know and love about the RST Series. So, whether you are a recent PBA Hall of Famer, or this is your very first high-end ball, the RST X-3 will provide unparalleled reaction time and time again.

Behind the X name…
When it all began back in the early 1950’s, Roto Star (later known as Roto Grip) quickly became known as the “High Performance Bowling Ball Specialists.”

Because of this industry leading mantra, and with the latest creation of the Roto Star Tour Core, it only made sense to go back in time to recapture the vibe and pay homage to those balls that set the standard for technology and development.
















hello and welcome to a look at the rstx
3 on our typical sport test pattern
featuring James and myself we’ll also be
making surface changes here’s a look at
the pattern it’s the 2019 USBC Open
championships doubles and singles
pattern if you’ve seen our other videos
you know the drill 42 feet 28.4 mils
just over a two to one ratio so long
side of medium lengthwise Crossing into
heavy on the volume and very flat and
difficult ball and layout information is
in the sidebars and our personal stats
are in the description we’ll start with
me at the Box surface which is 4K fast
and just like on the house shot this is
a very aggressive ball that also shapes
a lot too so similar problems from
straighter as in the review lots of hook
lots of boom and with out of bounds to
the left now I can’t mess around out
here so we didn’t try that for long even
moving inside more oil to the left less
oil to the right and after having enough
trouble on the house shot getting the
ball down the lane this just wasn’t
going to be better for me especially
asims are usually a big No-No on the
left side on tough stuff to begin with
there’s a reason that you see nothing
but urethane on the left side of the
lane on sport patterns usually we
already have plenty of length and shape
we need dig in control this is the
reason that lefties can get urethane to
shape and if urethane is shaping plenty
there’s no reason to get crazy and this
is crazy times three see what I did
there Next Step was taking it to 2000
but like I mentioned before with James
Sometimes surface just isn’t going to
work the idea here is to slow it down a
little to control the back ends and also
make it a little earlier to be more
predictable in the mid lane the problem
is that it already wants to dig early
and there’s just no slowing this down
without adding enough surface to the
point that it’s then not going to get
down the lane and that’s the case here I
wasn’t expecting it to work very quickly
confirmed I have seen a lot of low rev
Bowlers match up really well with this
ball though and I will reiterate what I
said in the review I think both lower
rev Bowlers and big rev rates that like
to slow hook it will love this ball
moving to James we all know this is
going to be the same story but we’re
going to check it out anyway the first
couple shots looked more promising than
we expected but he had enough issues
with it being relentless on the house
pattern and that’s only going to be
exaggerated when they’re this tough the
core wants to be longer and flippy the
cover wants to dig now so at box surface
it’s also very sensitive for him still
we’re still going to move around here
though it’s not it’s not all ball and
layout and surface sometimes it’s that
you’re just playing in the wrong place
doing the wrong things the funny thing
is that usually if playing straighter is
too touchy you’ll want to move in so
that you can use angle as hold or length
so you don’t have to use the oil on the
outside of the lane for that usually
trying to play straighter on something
tough is really difficult because of how
sensitive the reaction is you have to
keep your speed up to get it down the
lane because first of all you’re
probably using surface for blend and
stability and if you miss in at all it’s
just gone however same deal if you miss
a little right so if it’s touchy move in
so you don’t have to deal with anything
outside first Arrow play more of the
Middle where it’s more consistent but to
do that you have to increase your angles
to help get the ball down the lane
because on sport patterns it’s flatter
in the Middle with this ball that
actually made it worse because it wants
to go now so there’s no fading the
middle it just stops and goes and if he
gives it any room to the right at all no
chance at getting back because the cover
wants to do things the core isn’t ready
for yet remember it’s a very high RG for
an a Sim so if he leaks it outside and
the cover’s not getting traction it’s
just not going to wind up the first stop
for the surface adjustment was 2000 that
we’re already watching now we’re doing
all these by hand lane side by the way
the surface doesn’t tend to get as deep
by hand but it’s fine for illustrating
the point the problem that I kind of
alluded to in the review again was that
wall surface is going to blend the shape
out it’s also going to make the ball
stronger and earlier the issue here is
that the hook is going to increase more
than the shape is going to slow down or
the amount of surface it takes to blend
the shape out enough is going to also
make the ball too early and too strong
to use 2000 was workable though it still
didn’t look great but it did give him
some stability he moved back to the
Right and started launching it and
surprisingly it looked amazing for three
solid shots now granted he aced all
three and that’s not something that’s
going to be sustainable or repeatable
for long but it still happens so I’m
going to put it out there continue to
move around a little bit but it’s just
not the ball too much cover for that
core for him just for fun he also took
it down to a thousand he threw it on the
other lane the first shot to knock the
dust off and yeah it wasn’t half bad
after the first couple shots though he
also has the ability to really juice his
speed so he can do just about anything
he wants to physically so he can
realistically make just about anything
work in virtually any situation but
making something work versus having
something that fits and is easier to
repeat with is the better option he had
to get super deep fling it and kind of
spin it to keep it online and the look
lasted all of Two Shots the X3 is still
wild it’s it’s big dig big shape ball
reaction for days but obviously it’s
going to be too much for some people I
have seen lots of people do really well
with this ball but it’s not for us
personally I don’t think this isn’t a
Zen master situation where it’s just
straight up inferior to stuff like the
phase two and idle Helios I do respect
the X3 but it’s just not not the ball
for James arrive big thanks as always to
my outstanding patreon members and
Discord Community thank you for watching
and may the strikes be with you
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