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Storm Night Road Bowling Ball

Bowlers are always in search of balls that provide them with enough traction to control the front part of the lane without sacrificing strong hooking motion and entry angle on the back end. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Hy-Road balls have been immensely popular as they have dominated medium to lighter patterns the world over for more than twelve years now. But sometimes a bit more power is needed to get the job done, and when that is the case, you deserve nothing but the best. With that in mind, we’re bringing you a new  Night Road that will be the gold standard when a stronger move to the pocket is needed.

In order to make this Night Road something new and special, we knew that we had to be very selective when deciding on a coverstock. After many long hours of testing, ReX Pearl emerged as the obvious choice.

The dynamic reaction of the Night Road will also be helped along by the inclusion of tried and true Inverted Fe2 Core Technology. The pin-punishing power of Inverted Fe2 is legendary in the bowling world. That is because it allows for more coverstock material to be utilized, leading to a heightened coefficient of restitution, enhanced dynamics, and amplified energy transfer where you need it most…at the pins. Inverted Fe2 Technology has powered all the Hy-Roads that you’ve loved up to this point, and we know that it won’t disappoint you in the Night Road. Being the best means standing up to the tests of time. The Hy-Road name has done so brilliantly since 2008. Now, the Night Road Gold is ready to add to that legacy by offering you a seriously strong ball reaction that will help you outshine the competition for years to come.

















hi this is chris barnes with beef and
barnsy this time is another real talk
bar review
with the night road this one’s from
storm it’s got the rex cover which we’ve
seen on the dart code before so this one
should be pretty long and pretty angular
traditional high road numbers and a 15
pound ball that’s going to make it 258
047 we’re going to throw that and the
wolverine dark moss and kind of see how
they compare
we’re going to use our usual full game
this is a a five by seven by three
layout by the storm ls and so uh here we
all right lucky
no spare ball so
that was the first shot in a little
while a little stiff so we’ll move a
little bit left sliding 27 looking at
about 14.
here it am of fluid so a bowl this is a
about a 25 year old hpl surface
wood approaches so there’s a little
uphill in the front
i believe they use uh current as the oil
here so it picks up a little early this
is kind of a
a pretty good place for a ball like this
in my opinion
place even on the house shot there’s a
little bit of friction in the front
this ball already seems to be pretty
that one’s in a little bit still picked
up pretty good so
good news
kind of a traditional high road look to
it doesn’t it
they said it comes 4k fast uh
i’ve done a couple things with a surface
here with a thousand and then put polish
on it i took that back off this has
three thousand on it now which is about
the equivalent of uh
by hand so it’s pretty close to that
fourth 4k fast
you see we moved left and move our
target in a little bit so
27 look around 16 now
this cover has been on the dark code
and so when it’s dull it hooks quite a
bit but it’s a very responsive cover
and especially when it’s dark like this
oh that one’s in a little
well the good news is it didn’t over
skid so
threw five frames got that four pin in
the first and a four bagger
i said rex is it’s a younger brother to
nex and that’s probably the earliest
most smooth cover in the line this is
one of the more responsive ones and when
it sees friction
it’s in its happy place
man that was a way for the right
so far so good liking this ball
uh one of the last reviews we did here
was with the cosmos the cosmos was
certainly more
uh mid laney it’s going to it’s going to
roll quite a bit more lower rg
uh cover wise
the cover on the cosmos probably a touch
smoother but the core is quite a bit
well i may have found my new lake ball
here anyway
all right
i got lb on the camera
two things
the house pattern’s not too bad here
even though this traditionally is one of
the harder leak centers around
lane 32 might not be the the problem
get one way right see what happens
you can see that’s where that 258 kicks
in because that higher rg still saved
energy and really made it around the
corner for an old guy
i need that
something lower rg like even the cosmos
if i got into there probably was going
to wear out and get going forward a
little bit
so uh
this seems like a pretty good marriage
so far of uh
of a responsive cover
two five eight o forty seven medium high
that’s a good one
so we’ll try and finish this one out and
then we’ll use the wolverine and kind of
give you a look and see
see what you think
nothing special here with release we’re
just kind of
just throwing out kind of like we want
oh boy
well the one thing about it we’re
showing you what it does even when you
miss left in right so
all right well 279
and as promised now we’ll throw
a wolverine dark moss
and this one’s about five and a half
by six by three so it’s actually very
similar to what the
the night road layout is about a half
inch weaker
i’ll stand in the same spot
and we’ll get an idea what this looks
it strikes every shot because you know
that’s what 900 global balls do but
in general i’d say it’s probably three
feet sooner looks like it hooks about
two boards more overall even with a
touch weaker drilling so i’ll throw one
more i’ll move a couple left
there you go a little stronger in the
mid lane now that the wolverine’s a
little bit lower rg than the night road
is uh also flares just a touch more so
they fit kind of where they’re supposed
to if you’re looking for some dry lane
balls these two balls probably work
pretty well off each other
the wolverine is going to be a little
sooner the night road is going to be a
little bit longer
and probably a little more angular but
so there you go
the night road by storm
258 047
rex cover
coming to a pro shop near you
tune in to beef and barney youtube
channel for more of these real talk
cover stock orange
eight pounds
get one for yours for your bags today

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