TNBA Sunshine Challenge Bowling Tournament In Orlando Florida

Some Great Bowling At The TNBA Sunshine Challenge In Orlando Florida At Boardwalk Bowl

By Michael Cousins

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Over this weekend, I bowled a very well run and fun TNBA event in Orlando, Florida. The event was the TNBA Sunshine Challenge. It isn’t an ultra competitive event or environment, but every year I bowl it I am impressed with the amount of bowlers they get to compete.

It is, for the most part, a handicap event (they have some scratch stuff, but it is geared towards bowlers of all skill levels), and they get tons and tons of bowlers from all over Florida and into Georgia/South Carolina.

All I hear is bowling is dying. Or bowlers don’t want to bowl tournaments anymore. And while this may be true in some areas, I can personally tell you that what I saw this weekend is in complete contrast to that.

We bowled at Boardwalk Bowl, an 80 lane center, and they filled it 2-3 squads a day every day for the better part of three days.

It was truly impressive.

The Most Fun You Can Have Bowling While Being In A Competitive Environment

Looking around, I didn’t notice anyone slapping ball returns, kicking things, or screaming — unless it was in good fun. It was simply hundreds and hundreds of bowlers having a good time, enjoying the competition, and enjoying good company.

And, for what it is worth, this tournament pays pretty well in all of their events. So everyone there was trying to bowl their best and make some money. But when they didn’t, they just focused on having a good time.

As someone that has bowled competitively for most of their life, this is a unique event to take part in. Bowling competitively, bowlers are trying to bowl for a living. Bowling in an event like this, where bowlers are bowling to have a good time, enjoy their weekend, and make a little money was both different and enjoyable.

Now, that isn’t to say I don’t enjoy higher level events: I do. And I still prefer them, honestly. But I 100% appreciate this event and events like this that are giving bowlers of all skill levels a platform to improve, grow, compete, and have fun.

Because, after all, that is what we need. We can’t just look out for our scratch players or just for our handicap players. We need more events throughout the year that cater to bowlers of all skill levels.

After this weekend, I feel far better about our sport as a whole, and I look forward to bowling it again. If you all are in the Southern region, I highly recommend this event. And if you’re not, I suggest you all look to see if you all have anything similar in your area.

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