Great Youth Bowlers That Never Made Junior Team USA

Some Of The Greatest Youth Bowlers Of My Era Who Never Made Jr Team USA

By Michael Cousins

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With the Youth World Championships wrapping up this week, I wanted to take a look back at some of the best youth bowlers that I competed against that never made Team USA. I will ONLY be going over the player’s from my generation — or near it — as I can only judge what I have seen with my own eyes. As with all of these lists we do, it is almost impossible to not leave off someone that inevitably deserved to make the list.

As usual, this list is not in any particular order.

Jakob Butturff

As kids, Butturff was just as unorthodox and damn near just as good. He had plenty of success in youth, having won several West Coast events and some National events, such as Junior World Team Challenge, but he never did manage to make Jr. Team USA. Needless to say, I think it is safe to say he’s went on to do just fine.

Cameron Weier

Cameron can bowl. Period. Don’t ask him, though — he will tell you otherwise. Growing up, Cameron was always in the hunt. He was always a great competitor and always gave you a run for your money. It didn’t matter what was out, or what was asked of you, Weier was going to compete. He, too, has had his fare share of success on the PBA Regional tour and internationally, having won one overseas PBA event.

Matthew Tuckfield 

While he isn’t as big a household name, as a kid, he was just as good. He has now gone on to win two Eagles at the USBC Open Championships, and had tons of local success a youth bowler. He, like Weier, was always a tough out, and you knew he was always going to be near the top. And, like the other two, despite not making Jr. Team USA, he’s had a pretty good overall career.

Terrence Reeves

Some of you may not know who Reeves is, but he could flat out bowl. Reeves has one of the simplest, most fundamentally sound physical games you will ever see. Reeves, like all of the aforementioned players, had an exceptional youth career — winning just about everything throughout Florida in the prime of his youth. As an adult, he was pretty successful as well, having won multiple regional titles and earning an exemption (when that was still a thing) out of Tour Trials — which just so happens to have been the topic of last week’s TBT article.

These are my top choices. Who are yours? Who’d we forget? Who’d we leave off? Are any of our bowlers on your list? Let us know below!

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