My Top 5 College Bowling Programs

In My Opinion The Top 5 Bowling Programs

By Michael Cousins

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We have an incredibly rich history in bowling that I love looking back on — whether it’s past tournaments, players, balls, or anything else related to the past.

But today I want to talk about college bowling. In particular, I want to look back at the five best collegiate programs of All-Time. As always with these lists, this is entirely opinion based, and shouldn’t at any point be viewed is right or wrong; it is merely my opinion.

So, with that said, we’ll start at 5 and work our way down.

5: Vanderbilt University 

This NCAA powerhouse has turned out many, and I mean many, PWBA and women’s bowling standouts. From the Earnest sisters to Brittni Hamilton to Robyn Renslow — and many many others — Vanderbilt has a rich history of talent, despite being a relatively young program.

4: Webber International

With some of the best coaching resources available in the country, Webber International has emerged as a title threat year in and year out. If you’re a youth bowler and your primary focus is improvement, there may be no greater program today.

3: McKendree 

Many people will say this is premature, as their success is relatively recent, but they’ve truly created a dynasty.

Within the last three years, this program has made seven finals appearances between the men’s and women’s programs, including four National titles.

2: Nebraska

Arguably the single most accomplished women’s program of all-time. Year after year, they’re a collegiate powerhouse. They recruit as well as any program in the country, and their coaching staff has become somewhat legendary in the collegiate world.

1: Wichita State 

Chris Barnes, Sean Rash, Justin Hromek, Lonnie Waliczek, Wesley Low, John Szczerbinski, Josh Blanchard. Clara Guerrero, Elysia Current, Sandra Gongora, Restrepo, and Tan. Etc. The list could go on and on. Fact of the matter is that no school has ever turned out as much talent, as consistently, as WSU.

Honorable mention: Robert Morris University — they haven’t had the same level of sustained success or longevity as these other schools, but the team that featured Marshall Kent, Matt Gasn, Cameron Weier, Kyle King, Ryan Zagar, Dominic Partipilo, and others, was one of the most talented collegiate teams of all-time. Since that time, they’ve still had some standout talent, including the likes of Kenny Ryan, Michael Martell, and Daniel Hansen.

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