League Bowling Season is Here Again

Bowling Season Is Here Again!

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Once again, league season is here. Over the course of this week and the ones shortly to follow, league bowlers will be gathering at their local centers, bowling with their friends, having fun, and competing.

And while I do get the competitive side of league, please try to remember that it is a game. Never take it too seriously.

League Bowling Should Always Be Fun 

League bowling is essentially recreational bowling at its highest level. It isn’t meant to be ultra-competitive. It isn’t meant to be too serious. And it certainly isn’t meant to get your blood pressure bowling — even though I know it happens from time-to-time.

But next time you think about slapping that ball return, flipping off the pins, or screaming your next profanity, try to put it into perspective. Think about the people you’re bowling with and against. Think about the friends and families watching. Think about your actions and whether or not they’re warranted.

I am all for a little competition in league. By all means, get fiery. Get competitive. But understand sometimes it just isn’t your night — or day, if you bowl morning leagues.

I am even for people getting a little frustrated. I know we all have expectations of ourself, regardless of what level you compete at. We have goals that we’d like to hit, and when we don’t hit them, it gets frustrating. I get it. But keep those frustrations to yourself.

Don’t take them out on the ball return, the chairs, your spare ball, or your opponents.

It just isn’t worth it. If you aren’t having fun at league, what are you doing there?

I Bowl Because I Enjoy The Guys I Am Spending Time With

I don’t bowl league for money or competition. I bowl league because I love the guys I bowl with. I enjoy their company, and I look forward to sitting down with them, having a chat, and discussing all sorts of things, most of which never have to do with bowling. That is just what we enjoy. And, mind you, everyone on the team is a pretty good bowler.

That being said, I know plenty of people that do bowl league for the competition and money, be it side pots or brackets. And that is totally understandable as well. Just keep it PG when you’re having an off night. Just because you’re having a bad night, doesn’t mean the rest of the bowling alley has to have one with you.

In league, you have to be cognizant of your surroundings and of your competition. Some of these people are just their to have a good time. Don’t spoil that by acting like a fool. That isn’t fair to them.

What If It Is Your First Time Bowling League?

What if it is their first league? And they get a bad taste in their mouth because they seen some jerk acting a fool? They may very well not want to bowl league again. Then you just chased bowlers out the door, which is a shame when you consider participation is already down across the country.

And even though I know it is easier said than done sometimes, I know we can all try harder. I know I can. I know I need to. And that is my goal for this year. Not to average 240 or bowl 15 honor scores. But, rather, just to have fun. Enjoy my time and my company, whether I am shooting 600 or 800. I encourage you all try to do the same.

Good luck and good bowling this season!

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