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my top 5 best bowling baLLS IN 2021

What’s going on guys, welcome back to the channel. On today’s video we’re gonna take a look at my top five bowling balls that I drilled in 2021. Let me know down below in the comments what you think my top five is and why it’s gonna be very surprising to a lot of people. If you guys like this video and you like these top five type videos make sure to hit that like button, subscribe and hit that notification bell. 
So in this video we’re gonna start at number five and then we’re going to work
our way up to number one. These aren’t necessarily the five best balls on the market or necessarily like an arsenal type of five balls. This video are just strictly my top five bowling balls that I drilled this year, these are balls that I loved from the moment I first drilled them or in one of these balls case it rolled so well for me at a regional that I absolutely had to put it into this top five. So without further ado let’s start here with my top 5 from 2021.

#5 - Roto Grip Idol Helios bowling ball

The Idol Helios is the number five ball on my list because it is one of those balls that I absolutely love when I can keep the ball in front of me. It handles the heavier volume so well, continues to go through the pins this and is easily going to be the number five spot on my top five of 2021. Let’s go over the tech real quick, it features the Ikon core which in 15 pounds is an rg of 2.49 a max differential of 0.52 and features theXtremeTrax™ Solid Reactive cover that comes out of box at a 2000 grit finish and the layout is 50 by 4 and a half by 30.

Roto Grip Idol Helios bowling ball info

Originally introduced in the IDOL™ back in March of 2018, the Ikon Core has become a fan favorite and staple in the arsenals of all the top professionals around the globe. This low RG, high differential symmetrical core revs up in the midlane while providing outstanding continuation down lane which allows it to be used by all styles of players from any angle on the lane.

XtremeTrax™ Coverstock
Derived from countless hours of mixing, formulating, and testing, the Xtreme Traction (XtremeTrax™) material pushes us into boundaries of scientific chemistry. We started with the base materials of our MicroTrax™ coverstock and went down a new path in terms of chemistry by adding different chemicals which in turn created “chemical charges” to the nano-particles, thus making a material that not only digs in on heavy oil, but also provides more responsiveness and reaction down lane than traditional nano materials.

Coverstock: XtremeTrax™ Solid Reactive
Weight Block: Ikon Core (Symmetrical)
Color: Radiant Orange
Factory Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
Flare Potential: High
Condition: Medium/Heavy Oil
Radius of Gyration (RG) 15lbs – 2.49
Differential (Diff) 15lbs – 0.052

#4 - ROTO GRIP RUBICON UC3 bowling ball

Number four ball in this top five that I drilled in 2021 is the Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 bowling ball.  This one is in my top five for one reason and one reason only, it is my favorite urethane ball that I have ever thrown in my entire life. I currently have six urethane balls drilled and this one is absolutely the urethane ball of choice for me. I’ve thrown it on house shots, I’ve thrown it on sports shots and it is absolutely amazing just how much I match up with this ball and just how versatile of a urethane ball it is. So it features the roundor core which in 15 pounds has an rg of 2.49 max differential of .052 intermediate differential of 011 and then it features the Tour-ethane™ Coverstock that comes out of box at a 1000 grit finish and then the layout is 45 by 3 and 3 8 by 15. I do that with all my urethane balls just to make sure that they’re going to maximize the flare and tip a little bit down lane. This ball could have easily been higher on the list. The UC3 could have easily been the number one or number two ball on this list but because it is urethane its usability is a little bit more limited than some of the other balls on that list but man that UC3 is easily the most special ball on this list.

ROTO GRIP RUBICON UC3 bowling ball info

Tour-ethane™ Coverstock
Sometimes in the search to find the answer to modern day situations, you are forced to take a step or two backwards and investigate pre-existing alternative options that in the end, just may hold the answer to what you are in search of. Such is the case in the development and creation of our new Tour-ethane coverstock material. This material was derived as the result of this new direction of thinking and formulating. Our R&D Team followed the chemistry path of pure urethane from yesteryear in order to find the answer to the modern-day struggle in terms of excessive friction. Whether it is due to friction in the oil pattern, friction in the lane surface, or a combination of both. To that we say – Fear Friction No More!

Engineered for Light Oil – Medium/Light Oil

Coverstock: Tour-ethane Pearl
Weight Block: Rondure Core (Asymmetrical)
Color: Platinum Pearl
Factory Finish: 1000-grit Abralon
Flare Potential: High
Condition: Light/Medium Oil
Radius of Gyration (RG) 15lbs – 2.49
Differential (Diff) 15lbs – 0.052
Intermediate Differential (Diff): 0.011

#3 - 900 GLOBAL ALTERED REALITY bowling ball

This might be a little bit of a surprise because a lot of people had this ball as maybe my number one or my number two ball but it’s the 900 Global Altered Reality. This ball was good from the moment I first reviewed it at South Point. I was in love, it features the disturbance asymmetrical core which has an rg of 2.49 a max differential of 0.052 and an intermediate differential of 0.018 in 15 pounds. Wrapped around that disturbance core is the S84 pearl responsive cover that comes out of box at a 1500 grit polished finish and the layout as always in all my asymmetrical balls it is 45 by 4 and a half by 45.This is easily my favorite asymmetrical ball that I drilled in 2021.


The ALL-NEW Altered Reality brings a pearl version of the incredibly strong S84 Response cover to the table. Combined with a revolutionary core, the Altered Reality will be the strongest ball 900 Global offers!

The S84 Response pearl cover utilizes a technology that promotes up to 20% larger pore sizes. By offering this cover finish, we have ensured maximum traction in the heaviest of oil. The Altered Reality will rival the original Volatility in terms of overall hook.

Color: Salmon/Black/Silver
Coverstock: S84 Response Pearl
Weight Block: Disturbance Asymmetric
Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Flare Potential: High
Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs – 2.48; 15lbs – 2.49; 14lbs – 2.50
Differential (Diff): 16lbs – 0.052; 15lbs – 0.052; 14lbs – 0.052
Intermediate Differential (Diff): 16lbs – 0.018; 15lbs – 0.018; 14lbs – 0.018


The number one and the number two ball should be no secret, is the 900 Global Zen and the Roto Grip Hustle Camo. The reason I brought these both up here is because I have gone back and forth over the last three days whether this one was going to be one or this one was going to be one and I keep switching them back and forth so I just wanted them both out here at the same time just to really show you guys or to really explain to you guys how much I love both of these bowling balls so I finally made my decision
The number two ball on this list is going to be the hustle camo and the reason the hustle camo is number two and not number one is because i only drilled it a couple weeks ago very little bit of experience throwing this hustle camo but I’ve had the front 11 twice shot numerous really high scores with this ball in filming sessions with this ball it has been absolutely nutty so that’s why it was number two if i had more time with it maybe it could have been number one but for right now it’s going to be the number two ball so the hustle camo features the hustle core which has an rg of 2.53 a max differential of 0.030 and then wrapped around that hustle core and then wrapped around that hustle core is the vtc solid cover stock that comes out of box at a 1 500 grit polished finish but as you can see i i redid it to that 2000 finish because that’s where i really really love this ball and ultimately i’m probably never going to throw it polished again the layout as always is 50 by 4 and a half by 30. and so i’m going to take you guys on the lanes now so you can see why this ball is my number two ball on my top five and why it could have very easily been my number one ball in my top five so let’s get on the lanes all right first shot here with the hustle camo i’m gonna be at least an arrow right of where i was with the altered wow so i’m going to move everything right my eyes and my feet just to kind of get into the friction a little sooner all right that shot i really really liked with a foul i just want to repeat that last shot minus the foul all right lasha here with the camo

ROTO GRIP HUSTLE camo bowling ball INFO

Built to provide performance for both the novice bowler and the advanced bowler, the Hustle Line of balls serves as the standard in which all other entry level balls are compared. So, whether you are looking to get your very first ball or looking to get a ball to fill out your arsenal for those lighter conditions, have no fear, the Hustle Line is here!

Engineered For – Light to Medium Oil Conditions

– Core: Hustle
– Coverstock: VTC Solid Reactive
– Finish: 1500
– RG: 2.53
– Diff: 0.030

#1- 900 global zen bowling ball

So here we are the number one ball for me in 2021 is easily, or not easily but the 900 Global Zen bowling ball. Now this ball technically came out at the end of 2020 but I didn’t drill it until the middle of 2021 and ever since I first reviewed it I have absolutely loved it. Easily one of the most versatile balls that I’ve ever thrown, it’s a pearl that comes out about shiny and it is kind of boomy kind of angular down lane. When you knock the shine off it turns out to be a little bit earlier a little bit smoother and that’s how I really like it. The 900 Global Zen features the meditate symmetric core which in 15 pounds has an rg of 2.49 and a max differential of 0.51 and then it features the s77 pearl responsive cover that comes out of box at a 1500 grit polished finish. I prefer it at a 2000 finish and the layout again as always it’s 50 by four and a half by 30. 

900 global zen bowling ball INFO

The S77 Response™ Pearl Coverstock was the obvious choice to follow up on the success of the S77 Response™ Solid coverstock. The Pearl version of this cover will provide the most skid/flip reaction we have ever put in the 800 Series. The Zen™ will be a great ball to open up your angles with on medium-heavy patterns.

The Meditate™ Core is the biggest core we have ever put into a bowling ball!! A bigger core means more hitting power combined with a more consistent reaction. Throughout testing the Meditate™ Core provided that wide “footprint on the lane that all bowlers love to see. The Zen™ pushes the limits of core dynamics.

Coverstock: S77R™ Pearl
Weight Block: Meditate™ Symmetric
Factory Finish: 1500 Polish
Flare Potential: 4-5″
Radius of Gyration (RG): 15lbs – 2.49
Differential (Diff): 15lbs – .051
Intermediate Differential (Diff): 15lbs – N/A

All right so there you have it folks, there’s my top five balls that I drilled in 2021

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