Radical Rattler Bowling Ball, Three Possible Drilling Layouts & Expectations


Radical Rattler Bowling Ball

The Rattler is a new addition to our popular Reliable performance category, following in the footsteps of The Bigfoot; the Rattler is strong and continuous like The Bigfoot but is more angular with more backend motion. The Rattler core features benchmark numbers for a symmetrical ball with a 2.48 RG and a differential of .035. To get the desired down-lane motion from The Rattler, we wrapped it in the S.H.A.R.P cover. The S.H.A.R.P cover was originally featured in the Incognito line.















hey everybody Brian danielli here again
40 boards that’s our YouTube channel be
sure to like our videos and subscribe so
we can bring you more of this quality
bowling content I’m here with my main
man as always Todd Hollywood Adams
inside the bower smart located at Strike
Zone Lanes inside the Sunset Station in
beautiful Henderson Nevada got to get it
all in because these are the people that
make these videos happen for us right
now more layouts this is the radical
Rattler Rattler Todd is going to walk
you through a couple of potential
layouts for this ball like Todd has told
me I’ve reiterated to you Todd’s
reiterated to you it is cover stock that
gets the ball to the pins it is layout
that gets them through the pins
thousands of possible combinations we’re
going to go through three of them for
you right now Todd take it away buddy
hey guys hey guys uh so again my my
favorite go-to layout on every ball I’m
going to drill is 45 by 4 by 45. 45 by 4
by 45 and you’re you doing that with uh
this tool here which is called the
prosex scale Pro sex scale if you don’t
know what it is watch one of our other
videos be sure to like And subscribe it
and get our 45
now for you those of you tuning in for
the first time you may notice there’s
some markings on your bowling ball Todd
will cover what those is what those are
when he exposes them here
every ball
is going to have two or three marks on
it that we have to pay attention to this
ball has two marks on it the reason why
it only has two is because it’s a
symmetrical core it does not have
a mass bias asymmetric core and Brian
wants to be a know-it-all guy kind of
now so that he knows a symmetrical core
when we cut it in half we have two equal
halves an asymmetrical core when we cut
it in half well we have two
not equal halves correct they’re
different on one side’s different than
the other right so then we create this
angle of 45
on our Channel knowledge is power so
you’re going to hear me getting smarter
I’m an amateur bowler Todd’s a pro with
over 40 years experience 20 plus years
running Pro Shops Todd is the guy you
want to use if you live anywhere near
Henderson Nevada you definitely got to
come check them out at bowler’s Mart
yeah we’d be happy to help anybody that
uh coming through the door so here’s my
this right here this Mark that I’m
making is my positive access point and
if you don’t know your positive access
point make it a point to have your
bowling ball driller your Pro Shop
professional find out what that is it’s
going to make your bowling experience
way way better absolutely the Pro Shop
guy should want to know all of your
bowling Matrix
ball speed axis rotation
uh then measure your positive access
point those types of things so the Mark
I’m making here is the center of grip
so now we’ve completed the layout
process so this is 45
first angle 45
by 4 by 45. and this is going to suit
what kind of bowler best this is really
that traditional c-shape roll continuous
motion through the pins kind of ball I
like my ball to read the middle really
good and not be so sensitive down Lane
so this is a type of layout that’s going
to help that good flaring layout
um I I it’s just one of those layouts
that just makes sense for everybody
um slow speeds are going to experience a
little sooner c-shape because
of their ball speed uh and this
particular layout might not suit them uh
High balls higher ball speed people
might like this kind of layout but we’re
going to do two other layouts that are
going to show you one or slower ball
speed and then a higher ball speed
layout perfect and we’re going to clean
this ball off using maxtac a bowler
smart product
get your ball nice and clean for the
next layout
and you have to clean your bowling ball
after every use so why not do it with
the max tack
it’s our favorite brand it’s a great
product uh
I really I use it every day in the shop
so okay so our next our next layout is
going to be we’re going to do the slow
ball speed layout okay we want this ball
to push down the lane a little further
it’s going to create a a bigger angle
down Lane okay so we’re going to go uh
we’re gonna go
we’re gonna go 60.
five and a half
this is the buy five and a half part so
down here is five and a half
and then this is going to be 25. 60 by
five and a half by 25 correct more
aggressive ball here down lean down lean
so balls how we deem uh bowling balls to
be aggressive is from front to back so
this is a back end motion bowling ball
so layout
can determine
how the ball is going to react so it’s
not necessarily the ball but the layout
correct I mean the ball does as it as we
as it sits on the Shelf
and we bring the customer over to
identify with who it’s good for
a symmetrical core but this one’s going
to be a little cleaner a little sharper
so it’s definitely for the you know the
slower ball speeds because it wants to
push a little bit uh that smaller
differential core that this ball has is
going to help that straighter lines a
little smoother down Lane as well
um so we’re going to turn here this is
our positive access point
and we’re gonna go we’re gonna get
everything all lined up
four and a half or four and a quarter
right there
and this ball is going to go down the
lane and create a bunch of angle down
for us
who might like this layout Todd this is
again this is a tournament bowler trying
to get their feet left uh good back in
but it’s not going to overshoot in the
back end because it’s a symmetrical core
not your higher ball speed guys are
going to like this type of layout
because it’s pushing the ball too far
unless they crack the cover crack
meaning adjust the cover they might need
a a 500 pad on this particular ball
instead of it being uh like
I think this ball is around 4 000. so
515 500 a thousand fifteen four thousand
I believe is the I love it Todd you have
just scratched the surface of something
we’ll be talking about in a later video
which is putting surface on your bowling
balls which is another important aspect
uh for any Bowlers game so that is our
second layout and of course once again
we got A Tout The Max tax
got to keep your balls clean not just
your bowling balls boys little
naughty joke there
and this third layout what are we going
for here layout third layout is going to
be for an earlier roll
higher ball speeds are going to like
this because the ball is not going to
overshoot going through the over to the
through the angle it’s going to roll a
little sooner and not be so sharp but
rolly I think this and it’s also going
to be a good layout for tournament
players that are looking for a smoother
transition off the back of the pattern
it’s not going to want to jump uh or be
overly sensitive that’s why I like this
layout a lot very cool so you’d say that
anybody that aspires to get into the
bowling business better pay attention in
math class huh
yeah or geometry one of the two math you
know angles what’s the other one
geometry and and uh not true algebra
well algebra x and y’s and the and all
the letters and all the good stuff but
um hey I’m not that smart guy so uh but
he’s a hell of a bowler I’ve just been
doing a long time so we’re gonna go 45
45 by three and a half
three and a half
and then we’re gonna go
this is gonna be 75.
45 by three and a half by 75. yep
so we got these two lined up boom boom
this is my positive access point here
quarter down
and every bowler regardless of ability
should know their positive access point
I I encourage people to get that you
and and try to have some sort of an idea
when they go to talk to the Pro Shop guy
whether it’s a different guy or or the
same guy
there we go we got 45 by three and a
half by 75. love it so that is our third
layout ideal for again what kind of
bowler high speed uh bowler or a
tournament player looking for a better
smoother transition an earlier motion
with thousands of layout possibilities
make sure you know your positive access
point make sure you’re working with a
true professional like Todd Adams you
can find Todd Adams at bowlersmart in
Henderson and if you’re not near
boarsmart bowlersmart.com and if you’ve
got to keep your balls clean nothing
better to do with than Max tag that’s
the layouts for the radical Rattler will
be up with another ball here real soon
everybody take care have a great day

radical bowling balls


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