Chad Lusche Throws the Storm Phaze V Bowling Ball on the Sunset Station House Shot

We had our good friend Chad Lusche out at Strike Zone Bowling Center in Sunset Station throwing the new Storm Phaze V, this time on the House pattern. Chad is a Regional PBA Professional for Storm and is a lot of fun to watch and loves to share his knowledge. We will be editing and adding to this description but were too excited to get this video out to you, so why wait. No doubt you will enjoy this video as much as we did making it.


Storm Phaze 5 Bowling Ball

Can you feel it? That’s power. Pure, unchecked tournament-winning power. Combining proven technologies, the Phaze V is an alchemy of components that will provide nothing but soaring scores. Every ball has the general desire to imagine itself as the start of something entirely new, unbeholden to what has come before. When the salt settles, we’re left with neither triumph nor tragedy. Instead, it’s one more chapter in the continuing saga, punctuated by a moment of genuine awe. One of those moments is right now.

This low RG gem has a strong heart. Being one of the most aggressive symmetrical balls ever devised, your shots become more comfortable so you can bowl with effortless focus on your shot quality. The Velocity Core is designed to help you play at pace with more revs, power and control, for true consistency. There is a reason this construction has turned into the go-to chassis for professionals around the world.

The Phaze 5 is the reissue of the Phaze 4 in a different color and with the new Reacta Gloss finish. It comes with the tried and tested R2S Pearl shell, which you’ve also seen on the Hy-Road Pearl & Trend. With this surface, it glides longer than the Phaze III and gives off a stronger backend response.

What’s noticeable is that his mid lane movement isn’t all that much smaller. So you get a ball here that is really versatile. It will mainly be used on house patterns and played sports patterns. With the new color pattern you can also see its rotational movement very well.
















all right I’m here again with Chad Lucci
Regional PBA bowler
storm guy
getting ready to throw on a house shot
this is kind of like uh visiting a
foreign country to you huh
you know what honestly sometimes bowling
on tour and bullying on the Regionals
and stuff like that I feel more
comfortable than some house shots
because sometimes house shots it’s like
I’m lost sometimes so it uh this could
be an adventure I was joking with Chad
it’s like a big league pitcher or a Big
League hitter used to face a 95 mile an
hour fastballs then they put in you know
the center fielder throwing 62 they
can’t hit squat so we’re gonna see what
Chad can do with the uh brand new phase
five chat how do you think you’re gonna
perform for everybody
uh I I think I’m gonna hit the Hole uh
in the pocket quite often uh now whether
I carry because again some of these
balls are laid out to be more Sports uh
pattern specific so these aren’t
necessarily the shapes that I would be
looking for in League uh but uh I think
I can at least get 70 percent uh strikes
but we’ll uh we’ll see what happens on
the lanes that’s one thing about Chad
he’s not about the performance out here
he’s all about the knowledge he passes
on to you so pay attention while he’s
talking because he’s definitely gonna be
throwing some good things your way let’s
get out of chat sounds good let’s go all
right so we uh got to see what the phase
five did on our Carmen salvino pattern
so now we’re going to the Sunset Station
House shot it’s 40 feet in length
they’ve definitely tweaked it a little
bit since the last time I threw on it so
there’s a little bit more hang than
before so as I said I plan to hit the
whole most these times
we’ll see about our carry percentage
all right
so this is the seven inch pin ball that
I was playing a little bit straighter
with on the Carmen salvino pattern
uh as you see on the house shot
definitely doesn’t lack for picking up
making shape and continuation
so what I plan to do is I’m going to do
five six shots with this bowl I’m gonna
do five to six with my other ball that
you saw at the end of
the Carmen salvino pattern
thank you
definitely not afraid of the gutter
so when we talk about bowling on
patterns when we talk about house
our house shots generally have a little
bit more friction than most support
there’s obviously a little bit of room
for air and so forth so on
but the one thing that we always want to
do is we always want to have the ball
that gives us the best chance
at striking whether we miss inside
whether we throw it out the door
we just want to have that ball that
gives us a comfort level
so as you see the seven inch pan as well
is super smooth it’s almost too smooth
for even the house shot again it’s a
ball that’s designed for more sport
conditions versus a house shot
the second mall that you’ll see will
definitely make a lot more shape and be
more of what characteristics you would
see with the house shot
I’m gonna throw one more with this one
and then we’re gonna switch into
our other ball
oh give the man his hits
well my prediction of hitting the whole
70 percent was kind of out the door but
uh you know those are some good breaks
that we have
I would like to see a few more of those
breaks for me yet when I bowl on the
regional side but uh you know can’t be
Beggars and can’t be choosing so
all right so here we’re going to go into
the other phase five this one as I said
you’re going to see a lot more shape
you’re going to see a lot more uh
quicker motion down Lane
so this one we’re going to actually open
up our angles we’re going to move about
12 left
and basically kind of same Target
so as you see definitely a lot quicker
off the spot goes through the pins a lot
more with a lot more shape a lot more
continuous aspects compared to the seven
inch pin uh ball that I have that’s more
controlled in shape
so again opening up our angles creating
more shape this one I’m going to come
around the ball just a little bit more
and show you that it will stand up
it will stand up come off the pattern
you know pretty hard especially on a
house shot even though this ball is
designed to be more rolly
so when we talk about rolly we talk
about a ball that kind of just wants to
roll uh throughout the entire face it’s
pretty even doesn’t go ballistic
but this one we’re going to come around
it a little bit more
and you see it almost just hydroplanes
through that front part and never really
sees the lane so again big strong balls
designed to be rolly doesn’t really want
to make that big Boomerang shape that
you would see in some asymmetrics like a
infinite physics proton physics uh you
could even include in there like uh
white hat white hot Badgers in the past
and stuff like that
all right we’re gonna do two more shots
oh give the Manus hits
so as you can see my carry percentage on
the house shot is less than stellar
uh it’s kind of funny that I have a
higher average on sport shots than I do
house shots but you know when I don’t
get to practice on house shots as much
as I uh should I also feel that house
shots kind of get you in bad habits when
it comes to sport patterns as well
let’s try to end on a good note here
or not
so again as you see phase five is
definitely versatile from different
parts of the lane depending on how you
lay it out surface management there’s a
bunch of little things that kind of come
into play if you bowl in a higher
friction Center this would be one of
those balls that would definitely
benefit you especially in a transition
aspect again this is on a fresh house
shot I wouldn’t be recommending this as
a fresh first type ball
for house or sport but at the same token
there are ways to kind of tweak it in
order to make it work for you so if you
have any questions see your local pro
shop operator you can always come see
Todd down here at Sunset Station see you
Vance up at Santa Fe Station check out and thank you to
bowlersmart Todd Brian our camera guy as
well as Vice chopo and of course we have
to look good on the lanes with cool
Wicks so until next time guys take care
and be safe
all right Chad wrapping up on the house
shot with the new storm phase five Todd
doing some kind of crazy counting on
three two one one two three two two two
I don’t know I think it’s a senior
moment you know I’m not quite to the
senior age yet you know Todd’s closer
than I am but uh no I mean honestly when
it comes to house shots there are times
I actually struggle with house shots um
again I focus more on the regional side
than trying to get myself to that next
level of being a professional
um so my focus is really on that uh I’ll
Bowl on house shots I bowl one league
right now uh and it’s just kind of keep
the arm swing loose in between my
tournaments and stuff like that I try to
get in and practice you know on things
again when I come to practice I don’t
care about score I’m not looking to
always find ways to strike but it might
be a timing it might be released it
might be targeting whatever so those are
the things that I focus more on when I
come into practice and bowl and stuff
like that as far as what I see with the
phase five on the house shot
you know what on a fresh house shot I
said during the video I wouldn’t really
necessarily throw it as a first line
ball it’s more of a transitional type
ball for me
um but at the same token some people
really Excel with you know those kind of
glossy type balls uh for me I always
crack surfaces and shapes so again
smoother reactions for me are generally
better but on a house shot that’s
generally not a good thing so I like
what you said there that’s advice Todd
always gives me as a guy starting up you
got to pick one thing and practice and
work on it don’t worry about score if
you’re bowling for score you’re just not
gonna Advance uh I think he hasn’t uh
missed a mark there with that and for
the record I am the most senior guy on
the team and the best looking and the
worst bowler so you know you can’t have
everything you got the most hair out of
all this I’ll give you that
all right hey Chad we appreciate you
thanks a lot man it was everything I
hope for and more I hope the audience
enjoyed it like subscribe and you’ll get
a lot more action from uh the man
himself we got some new balls coming out
down uh down the line here right can you
tell me about them we do you uh so
coming up here as far as the release
date I apologize I don’t have it on the
top of my head but we have our Zen you
which is actually going to be a urethane
uh kind of a bigger core stronger
urethane type aspect to go along with
the pitch black the fast pitch and stuff
like that and then our other ball that
excuse me that we also have coming is a
ball that Belmonte had uh some
information with and stuff like that
it’s called the fake as far as the Fate
I should have those here probably in the
next week or so I will get those punched
up and then we’ll be doing some videos
on those as well uh urethane I would
just give you fair warning looks
horrible on most house shots uh for me
it’s really going to look bad because
again my urethanes are not designed for
house shots they’re designed for more
tournament type aspects so but we’ll try
to do our best that we can so you’re a
High Rev kind of guy high energy I love
it I’m sure the crowd does as well so uh
looking forward to next time take care
Chad take care

Storm bowling balls


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