Track Legion Solid Bowling Ball, Three Possible Drilling Layouts & Expectations


Track Legion Solid Bowling Ball

The Track Bowling Legion Solid is not a remake of the original Legion but an improvement on one of Track’s most requested releases. This one features the same proven LT-2 core found in previous releases but with a solid version of our Prime Response Solid cover used in our Proof line. The updated cover gives the Legion Solid the same mid-lane reaction as the original, with an extra kick down the lane.


















hey everybody Brian danielli with me as
always my right hand guy you know that’s
just an expression Todd and I are
Partners in this endeavor but I like to
call my right hand guy because he’s
actually standing on my right Todd Adams
general manager bowler’s Mart Pro Shop
located inside the Strike Zone Bowling
Center located inside Sunset Station
Casino in beautiful Henderson Nevada
today once again another layout drill
three possible layouts for something
Todd’s partial to the track Legion solid
if you haven’t checked out our preview
of the track Legion solid please do that
don’t forget Todd is going to be
throwing us on a house shot and a sports
shot as we’ll be doing with all the
balls we’ve previewed but right now
we’re going to talk layouts with the
legion solid from track hi guys yeah no
this is uh
this ball is near and dear to my heart
um give you a little Insider information
Legion uh track Legion comes from
all of the staff members from Track
bowling so it’s kind of our and then all
of the people that love just
trackballing period around the world so
this ball is really named after just
track fans so this is kind of cool
um and I’ve been a track guy for 22
years and before that through truck bone
balls and have my highest sanction
series with a trackball from 1993 so
I’ve been partial to track for a really
really long time so one of my favorites
uh as I say
uh and I tell Brian
cover stock get you to the pins
layouts get you through the pins so uh
purple bowling balls don’t ever roll bad
that’s right purple bowling balls don’t
ever roll back we said that in an
earlier video I know you’ve got your Pro
Set ready to go I do yep let’s talk
about the markings on the ball real
quick because I love that track that’s a
fire Mark right there on fire
um so in this particular case we have uh
the the Green Dot here which is called
dot technology from Brunswick bowling
innovated a a couple of years ago really
brings ball warranties into play much
easier to deal with we don’t have to
worry about drilling through the pin
next to the pin around the pin and then
voiding a warranty so it and everything
else about the ball is the same so this
is the PIN it indicates the top of the
weight block
then we have the Flaming tee here the
logo and a little dot that’s right next
to a line here is going to act as the
center of gravity the center of gravity
is the heaviest heaviest Spot Of The
and then of course
because this is an asymmetric bowling
ball we have this white dot down here
that indicates where the knob
of the asymmetry is located and what
that does for us is it gives us a little
stronger rolling ball than a symmetrical
symmetrical cores don’t have that shape
so just imagine fine-tuning your bowling
ball just a little differently than you
would a symmetric core and I imagine
you’re going to share the layout so for
those people that don’t know we actually
did a pilot for our Channel where we
threw some of these balls the uh the
legion and other track balls on a house
shot in a sports shot I’m going to try
to put together a little video showing
some of the throws with the the legion
solid before we do a full game on a
house shot in a sports shot uh you threw
this ball pretty well I imagine the
first layout we’re going to talk about
is the layout you use specifically on
that ball we used on the lanes just a
week ago today right yeah pretty close
yeah yeah this is my favorite layout uh
just to drill almost every ball that I
drill so we’re going to drill 45
our first angle is 45
whoops sorry you know 45 here got a
little ahead of myself
and we’re going to Mark the 45.
so line these two up
this is going to create the Buy number
and our ratio
are in our dual angles so now by four
okay and then this is going to be
45. 45 by 4 by 45. that is correct that
is Todd’s favorite layout for those of
you that haven’t been paying attention
and in our earlier video we were with
the radical innovator we were talking
about league night league night Thursday
night South Point Todd Bowles with the
team there and we’re working on bringing
you a live broadcast from that bowling
league uh we hope you tune in for that
it’s going to be pretty awesome we’ve
got a
hell of a bunch of good Bowlers on that
one of which will be previewing some
storm balls for us next week right Todd
that is correct Chad Lucci a storm
staffer for now a couple years
um who I consider a brother of mine and
um super really super super good guy
super entertaining High Rev guy a lot of
knowledge I wouldn’t say as much as Utah
but definitely equal in the passion for
the game department absolutely yeah
Chad’s been a a great a great friend too
so here we go this is 45 by four by four
and a half folks
there you have it Todd’s favorite layout
and of course as always we’ve got two
more layouts coming for you but first we
got to get that ball cleaned off and
what do we use to clean it off we’ll use
max tack Max Tech presented by
bowlersmart absolutely that’s correct
got to keep those balls clean
so then we’re gonna do my
my trick what I call a trick layout this
would be for the slower ball speeds
trying to get more motion through the
this is going to be a layout UH 60 by
five and three quarters by 25 60 by five
and three quarters by 25 and again this
is for the slower speed bowler
and for the bowler bowling at a
tournament where the angle needs to get
way left and way right
so 60
it’s going to be a little sharper down
Lane here
five and three quarters
down here five and three quarters
so for people watching at home this is
uh there are thousands of layout
possibilities when setting up the
bowling ball these are just a few of
your favorites but uh all people
interested in Bowling looking to advance
their game should consult with their Pro
Shop professional and get their positive
access point
every bowler every bowler has it what I
call a bowling Matrix so your bowling
is speed
your the direction of your roll which is
access or rotation and then your
positive access point so a pro shop guy
uh should be able to take your bowling
Matrix and be advantageous to you
instead of generally just guessing at
something this gives us an opportunity
to go oh hey look a bowling Matrix we’re
going to do it like this like this and
like this and it’s going to benefit the
bowler that away so the advice we have
for amateur Bowlers like myself out
there is when you are Consulting with a
professional ask them to come out take a
look at you throwing the ball or bring
them video of you throwing the ball so
that they can help you make the proper
determination for how your ball should
be laid out that is correct
the power of video The Power of
knowledge the power of sharing that
knowledge that’s what we’re all about
here at 40 boards so be sure to like And
so this is our CG our thumb is going to
go here
and our fingers are going to go here and
there you have it so you can see this
layout situation that we have this pin
is real close to the vertical axis line
so the closer it gets to the vertical
axis line the more the ball is going to
respond so get to a spot and go creating
that big
hockey stick motion through the pins
love it love it one more uh one more one
more layout to go of course the max tack
we’ll get those markings off the ball so
we can show you this final layout
now this final layout uh to me is a what
I refer to as a tournament smooth layout
or for higher revery guys it reads the
lane a little sooner uh making the ball
a little more stable so
we’re gonna do
45 by
three and a half
by 75.
now again as Brian is alluded to there
are thousands of combinations we can
pick a ratio right out of our head
but really I mean it all starts to make
sense with your bowling Matrix
all right so we’re going to do by three
and if you’ve got questions about what
your bowling Matrix is or how you can
identify these things be sure to uh
submit a comment or send us a message
and we’ll be sure to get back to you
and don’t forget this is just the uh
second video regarding the track Legion
solid there’ll also be Todd throwing
this ball on a house shot and a sports
shot and our recap of the ball’s
performance and we’ll be doing that for
all the balls we review it’s kind of our
novel approach to uh Ball Reviews and
sharing information absolutely
getting everything all lined up here so
here we have
45 by three and a half
by 75. 45 by three and a half by 75 this
is going to be for the high speed bowler
and there you go folks three layouts for
the track region solid be sure to tune
in because we’ve still got a Todd
throwing a game on a house shot Todd
throwing a game on a sports shot the
recap but for now you’ve got three
possible layouts for the track region
solid don’t forget for
all your bowling needs if you live in
Nevada Southern Nevada Las Vegas or
Henderson you can visit Todd at the
Bowers Mart at Strike Zone Lanes in
Sunset Station in Henderson Todd will
take great care of you everybody have a
good one have a great day guys thanks

Track bowling balls

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