Radical Innovator Bowling Ball, Three Possible Drilling Layouts & Expectations


Radical Innovator Bowling Ball

We are excited to announce a new category of Radical balls that will pay tribute to Mo Pinel and highlight cores that have not been released yet and some of his favorites. The new Innovator is the first ball introduced into “The Mo Pinel Heritage Series” and features a never released asymmetric core design based on Mo’s patented Off-Set technologies and is appropriately named to kick off the new tribute series. The Innovator has moderate asymmetrical numbers, an RG 2.47, a differential of .053, and an intermediate differential of .012. The Innovator core is wrapped with the newly developed MOtion Magic Plus Pearl cover. The MOtion Magic Plus Pearl cover is a polished cover designed for a strong angular backend motion that many have desired for years. The new Innovator asymmetric core and the MOtion Magic Plus cover yield a strong, sharp angular down-lane motion that will surely turn heads.















hey everybody Brian danielli YouTube
channel 40 boards be sure to like And
subscribe to our videos with me as
always my right hand guy Todd Hollywood
Adams here at the bowlers Mart inside
the strike zone Lanes inside Sunset
Station located in beautiful Henderson
Nevada always got to give a shout out to
the folks that make it happen talking
about layouts it’s all about layouts
like my man Todd says and I like to say
now because knowledge is power and I’m
getting full of knowledge working with
my man Todd it is cover stock to get you
to the pins it is layout That Gets You
Through the pins we’re going to talk
about three potential layouts for this
radical innovator a beautiful ball that
we previewed when it came out
Todd tell us about the layouts we’re
going to talk about here so we’re going
to do my
favorite layout to put on every ball
sometimes we drill two balls but at this
particular point in my bowling career
I’m drilling one ball of my favorite
layouts 45 by 4 by 45 and what that
tendency has a tendency to be for me is
a little bit more curve a little less
skid flippy kind of motion a little bit
more curved utilizing more of the cover
stock to get me what I’m kind of looking
for more than an exotic layout to do
that you know Todd something I forgot to
ask you I’m a little bit embarrassed
we’ve gone through a few of these right
now so you are 49 years old getting
ready to go to uh chase a senior PBA
title right I mean you know I don’t mean
to throw your Ambitions out there but
it’s all about having goals I know
that’s one of yours share with our
how would you categorize yourself as a
bowler would you categorize yourself as
a high red Bowler High Speed where do
you categorize yourself so the
typical term I use for myself is I’m a
tweener I’m a little bit old school and
a little bit new new school
unfortunately growing up when I grew up
in the in the urethane era I learned a
bad habit of really grabbing it creating
muscle to create more roll in turn to
the balls that were available to us back
in the 80s and here we are in the 2022
um so since about the 2000s we kind of
had to learn how to play a different
game less muscle creates more free speed
off our hand creates more hook potential
for the ball awesome I’m a little really
uh like I said old school new school
kind of mix of my of my style well one
thing we won’t question is your
knowledge of the of the game of bowling
and how to uh drill balls how to set up
layouts knowledge of product I see we’ve
got the prosec that is our tool for
setting up our layout so go ahead and
take it from there as we do a layout on
a radical innovator so here we go we’re
going to do again and we’re doing 45 by
4 by 45
get everything kind of lined up here
and mass bias in this particular
scenario you guys can see that this
particular mass or center of gravity is
off right they’re not in line and all
not all balls are going to be
identically the same so they’re going to
look a little bit different oh Manny man
that ball looks different must be off
not necessarily at the end of the day
it’s about your Pro Shop guy creating
lines that are meaningful to the layouts
that we’re creating okay and what are
the other two markings on the ball for
people that may not have tuned into one
of our layout videos before so you have
a asymmetrical core here so
identification of this pin indicates the
top of the weight block why that’s
important is to know how to get that
weight block centered to whatever kind
of motion that we’re looking to have for
your ball
um the r there’s a little dot in here
that’s going to
signify the center of gravity the center
of gravity is the heaviest spot of the
the core and then because it’s
asymmetric core we’re going to tilt this
so you can see this white dot this white
dot indicates the intermediate
differential and why that’s important is
because the asymmetry it really kind of
gives us an idea of where it fits to our
positive access point
so on this again we’re going to do the
we’re going to do 45 here
we’re going to do
get it all lined up
and we’re going to do by four
so for those of you taking notes at home
Todd’s favorite layout 45 by 4 by 45. 45
by 4 by 45. kind of almost rhymes
and I know you’re going to be covering
that positive access point so for all of
you watching at home positive access
point very important for every bowler to
know their positive access point if
you’ve got a pro a professional at a pro
shop uh it should be their Duty almost
their responsibility to take you out
watch you throw a ball and help you
determine your positive access point I
know Todd takes the time to get to know
his customers real well he knows my
positive access point is definitely made
a difference in how my balls are drilled
and how my game has progressed would you
say so Todd absolutely now you know Todd
is a professional I am an amateur so
without the guidance of a professional
people willing to share the knowledge
and uh pass that along to a new
generation of bowlers
the game just doesn’t survive so that’s
what we’re all about so there we go we
got the layout huh Todd yep growing the
sport uh yeah 45 by
here access point by 45. there we go all
right and this is going to be perfect
for a tweener like yourself yep and
we’ve already covered the ball so if you
want to know more about the radical
innovator check out our unboxing but
first we got to clean this off so we can
do another layout another clean it off
we got to grab our Max tack a great
bowlersmart product
available of bowler smart locations and
bowlersmart.com got to keep your balls
clean gentlemen and ladies
all right so the next layout we’re going
to do is again this is the skid flip
for the slower ball speeds this one’s
going to keep your ball in motion a
little bit more
um this is uh High friction for the high
speed players uh the more friction the
more it still needs to go down Lane
so remember in positive access point so
the longer away from your positive
access point uh yes the pins getting to
the vertical axis line so a quicker
response but it’s moving down Lane okay
we don’t want it to be too slow
and I’m going to show you another layout
on this ball that’s going to look it’s
going to look completely different to
so in this we’re going to do
we’re going to do 60
e so this is going to be by five and
three quarters
five and three quarters
and 25 60 by five and three quarters by
25 I haven’t heard that combination
before in any of the balls we’ve done
I’m excited to hear how this ball is
going to react with a layout like this
and what kind of bowler it’s going to be
good for
and this bowler is going to be good for
slower ball speeds
um keeping the ball in motion down Lane
and uh this would be good like in my
hand if I was at a tournament and I
needed to create a bunch of angle and
get the ball to still read down Lane
this would be a a good layout for that
thousands of possible possible
combinations of layouts right which
you got to find yourself a good
professional to work with no doubt about
it absolutely so
in this space getting the pin on the
vertical axis line is getting it so it’s
get to that spot and boom it’s going to
create that big quick response
so I love this layout when I gotta move
in and create a bunch of angle fantastic
all right let’s clean it off let’s get
to that third layout one more time
with the max tag
so this last layout this is kind of a my
slower smoother motion down Lane kind of
um we’re going to do 45
by three and a half
by 75. 45 by three and a half by 75.
Todd is like an artist with a prank with
a paintbrush with that prosect in his
hands I’ll tell you what that is uh how
many years in a pro shop business talk
25 years 25 years to track a staff
bowler how long 22. and uh aiming to
make a dent out in the senior PBA world
huh absolutely I uh I haven’t really
bowled competitively for about 12 or 13
years and been waiting
for the opportunity to kind of get out
on tour and watch the big boys bowl and
um see uh see what I can do uh right now
the the PBA 50 tour is made up of
arguably the 80s best ball 80s and 90s
best Bowlers so I’m going out there to
at an interesting difficult time but I
really believe I’m gonna have an
opportunity to uh you know get those
competitive juices flowing again now you
are bowling in leagues right Todd yeah I
do Bowl uh I bowl Thursday night
um at South Point at seven o’clock uh
good friends of mine Eric Simrad and
Chad Lucci and Chad Chad’s going to be
one of our guests uh throwing the phase
five for us and then even bringing some
new storm balls coming out that we’re
going to get the get the preview so kind
of excited to get him uh showing up on
the channel huh absolutely
so there we have this is what we’re
going to call 45 by three and a half by
75. as you can tell in the last layout
the pin was much further up
this is this line going this way is our
vertical axis line and at the end of the
day there’s a huge difference between
this space and that space that’s what’s
going to create that different uh
looking motion for every bowler
fantastic well there you go three
layouts for the radical innovator
brought to you by the one and only Todd
Hollywood Adams you can find him at
bowlersmart in Henderson and listen if
you don’t live near Bower’s Mart you can
go to bowlersmart.com we look forward to
seeing you again remember like subscribe
tell your friends it’s all about
knowledge knowledge is power we’re
passing it on to you everybody be good
be good

radical bowling balls


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