Brunswick Defender Hybrid Bowling Ball – Three Possible Drilling Layouts Discussed


Brunswick Defender Hybrid Bowling Ball

Over the past eighteen months, the Brunswick Research and Development team has worked hard to develop the next breakthrough in cover technology. After pouring and throwing hundreds of bowling balls with dozens of new base reactive urethane formulations combined with a wide variety of chemical components and additives, our ball team has created something exceptional – the new HyperKinetic22 coverstock.

HK22, as we’ll often refer to it, features enhanced color and clarity by engineered nano microcellular phase separation technology, dramatically improving the cover’s translucency. And through Quasi prepolymer staged reactions, intermolecular friction is reduced to manifest a dynamic interactive polymer morphology with the lane. To simplify this, bowling balls featuring HK22 look better on the shelf and perform better on the lanes with a shiny finish that provides easy length and increased dry lane friction for impressive backend reaction. HK22 is an exciting technological advancement, and we believe this is just the beginning as our chemists continue their work to push the limits of bowling ball performance.

As always, each brand will continue to do independent testing with unique additive packages to supply the market with the broadest range of ball motion in bowling.

The new Brunswick Defender Hybrid is the first ball introduced using HK22. You’ll first notice the shelf appeal and colors of the Defender Hybrid and how they pop; this is due to the new translucent base material. The new base material HK22 creates a noticeable and exciting advancement in shiny ball hook potential, creating more teeth in the mid-lane for a shiny ball and a stronger, more responsive breakpoint. The ACT 3.0 additive package was added to the HK22 base to achieve optimal ball reaction. The overall result is more backend and a shiny ball that will handle more volume and give the bowler more area at the breakpoint.

The Defender features Brunswick’s innovative outer core technology called DynamiCore. This industry-leading technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry.
















hello everyone Brian danielli here with
my good buddy Todd Hollywood Adams
inside the Bowers Mart at Strike Zone
Lanes in Henderson Nevada
today we talk about possible layouts
starting with the Brunswick Defender
hybrid Todd you tell me that one of the
most important aspects uh when preparing
a bowling ball is the layout because
that is what gets the ball through the
pins and you tell me that cover stock is
what gets the ball
to the pins
today we’re going to cover three
possible layouts for the defender hybrid
I see you’ve got some tools here in
front of us not a lot of stuff but uh
tell us about them real quick okay this
is our uh prosex scale
um it what it does is it helps us uh in
fractions navigate uh spans and uh
degrees on this side this helps us with
our dual angles that we’re going to use
for today and I know what that yellow
item is that’s a wax pencil and can you
tell us about the three markings on the
Bowling Ball that are going to come into
play here when you’re marking it up so
here we go
this is the PIN it indicates the top of
the weight block that’s important to
where we place it in relationship to our
positive axis point
then we have our center of gravity
center of gravity
the ball is constructed with a heavy
that’s what denotes the heavy spot is
this little Crown here a nice little dot
it gives us that static weight movement
that we would need and then of course
because it’s an asymmetric core the mass
bias is marked for us to help us
navigate our dimensions
sounds good let’s get to it let’s mark
this bad boy up all right
so I’m going to imagine this first
layout is going to be something that you
would use on the lanes that is correct
um so I’m going to use a 45 by 4 by 45
um I like to use this uh kind of right
out of the box for my bowl speed and my
positive access point it helps us kind
of get a ball to read the lane and
it really kind of gives my eye that
common look that I’m looking for I could
draw almost every ball just like this
now that’s something you mentioned to me
when I bought my first big bowling ball
Big Boy bowling ball was uh knowing my
positive access point and you came out
and you watched me throw you determined
my positive access point is that
something that every bowler should do
when they’re making a large purchase
like this absolutely uh it is vitally
important for the Pro Shop guy to go out
to the lanes and watch you throw a few
um get your positive access point
and uh you know it helps with the
purchase of a bowling ball if the Pro
Shop guy doesn’t do that then you know
your you you might lack a little
confidence in that individual
yeah yeah a quarter
so here we go we got this is for me
that’s how I’m going to drill most every
ball that uh comes my way
um so it’s 45
by 4 by 45.
and this ball is going to get what kind
of uh action for you so this is a like I
said it’s a very readable motion for me
um uh it’s not super skid flippy uh it’s
not super early a lot of the uh a lot of
the the
cover stocks that’s why the cover
Stock’s the most important thing is
because if it’s a little shiny or a lot
um that’s how we’re going to help uh
drill these balls a little differently
for each individual now mind you this is
for me this is my positive access point
um as a matter of fact uh this this area
right there is my positive access point
um I already have a really rolly kind of
spinny rolly type
throw positive access point
um so again moving forward everybody has
their own Matrix
I love it so we’re going to do another
one here and let’s hypothetically say
we’ve got a high red player that throws
the ball hard maybe you can show us a
layout for a player like that absolutely
I see you’ve got the uh Max tag
absolutely Max Tech a bowler smart Max
yep and uh I appreciate all their help
love my company they do a great job but
all aspects of bowling as well
so now we’re drilling something that’s
going to be more of a high red player
throws the ball hard
yeah we’re gonna do um
so we’re gonna do
see this is what happens sometimes
during filming you get these situations
where you have to overcome uh obstacles
and uh you know one at a time
um that’s why you keep a spare that’s
right gotta have one around gotta have
another one around so we’re gonna do um
we’re gonna do
we’re gonna do 45 by
three and a half
by 75.
so this is going to be more for the high
red Bower throws the ball hard of course
we’re kind of going blind on the
positive access point making some
assumptions here but this would be good
for uh the type of bowler I just
mentioned that is correct we’re gonna uh
This is Gonna help
we’ll do a a general five uh positive
access point uh five by half down
that’s our
this right here is going to be our our
positive axis point and then
we’re going to measure 2 5
and what this does this layout is rolly
and continuous the higher ball speed
wants to push the ball down the lane so
we have to control how far that ball is
skidding okay so this helps us do that
so here we got uh 45
by three and a half
by 75.
it’s this is going to be
for High Rev uh high ball speed kind of
guys so phenomenal let’s uh do a third
layout just like we promised our viewers
and this one’s going to be uh you know
what let’s do a layout for an amateur
bowler like me you’re pretty familiar
with my style and my positive access
so how would you lay this ball out for a
bowler like myself
let’s is not quite at the level
let’s say let’s say we have somebody
with a little slower ball speed you have
a little higher ball speed so we’re
going to go there we’re going to go a
little slower ball speed okay because I
want to show you this
um in that case we’re going to do a much
bigger pin distance from our positive
access point okay so in this case making
our again our line here
getting everything lined up
we’re gonna do
uh we’re gonna do 65
we’re going to do 65 by 5 and a half
now the five and a half part is a big
number because we want to get the ball
to push down Lane as far as we can okay
so in this case we’ll line it up here
so then we’re going to do
for our our bottom number this is gonna
this is gonna give us that super skid
flippy motion
for almost every bowler on the planet
up for you people watching at home you
know this is why it’s important to uh
work with a quality professional like
Todd find someone that you trust you
know with countless combinations someone
that wants to take the time to learn
your style of bowling what your goals
are can help make sure that your
investment is best spent and gives you
the best performance for your dollar am
I missing anything Todd no absolutely
correct Brian uh
it’s really important to uh to to get
those numbers and get these bowling
balls correct for
all the bowlers out there
so this is a again here folks this is
going to be um
by five and a half
by 25.
is what this dual angle numbers are so
um this is super skid flippy this is
going to get a lot of motion down Lane
and sideways through the pins Todd I
love it thank you so much for walking us
through this as always you can find Todd
at bowlersmart in Henderson and if
you’re going to purchase a bowling ball
be sure to check out your local Bowlers
Mart if one’s not near you go to they’ve got all your
selection and needs and remember layout
is important we’ll be covering other
balls here in upcoming videos be sure to
like And subscribe and we’ll see you
shortly thank you Brian

brunswick bowling balls

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