Radical Rattler Bowling Ball, Unboxing, First Impressions & Expectations


Radical Rattler Bowling Ball

The Rattler is a new addition to our popular Reliable performance category, following in the footsteps of The Bigfoot; the Rattler is strong and continuous like The Bigfoot but is more angular with more backend motion. The Rattler core features benchmark numbers for a symmetrical ball with a 2.48 RG and a differential of .035. To get the desired down-lane motion from The Rattler, we wrapped it in the S.H.A.R.P cover. The S.H.A.R.P cover was originally featured in the Incognito line.















hi again everybody Brian I wish I could
say I’m getting tired of this but it’s
just such a big bowling ball release day
I mean I’m a rookie and I’m just excited
I’m looking over at the balls over there
there’s so many we’ve got a couple more
to go but uh it’s been fun yeah and now
we’re on number five
it’s a big bowling ball release day I
remember number five I mean wow we got
one more left one more left after this
I’m with my man Todd Hollywood Adams
here at bowlersmart in Henderson inside
the strike zone 72 Lanes of bowling
excitement located at Sunset Station and
bowling ball number five it’s our fifth
introduction First Take unboxing First
Impressions expectations before we
talk about possible layouts get it out
on the lane and throw it and give people
the final verdict this one
another ball from
radical and mole canal and Phil
cardinali let’s unboxed because there’s
nothing more exciting you’ve heard me
say this three or four times today then
unboxing a new bowling ball here in that
plastic crinkled yep and uh I’m gonna
say this because there is no such thing
as a bad rolling purple bowling ball now
this looks like it might be kind of blue
purple but I’d say close enough and I’m
sure this ball is not going to
disappoint I love the orange rattlesnake
on the front let’s give her a spin that
is just an attractive bowling ball as
Todd’s gonna take it from here because
he’s the professional I’m the amateur
but our goal ultimately is to educate
you the viewer right because hey if we
don’t teach people then we’re not gonna
get the next generation of Bowlers and
the Sport’s going to die I mean that’s
how we found each other right I mean you
know I was getting LED down a path and
and I found my way to Todd and Todd has
just changed my game and changed my
perception of bowling and I hope you
know through these videos we can do the
same for you so Todd take it away tell
us all about this radical rabbit
radical Rattler um it’s going to be uh a
great Benchmark ball
um for all of them the masses uh let’s
let’s dive into the tech specs here
um you have the sharp
you got the Rattler symmetric core
um it’s going to be at
2.480 and o35 for your differential
um it’s hit with the 500 1500 4 000 Tire
that’s important we’re going to dive
into that a little bit a little bit but
that’s important and
the cool thing about this bowl is
its shape it’s not as a as a normal
Benchmark ball Benchmark is that c kind
of motion that we’re looking for
smoother motion this ball is going to
bypass the front part of the lane a
little cleaner uh than than most balls
like it because
of the four thousand uh sire pad
the smoother the top of that surface the
more it hydroplanes on oil
so now the ball is going to go down the
lane further and give us
what I refer to as a semi-angular kind
of motion element
it’s not totally because it’s a solid
cover it’s not Pearl where that gets
that super sharpness so this hole is
going to be in that really in the middle
I just feel like this is going to be
attractive to the masses of Bowlers
looking for something that’s not too
early maybe somebody with a little
slower ball speed
um but you know we’re always trying to
figure out how we can help you
so this is the kind of ball that you
know people have this this preconceived
notion of what a good Benchmark ball is
and you know they come in they look for
the same kind of ball they’re thinking
of the same kind of brand this is a
chance for you know beginning Bowlers
amateur Bowlers just breaking into the
sport to try something outside the box
right uh you know to try the radical
brand and this is a perfect ball for
I agree yeah absolutely um like I said
the masses of Bowlers can can roll this
pole uh the Pro Shop guys that you’re
going to see uh you know we can we can
maneuver the the numbers around and make
it advantageous a little longer or a
little earlier
um but there’s a sweet spot for
everybody and I just feel like this ball
is just really versatile you know we’re
going to talk about each of these balls
and potential layouts so I guess what
you’re alluding to here is is the
importance of the layout for the
individual bowler absolutely and so you
know that’s something that I find unique
about Todd if you’re out there and
you’re a bowler you know and you’re
going to buy a ball from someone and
you’re going to elect them to drill your
product that something I learned from
Todd it’s important that they they come
out and watch you throw a ball once or
twice right it’s something you did for
me and and we got my positive access
point it definitely made my bowling
experience better uh is that something
you encourage our viewers to do when
they’re they’re making a decision to
purchase bowling ball
absolutely 100 when you walk into a pro
shop you want to look for that customer
service edge to the push-ups that you’re
going to and that edge is the pro shop
operator should be interested in you and
you only uh not just being General uh
again busy shops or business shops and
sometimes they can’t get out there but
at the end of the day we want to take
everybody out on the lanes want to get
your positive access point want to see
what your Axis or rotation is and all of
these types of numbers tell us how we
can be beneficial to you the moment and
that’s why we’re going to cover multiple
layouts with all of these balls so
people can understand it’s not just one
one size fits all
correct 100
as an individual uh we have big hands
and small hands and though that aspect
affects how we drill a bowling ball for
an individual so
um the fit of the ball is important but
you know listen you’re buying a 200
bowling ball you know we and the we in
the industry care about you
there’s no real Rhyme or Reason Why
bowling balls should just be General
so that said what do you expect this
ball to do on a house shot what do you
expect it to do on a sports shop
performance wise so this ball is not
gonna like a bunch of oil so on our
house shot uh you know a typical house
shot 40 feet
um you know room to the right a free
hook to the right
um really going to find that it’s a good
Benchmark ball to maneuver the lane
whether if you had some slow ball speed
good right out of the box it’s going to
keep its motion down Lane
higher ball speeds are going to have to
trick this cover up a little bit meaning
take the 4 000 off maybe take a Avalon
pad and go to 500 or a thousand
on a sport pattern though I think this
ball is going to be really useful when
they’re a little flatter a little
shorter pattern kind of the simile
urethane which will cover eventually
but what’s going to happen is that then
it’s going to be a little smoother a
little bit more predictable on something
like that and a little different motion
than your and just a reminder you know
we’re going to cover the layouts then
we’re going to watch Todd grow this ball
full game uninterrupted on a health shot
and a sport shot so you know look
forward to that video anything else we
want the viewers to know about the
it’s purple and it’s and it’s got a that
color scheme
I don’t want to ask you a question where
did you uh where did you graduate
college from University of Florida
that’s right what is this what does this
color look like it’s like some Gator
colors that’s right we don’t want to
talk about Gators though because uh
college football team is not going too
well so thanks for reminding me
I guess last question what is the MSRP
on this bowling ball without Drilling
144.95 and if they want to drilled by
you here boer’s Mark Henderson 204.95
regardless of where you’re going to get
your bowling ball from check out Bowers
bar whether it’s live in a pro shop or
online at bowlersmart.com Great customer
service great product selection but if
you’re in Henderson check out my man
Todd Hollywood Adams he will take
excellent care of you get your ball
drilled right make sure out on the lanes
performing at your best in no time hey
Todd as always thank you happy release
day happy release date everybody take

radical bowling balls


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