Storm Phaze V Bowling Ball – Final Thoughts | Chad & Brian From BowlersMart Henderson

Chad and Brian recap the Storm Phaze V with Chad going over his final impressions and giving the viewers some insight and words of wisdom after throwing the ball on both a sport and house shot. Be sure to let Chad know if you have any questions or share your comments below. Be sure to like and subscribe. Also check back for our review of the new Global 900 Zen U and Storm Fate


Storm Phaze 5 Bowling Ball

Can you feel it? That’s power. Pure, unchecked tournament-winning power. Combining proven technologies, the Phaze V is an alchemy of components that will provide nothing but soaring scores. Every ball has the general desire to imagine itself as the start of something entirely new, unbeholden to what has come before. When the salt settles, we’re left with neither triumph nor tragedy. Instead, it’s one more chapter in the continuing saga, punctuated by a moment of genuine awe. One of those moments is right now.

This low RG gem has a strong heart. Being one of the most aggressive symmetrical balls ever devised, your shots become more comfortable so you can bowl with effortless focus on your shot quality. The Velocity Core is designed to help you play at pace with more revs, power and control, for true consistency. There is a reason this construction has turned into the go-to chassis for professionals around the world.

The Phaze 5 is the reissue of the Phaze 4 in a different color and with the new Reacta Gloss finish. It comes with the tried and tested R2S Pearl shell, which you’ve also seen on the Hy-Road Pearl & Trend. With this surface, it glides longer than the Phaze III and gives off a stronger backend response.

What’s noticeable is that his mid lane movement isn’t all that much smaller. So you get a ball here that is really versatile. It will mainly be used on house patterns and played sports patterns. With the new color pattern you can also see its rotational movement very well.
















Chad Luce we just finished up
throwing the beautiful phase five and as
promised we’re going to give you a recap
now you may remember the preview was
Todd and myself but when you got a guy
like Chad who’s a storm staff bowl or
Regional PBA Pro and he’s going to talk
to you about this fantastic ball well
you just can’t pass up on the
opportunity we’re inside the beautiful
bowler’s Mart located inside the Strike
Zone Bowling Center which is located
inside Sunset Station here in lovely
Henderson Nevada if you’re looking for
any bowling products bowlersmart’s the
place to be whether it’s here in the
store with Todd or at but
right now let’s just skip ahead to the
wrap up and the final take on the phase
five pictured right here you mind if I
give it a spin chat because I like to
spin the ball oh it is it is a pretty
ball and this is Chad’s ball so I’m
gonna let Chad tell you all about his
final take on this uh outstanding ball
from storm and remember
smells like blueberry
so the face five uh you know during the
video I mentioned that it’s definitely
not a first in ball for me it’s more of
a transitional ball I’ve had the phase
two uh phase three phase four uh and
phase five phase four we still get the
throw uh you know with tournaments and
everything else there’s basically four
tournaments I cannot throw that ball but
when I can’t throw that this is
definitely going to be in that
replacement aspect uh this definitely
made a little bit more shape than my
original uh phase four
um but the phase line it’s been around
for quite some time honestly it’s one of
those versatile balls you can throw it
on short can throw it on long you can
throw it straight you can bend the lanes
um it’s a ball that fits a wide variety
of skill levels as well as abilities
Chad beat me to the punch there cause
you know I’m gonna pepper him with some
questions because that’s what I do I’m
like a little Jackrabbit bunny here Chad
for a beginner like myself just getting
started right you know amateur bowler
how does this ball Stack Up is this
something I might want my Arsenal if
you’re if you’re looking to get
um if you’re an open Play bowler and
you’re just kind of learning this would
not be the ball that I would first put
you into as a starting type Ball but if
you’re looking to get better look for
more performance out of a ball if you’re
looking to bowl tournaments if you’re
looking to go not necessarily at the PBA
level but if you go and Bowl amateur
tournaments like ABT uh the tat you know
what Jamie McWilliams in them or just
anything locally State uh City
tournaments in your local towns and
stuff like that this would definitely be
one of those balls that would definitely
fit into Your Arsenal
um you know to give you that variety but
at the same token give you a ball that’s
and kind of that staple ball that you
know what it’s going to do and how it’s
going to perform so then a follow-up
question to that would be if you are
someone looking to put this ball on Your
Arsenal you would emphasize the
importance of having someone say like
Todd Adams here at Boar’s Mart drill
that ball for you or a professional it’s
going to take time to watch you throw
get your positive access point and and
have some knowledge about how you throw
before they drill this ball for you
correct I mean any pro shop operator
that you uh you know again if you’re out
of state coming to Henderson might be a
little out of the question but at the
same token your local pro shop operator
should be able to understand you know
what a positive access point is what’s
your access what’s your rotation and
basically know how you roll the ball
versus you know what just kind of taking
a shot in the dark and whatnot now for
the more advanced bowler that is you
know already at that level bowling in a
league looking to bowling tournaments
how do you think this ball Stacks up for
um so personally I I’ve drilled two I
actually just drilled a third one this
morning but I’ve drilled two I’ve pulled
with them basically in two tournaments
so far and they’ve seen the lane both
tournaments so far both on a 44 foot
pattern as well as a 38 foot pattern so
again kind of having that flexibility
and that versatility of the ball but
again knowing what the ball is capable
of doing and what it’s not capable of
doing you know everyone’s different you
might have a 200 rev rate you might have
a 500 rev rate you know what you got to
match up balls to your game and
performance again we talked a little bit
about in uh the videos talking about
some surface management how I generally
try to crack the surface a little bit
because most balls that are shiny or
generally don’t read the lane
consistently for me so surface
management becomes a big part when I
bowl tournaments or anything of that
nature I know everybody’s always excited
to see people throw the new bowling ball
and talk about the new bowling ball but
that’s one of the reasons that you’re
with us here on 40 boards is you’re just
all about passing that knowledge forward
making the bowlers out there more aware
more educated so these are the types of
things that you can look forward to I’m
sure we’re going to do videos and talk
about service surface management right
ball right situation I know we’ve got
something planned you’ve got a big
tournament coming up here in Las Vegas
correct yeah we got the last Regional of
the year uh over at South Point November
4th 5th and 6th if you’re in Vegas feel
free to come out and watch you’ll have
to see senior side as well as the
regular side but sitting pretty well in
the RPI standings right now so I hope to
stay in the top four and uh Bowl in
January for uh a price fund I think it’s
like fifteen thousand dollars so all
right and hey if you’re looking for a
phase five hey Todd how much is the
phase five undrilled
174.95 and if someone wants it drilled
by Todd Hollywood Adams how much is it
going to run them
234.95 234.95 you can get it here at
Bowers Martin Henderson or love this guy right here
you get a chance to come watch him at
the plaza beautiful bowling facility at
South Point uh casino here in Las Vegas
Chad is a high energy High Rev guy and
just loves to pay it forward man I’m
privileged to know him and honestly in
the video if you’re down at the bottom
with comments and stuff like that if you
have questions about it feel free to put
in questions myself Todd or someone will
definitely get you know with you answer
your questions about it and stuff like
that as well and if it’s Brian that
answers your comments back trust me it
came from Todd or Chad so don’t you
worry all right hey everybody take care
Chad awesome everybody be good pleasure
stay safe guys

Storm bowling balls


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