Storm Phaze V Bowling Ball, Unboxing, First Impressions & Expectations

Brian and Todd unbox and share first impressions, details and expectations for the new Storm Phaze V Recorded at BowlersMart located inside the Strike Zone Bowling Center in Henderson, NV. Release day is always fun and we look forward to sharing the excitement with you. Be sure to stay tuned for future videos on the Storm Phaze V where we show potential layouts for the ball as well as watch our good friend Chad Lusche throw a game on both a house shot and sport shot followed by a recap of the balls performance. It’s all about sharing the knowledge and growing the sport. Todd has over 40 years of experience in bowling, holds a PBA card and manages the BowlersMart in Henderson. Brian is an avid amateur bowler with big goals. Together we look forward to sharing our passion and knowledge with you along with special guests that we will introduce as we grow our channel. Please be sure to like, share and subscribe. Of course questions and comments are welcome. You, the viewer are why we started this journey and we look forward to your participation. Enjoy!


Storm Phaze 5 Bowling Ball

Can you feel it? That’s power. Pure, unchecked tournament-winning power. Combining proven technologies, the Phaze V is an alchemy of components that will provide nothing but soaring scores. Every ball has the general desire to imagine itself as the start of something entirely new, unbeholden to what has come before. When the salt settles, we’re left with neither triumph nor tragedy. Instead, it’s one more chapter in the continuing saga, punctuated by a moment of genuine awe. One of those moments is right now.

This low RG gem has a strong heart. Being one of the most aggressive symmetrical balls ever devised, your shots become more comfortable so you can bowl with effortless focus on your shot quality. The Velocity Core is designed to help you play at pace with more revs, power and control, for true consistency. There is a reason this construction has turned into the go-to chassis for professionals around the world.

The Phaze 5 is the reissue of the Phaze 4 in a different color and with the new Reacta Gloss finish. It comes with the tried and tested R2S Pearl shell, which you’ve also seen on the Hy-Road Pearl & Trend. With this surface, it glides longer than the Phaze III and gives off a stronger backend response.

What’s noticeable is that his mid lane movement isn’t all that much smaller. So you get a ball here that is really versatile. It will mainly be used on house patterns and played sports patterns. With the new color pattern you can also see its rotational movement very well.
















hello everyone Brian danelli once again

it’s release day and I wish I could say

I was tired I mean I’m looking over here

five bowling balls we’ve covered this is

the sixth I like to think you saved the

best for last Tom’s gonna disagree with

me I mean you’ve been in the game 40

years right professional bowler for

quite a long time 20 plus years with

Track bowling uh We’ve covered five

balls that were released by Brunswick

the 6-1 company I’m a little bit partial

too it’s all I know an amateur more you

know maybe I just bought the hype I

don’t know but I think they make a good

product it is uh the storm phase five

but before we unbox it let’s talk about

we’re here at bowler’s Mark in Henderson

inside the Strike Zone Bowling Lanes 72

Lanes of bowling excitement located

inside the Sunset Station

I’m excited and we’ve got some exciting

news about this as well because while

Todd works for while we’re smart and

Track bowling he can’t throw it but our

good friend Chad roshi and Chad is a

regional PBA Pro correct that’s correct

he can’t throw the ball first and he’s

going to throw it on a house shot in a

sport shot but Todd not scientist so

Todd’s going to tell us all about what

he expects this ball to do on a house

shot what he expects it to do on a

sports shot what his first impressions

are we’re going to cover layouts and

then we’re going to get Chad the throat

is bad boy for us so uh Todd women man I

mean yeah just look at it they they just

do a fantastic job you know color wise

you know Graphics I mean the company’s

just phenomenal in my opinion but what

about the Vault because that’s what

people want to know how’s this fall

going to perform is it going to live up

to the height my understanding as an

amateur the phase four is 86 you’re not

allowed to use it anymore but storm just

wasn’t having it so they come out with

phase five absolutely so what did they

do to get around the rules to just get

Bowers and Edge I guess that’s their

game right they just want to be on The

Cutting Edge and get Ballers every

Advantage they can

with storm and the issues they had with

USBC they they knew that they needed to

come out to improve on what they had

phase four was a good ball unfortunately

through the snafu of

the political you know parts of life and

things that happen we knew a fight phase

five was coming it just

I think it’s better than the phase four

let me dive in some tech specs for you

this ball has the velocity core with the

r2s color r2s pearl reactive cover stock

248 and 0.51 uh differential


it’s hard to improve but they keep

improving the formulations of the cover

stock price the velocity core has been

around for a while r2s has been around

for a while uh when you start messing

around with certain numbers sometimes

balls don’t roll right

this fall

rolls right I heard someone say and

before you continue sorry to interrupted

here that this is just an even better

phase two and that was my first bowling

ball and I absolutely love it

do you think it’s just a better phase

too or just on another level completely

faces have come out the phase two is the

quintessential best symmetrical

Benchmark ball

on plane

that’s coming from a trackballer people

so that’s quite a compliment

to improve

it this pulls it at differently it’s the

same category it’s a phase but the

difference between a phase two and this

fall is a solid cover stock from the

phase two versus the Pearl wrap cover

stock of the phase five

um one’s going to be more of that c

motion One’s Gonna this this particular

ball is going to be that hockey stick go

down and give it some sideways motion

down Lane

but the cool thing about this and what

separates Storm from all the rest of the

companies is


all of the storm balls that are reactive

resin all have a sensitive oh let’s

smell it

yeah it smells nice so it smells better

than my girlfriend wow so this is a


um the scents don’t make the ball roll

better but why not have fun while you

bowl right so at the end of the day

these unboxings and moving forward

there’s some really cool scents out

there okay we’ll get into that more

later what can we expect from this ball

on a house shot what can we expect from

it on a sports shop

so on a house shot this ball is going to

be more of the

second to third game type of ball

because of its motion down Lane it wants

to travel further and skid skid further

and give more angularity down Lane

um so in a house shot uh you might be

moving left to throw it right

like I said in second game third game

more motion down Lane

on a sport pattern this is going to be

something that is designed to be on

medium volumes of oil and not on the


so not right away Brian okay okay this

ball is going to be longer down the road

into the tournament when we need to move

left and create and we know that it’s

going to get to that window and go left

that’s the type of balls

sounds good sounds good and of course

we’re going to cover different layout

options for this ball and I got to tell

you you know someone that hasn’t been

around Bowling as long as Todd has it

Todd is you’re a phenomenal bowler

you’re fun to watch I mean you’re very

meticulous when you pull but Chad loshe

is going to be a treat now you know him

a long time now he is a high red ball or

high energy really knowledgeable really

passionate about the game so I think our

viewers are getting a real treat

watching Chad throw this ball uh what do

you think Chad’s impressions of this

ball are gonna be well I already spoken

to Chad and I know how excited he was

when he got these balls drilled up

um and he’s got a couple of them drilled


um different layouts and uh he’s super

excited super super excited for the

chance to have balls of motion uh the

way his eye likes to see full motion

we’ll get into that

at a later date but

um Chad is uh

he’s a phenomenal bowler a little higher

rubbery kind of guy 475

maybe could get the 500

um has some tips and some tricks that he

does to bowling balls to benefit him

that is a little different you know just

a very very solid professional bowl and

I think that you know Todd just covered

some things that’s going to make us

unique versus other people that are out

there is that we’re going to bring you

perspectives from different Bowlers

we’re going to bring you different set

of eyes different opinion and it’s all

about educating our viewers out there so

you know we covered five different

Brunswick balls you know storms very

popular with people but we want to open

their eyes to other options that are out

there and it’s all about education so

just like with everything else we’re

going to cover layout options for this

ball we’re going to get it on the house

shop we’re going to get on a sports shop

we’re going to get the the final uh

assessment of the ball right the last

Impressions yep and we’re just looking

forward to bringing you more there will

be another release date next month more

bowling balls coming out but more videos

to look forward to from us because we’ve

got more to bring you and anything you

want to say in conclusion about this

ball or should we just give them uh one

more I think we need to give it to spin

give it the spin give it the spin and it

is uh ball number six happy release to

everybody we’ll see you again in

November with more ball releases but

we’ll see you here real soon with some

house shots some sports shots some

layouts and uh hey maybe some tips and

tricks some knowledge to share with the

viewers huh yeah I look forward to I

look forward to all of the uh viewers

getting involved and if you have any

questions don’t hesitate to look us up

yeah and remember hit the like button

subscribe and real quick how much is

this fall MSRP so undrill 179.99 if they

want to come to you here Paul’s Martin

Henderson how much drill 239.95 if you

can’t make the Boris Martin Henderson to

deal with my man Todd Hollywood Adams be

sure to check out great

selection great prices great customer

service we look forward to seeing you

all again soon hey happy release day

that’s a wrap your release date y’all


Storm bowling balls


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