Like Father, Like Son – A New Boresch Making a Name For Himself at the USBC Open Championships

By Michael Cousins

We have new leaders at the USBC Open Championships, and it is a familiar name: Boresch.

USBC Hall of Famer, Lennie Boresch Jr, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and his team, Classic Lanes Raisins, took over the Regular Team lead with a score of 3,158, outdoing their companion team, Classic Lanes Kids, 3,037, which is currently enough to place them in second.

The Classic Lanes groups’ success did not end there, though.

Jacob Boresch, 24, son of USBC Hall of Famer, Lennie Boresch Jr, is attempting to make a name for himself at the Open Championships, like his father before him.

J. Boresch carried his team to their current second place standing, shooting 760 to start off his 2017 Open Championship – his fifth appearance.

For doubles, the tandem teamed up, pairing father and son together.

Together, they managed to get to 1,289, which was good enough to leapfrog the husband-wife team of Bryanna and Randy Cote, who sat at 1,242.

In singles, J. Boresch’s success continued, where he was able to shoot 705, putting him at 2,122 All-Events, good enough to jump ahead of Bryanna Cote, who previously held the lead at 1,953.

In an article written on, J. Boresch tells Matt Cannizzaro that he and his teammates grew up admiring and watching his dad and teammates competing on the lanes. He credits their knowledge and tutelage for his and his team’s overall success at this year’s Open Championships. “Their guidance can’t be beat,” said J. Boresch, “being able to find success together is really special.”

In addition to the Boresch’s success, their teammate, and six-time Open Championship titlist, Gary Daroszewski, put together games of 213, 268, and 255 for a 736 series, good enough to take the lead away from Randy Cote (715).

As a group, Classic Lanes Raisins and Classic Lanes Kids were able to leave this year’s Open Championships leading every event, including Team All-Events, where the group of Boresch, Daroszewski, Lever, Traber, and Yannaras (Classic Lanes Raisins) put up a score of 9,360.

It is still early in the event – The Open Championships run through July 16th – but, nevertheless, what this group was able to do, as a whole, is impressive. Will the scores hold up? Only time will tell.

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